from Kim

Dear Helga,

I am sending you this email today in an attempt to get a better understanding of why a man would want to be a sissymaid or wear women's clothes for that matter. Call me old fashioned but where I come from women are women and men are men. In my case my husband opened up to let me know he wants to be my sissymaid. Now after knowing Rick for 11 years and being married for 6 years Helga I don't know what to say. I love the man just as much now as the day we met except I was expecting him to want to be my sissymaid. Listening to Rick tell me all about wearing far more feminine clothes than he has ever worn before caused me to disbelieve him at first. I even asked him if he ever wore anything feminine in his life with a no answer.

Helga I can read and am aware others have gone this direction but that doesn't mean I want my Rick to do the same. He bugged me to teach him how to do some housework including laundry and ironing. I thought if he wants to do that stuff all the power to him. As for money to buy Rick a sissymaid outfit or a few outfits isn't an issue for me. If I allow this and spend the money on outfitting Rick to look like a sissymaid or even just a maid and it doesn't work out I have no issues with that part of it.

The big issue for me is seeing my man looking like a sissymaid. Rick wants me to take him shopping however I said no until I speak with Helga. It was Rick that showed me the website and your email address which I suspect he has been visiting for a while now. Rick knows more about Mistresses and sissymaids then I thought. Helga what do you say to men that come to you wanting to be sissymaids? Better yet what do you say to confused wives?

Love to hear your thoughts and ideas.


Thank you for your letter Kim. This lifestyle is very common these days and a read through of the many letter on my site should answer most of your questions. Everybody is different and though I have friends with maids that would disagree, I feel its up to the Mistress/wife to decide her own way. There is no set way, there is only your way and in the end, that is what happens. That said, there is one constant I prefer and that is when the husband is in his uniform, he is your maid, you should treat him as such and of course he should be obedient to you.

The frilly sissy dress is not really required, many prefer it not only for appearance but as an outward sign of their training and budding femininity and other reasons. A conventional commercial maid's uniform will work just as well, though you could have fun with it by using a Victorian style or something. I think you are ready to proceed and I would be delighted to help as you go forward.


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