from Sissy Trevor's Wife

Dear Helga,

First let me apologize for sissy's letter (Letter 8) to you. It was not her most well written letter, and I was highly disappointed with her. Secondly let me just tell you how much I have enjoyed reading the stories on your site. I think its great to know that so many women have become so empowered in their relationships. Thirdly, Yes we are married. Sissy and I both wore very pretty dresses. It was just us and a few of my friends, (yes, sissy has been outed to a select few people.) On the wedding night sissy was not unlocked from her chastity cage but instead I pegged her as my friends watched on, taking pictures of course. Sissy has also taken on a completely new name change. Her legal male name was changed to a more feminine name, and her last name became mine.

I know she is not happy with it, but it is important for her to realize that I control her entire life. Which is how some of the things that sissy pointed out came about. The chastity was an absolute must, and since locking it on her she still has not had a normal male orgasm, and I doubt I will ever let her. As for the clothing I just thought it that much more appropriate and also another way to show sissy what control I have over her life. Plus she looks so much cuter in dresses than she ever has in men's clothing.

When she mentioned the diapers, it was never intended to be a long term thing. The night after her twenty first birthday was when I diapered her for the first time. It was only going to be simple punishment, but after seeing how embarrassed she was by being diapered I thought I would play it out a little bit and made her wear diapers to bed every night for a week. I loved how embarrassed she was every night when I made her strip naked and lay down in front of me so I could powder and diaper her, it was just to adorable to say the least. So one night turned into a week and then just kept going from there. It was that much more control over sissy. It wasn't until a few years had passed that I made sissy wear diapers full time.

It happened one morning when she woke up in a completely dry diaper, and I told her I would not remove it till she had wet and messed in it. She eventually wound up wetting it so much that I had one of two choices. Either change her, which would defeat my point of telling her that she had to wet and mess, or two put another diaper on her over her very soaked one. I choose to add the second diaper, and then a third, then a fifth, and then a seventh. It wasn't until 2 days later that sissy messed her diaper (Mostly due in part to a lot of laxatives). There was nothing but utter fear and shame in her face as she messed herself. It was a very intimate moment.

It was after that that I realized that when sissy was fully diapered I no longer had to hear her whine for permission to go and use the potty, and if she didn't need to use the potty anymore then she could stay completely focused on her tasks and when tied up I never had to worry about her having to be untied for potty breaks as well.

The catheter came out of reinforcing my control over sissy even more. With the catheter in place I could show sissy that I could control one of her most private aspects of her life. I am now trying to find a way to strip her of her bowel control completely, Sure there are enemas and laxatives, and the use of them has been fun, but I want a more permanent solution. If I can force her to lose all control over her bowels I will own her body completely.

I am also looking into hormone treatments for sissy. I know sissy doesn't like any of her life except the fact that I am happy, and happy I am. I am married to a faithful human being. She is dedicated and focused on my needs and wants instead of her own selfish thoughts and dreams.

Personally I think this has been the greatest thing I have ever done for any man, and feel many more women should take back the control they deserve.

Sissy Trevor's Wife

Thank you for your letter. Sissies have trouble writing letters, it happens all the time, they get so excited talking about their lives they make mistakes. So pleased to hear how much you enjoy the site and I am especially delighted that you found it inspirational.

Your wedding sounds wonderful, taking her as your guests enjoyed the show speaks volumes about who is going to control the marriage, perhaps it helped a few friends to consider the same for themselves. I am very encouraged about your use of diapers for control, so few wives do this, but it is very effective,


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