from Jayne

Dear Auntie Helga,

I recently married a wonderful Lady, or at least I thought she was, but now it seems that she is conspiring with my mother to keep me beneath both Ladies thumbs.

It was just 5 weeks after the wedding that Liz sat me down, and told me that mother had told her never to take any disrespect or rudeness from me, and that if I did, I should be dressed in girly clothes, before having my bottom and legs smacked hard, I would then be sent to the corner to reflect upon my behaviour, just like Mother does. Liz said that mother had told her, that I had always responded very favourably to this method, and furthermore, she trusted that Liz would continue to keep me in hand using this style of discipline, which Liz has every intention of doing.

I must admit that I was both surprised, and totally shocked that Mother should have told her this, as I thought that how a mother disciplines her son is something that remains between them only. I think that, at 25 it might be considered somewhat unusual by others, for me to be treated so; but it had always been this way, and so was quite normal if I misbehaved. But I had not considered that it would go any further, and especially not where the woman was two years younger. I tried to argue that Mother should have told me this, but Liz merely told me to stand hands on head! I was so shocked that I obeyed without even thinking about it, Liz then unfastened my pants, pulled them down, and delivered two hard stinging blows to the top of my thighs with a ruler she was holding. I yelped, and snivelled, still somewhat incredulous that Mother had any part in this, but when she produced a parcel for me to open, I realised it was all true.

The parcel contained my punishment clothes that Mother had always used. Gymslip, knickers, blouse, socks, and plimsolls, even the tie I had to wear. I was crying as I removed my clothes, and replaced them with the shameful attire. Liz sat there smiling, and saying that if I wanted her to be nice to me, I had to show her what an obedient little girl I was going to be for her. She told me that it was obvious Mummy had known the best way to treat me, and I had to tell her in detail, all the types of humiliations Mummy had used, including how I had been punished two days before our wedding. She then asked if Mummy had had a special name for me when dressed like this. From the way she asked, I guessed that she already knew, so I just answered "Jayne". She said she thought that Jayne was a very nice name for me, and that she intended to use it from now on, whether I was dressed or not.

She then told me that Mummy, had given her a very special present for me, and, crossing to the cupboard, she showed me the tawse that Mummy had always used. I burst into tears! At her order, I held out my hands, receiving six strokes on each, I hopped from one leg to the other, and tucked my hands into my armpits causing my already very short gymslip to ride up, exposing my knickers. Liz giggled, and said that as I was such a rude girl for showing my knickered bottom off, that it would be remiss of her not to punish it. I was hauled over her knees, receiving a dozen or more strokes, which made me scream quite loudly. But Liz merely said that, as I was such a big cry baby, the next set would be on my bare bottom. Having laid another dozen on my bottom, Liz then proceeded to slap my calves and thighs, after which I was made to stand in the corner, hands on head, and gymslip tucked up, showing my legs and bottom.

A little while later Mummy turned up with a further parcel of punishment clothes for me. She tutted at the sight of me and asked what I had done wrong this time. I told her that I had been a rude girl and showed my knickers off. Again, she tutted and congratulated Liz on being so thorough with me; she then asked if I had thanked "Lady Elizabeth" for taking the time and trouble to teach me not to be rude. When I said "No Mummy", it earned me another six from each lady on my bottom and thighs. This time I did thank both ladies, kneeling at their feet and kissing their shoes, before resuming my place in the corner, and listening to mother say how men were just little boys at heart, but if kept properly in line, a lady could have as much fun as she wanted.

For the next few days' things went pretty much back to normal, except of course that I was very careful to obey my wife, who I must now always call "Lady Elizabeth"; and be doubly sure that all my chores etc. were done to the best of my ability. The pain and marks of the beating gradually wore off, and by Saturday Night I was shaved and showered, all ready for a good night out when Lady Elizabeth called me upstairs. I was told that she would be going out, but that Mummy had kindly offered to come over and baby sit me, she then pointed to the clothes she had laid out on the bed.

When Mummy arrived, I was in the lounge, sitting on a blanket dressed in bonnet, nightie, booties, and a thick nappy, and sucking miserably on a dummy. I had been informed that nights out were over, as babies didn't do such things, nor did they talk properly, so that all I could do was to goo goo, and glug, or be punished. Mummy thought it was great, and said how I really hadn't changed much at all, she then gave me my old teddy bear to play with, as she saw Lady Elizabeth out. On her return, I was given a baby's bottle, then taken upstairs to the spare room where my wrists and ankles were manacled to the bed, Mummy kissed me and said to be a good little baby Jayne and sleep tight. I was then tucked in with rubber sheets, lights off, and door closed; it was 8:00

Dear Auntie Helga, I have come to terms with the fact that my wife and Mummy intend to keep me firmly under the thumb, but please, I have never been a bad husband, or son, the restrictions of babyhood in, not being able to talk, walk, or have any control my basic functions, are I believe going much too far without having done anything to deserve it.

I would be grateful if you could put in a word for me. I did not ask permission to write to you, and had to do it in secret, I am not sure if Lady Elizabeth knows of your wonderful site, I do know Mummy does, over the years she has put many ideas from PDQ into practice on me, however, since as a baby I am not allowed access to the computer, any answer that you send will inevitably be seen by my wife, for which I will almost certainly be punished, but which will, I hope, at least get me put back into my girly clothes. I remain your most unworthy servant.


Thank you for your letter Jayne. She is now your beautiful wife for better or worse, in this case, better, she is a strong confident woman just like your delightful mother and they both understand the need for you to be submissive to them. Apparently they feel differently about your baby treatment and their feelings are what matters as you must know by now.

I do feel however that you admitting you prefer to be dressed as a sweet little girl is a great sign that your training has been quite effective and now that you're married certain duties of yours, such as serving your new wife are more grown up in nature and perhaps that might be considered.

We will be hearing from Jayne's delightful wife and her wonderful mother over the next few months, watch this space.

Auntie Helga

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