from Simon

Dear Auntie Helga,

I felt nervous approaching my mother to discuss my current predicament. It turned out that I need not have worried as she welcomed a chat, and asked where I wanted to start. I told her that I felt that she was trying to turn me into a girl. She said that she only had my interest at heart but admitted that she rather enjoyed seeing me in girls clothes. She said that she thought that my condition, gynecomastia, needed a feminine approach to ensure comfort for me and that is why she thought that it best when starting off with a bra, to also wear knickers. I told her that I was unhappy about having to wear a bra, but I felt even more upset that I had to wear knickers as well. My mother responded by saying that knickers are the only garment to wear with a bra, and that a bra with my boys pants would just look stupid.

Then I asked her why she had bought some with lace on. She said that she wanted me to experience nice underwear whilst I had my condition, and that there was nothing wrong with me enjoying wearing prettier underwear. I told her that I didn't understand, and would never like wearing girls clothes. With that she hugged me and told me that she loved me and understood my feelings but at the moment there was no alternative but to use girls clothes to help with the comfort of my condition. I started to cry but she just put her fingers to my lips and said that it will all work out for the best, and to go and put my nightdress on.

When I returned to the lounge, I felt very conscious in the nightdress. Mother said that I looked very sweet and asked me if I was wearing my knickers underneath. I said that I was and she told me that she was pleased. She began to stroke my nightdress and asked me if I noticed now soft and silky it was, and how much better it was for me to wear it to help me feel better. I did not answer her, so she took my hand and smoothed it over the nightdress and asked me if I thought it felt silky soft. I said that it did, but as I began to protest, she told me that I needed to start enjoying wearing it and other girls clothes too, because I will need to dress as a girl for some time.

She told me that I just need to relax and that I should look upon it as a wonderful experience. I said that I found it very upsetting to be made to wear girls clothes. Mum then smiled and told me that from her point of view, I have worn a bra and knickers willingly for some time, sat in a nightdress and knickers with no problem,so that would indicate that I don't mind wearing the clothes. When I began to speak, she just shushed me, and told me that to help me, she would be dressing me fully as a girl from now on. She said that if I thought about it sensibly, I would be able to see that having breasts is very feminine and should be explored.

From my perspective I have been unfortunate with having gynecomastia. If I hadn't, my mother would not have anything to exploit. She is determined to dress me as a girl come what may. How I will cope with this, I do not know.


Thank you for your letter Simon. Though this might not have been the information you were hoping for at least you know now and can begin to accept her decision. She is your mother, she is in charge of you, this is happening and will continue, I know that's not easy to hear, but it is what it is.

She is also trying to do this in a loving and sensitive way, showing you how soft and silky your girl's clothes are to wear, feeling them as they move over your body, relax, feel the softness. It's okay, this is not forever, just for now, do as your mother wishes and it wouldn't hurt to thank her for trying to provide a solution to the skin sensitivity that occurs with this condition occasionally.

Auntie Helga

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