from Bob

Dear Auntie Helga,

It is all sinking in now having me worried about tomorrow's surgery to remove my penis and testicles. Kelly came home early today going straight in to her bedroom. She came called me to go in my room and strip down making me think she bought something for me. Well she did with it attached to her waist. Kelly stood there in black leather bra, panties and knee high black boots with a black dildo sticking out. She ordered me to lean over her bed and spread my legs open. I stood there feeling extremely vulnerable when Kelly entered my ass with this cold wet dildo. Slapping my ass she began to fuck me slowly and deep with every stroke. Kelly used a dildo on me before by hand and not a strapon. In and out she went keeping a slow deep pace sending me to the moon. Kelly kept telling me all good slave maids should be fucked by their Goddess waiting for my yes my Goddess reply.

I didn't think she would ever stop the in and out then finally she held me with the dildo deep in my ass. I didn't move a muscle hoping it was over when Kelly pulled out. Before I washed up she pulled my face into her waiting vagina waiting for me to pull her leather panties down. Kelly laid on the bed pulling my face into her vagina as I brought her to orgasm. It was then that she sent me to wash up and put on my nightgown for the night.

I cooked dinner, served Kelly and cleaned up before she called me to sit with her. Sitting with Kelly she walked me through tomorrow morning and the next few weeks. Thankfully she is aware of the healing process and I am not required to do very much during that time. Kelly advised I might prefer to spend my days and nights wearing my nightgowns and if I was more comfortable then it would be fine with her.

Kelly is trying to make me feel happy and provide support at the same time. In fact she is acting more like my wife than my Goddess tonight however after using her strapon earlier I realize she is very much a Goddess. Kelly did confirm she will be in the OR with me until they are finished then in recovery until I wake up.

Kelly put her arm around me letting me know this is what we both want and I will be fine. She also talked about what it means to her that I am willing to donate my reproductive parts out of respect for her. Kelly thanked me for being man enough to want that for her.

Kelly pulled my panties down and began to give me a hand job encouraging me to ejaculate for her but I couldn't do it. I thought it was a nice gesture though and thanked her for trying. I asked if we could try to have sex in bed but she told me no penetration allowed for slave maids. It isn't a huge deal knowing it would have been my last time but instead something I was willing to try. Kelly stands firm with her position as my Goddess and having me as her slave maid.


Thank you for your letter Bob. I can understand your concerns but you will heal soon enough and get back to work after this simple corrective surgery. Though many readers will doubt the reality of such surgeries I can attest it does happen, a simple search online will prove it. Many modern wives feel that their sissy husband is their property and this procedure is merely a bit of remodeling, a small sacrifice confirming the nature of the relationship. As regular readers will know by now, I publish a variety of examples, I don't necessarily agree with them all, this is more about you, the reader, being fully informed of the many possibilities.

Auntie Helga

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