Both my fianceé and myself were taking a walk down the country lane that were located nearby to her home. It were a late Autumn and now dark. We arrived at a kissing-gate, leading into a field, so through it we traversed and stood a little away from the lane, under a large oak tree. There were lighting on the lane, but it were few and far between, but off the narrow lane, we were much more relaxed, just in case, a car or vehicle came speeding toward us, with the driver thinking, there be no person walking the lane, at that time and in darkness.

So we embraced and kissed, chatted awhile, then I asked Karen, if she were cold? No, came her answer, but why ask that, her adding? Well you are wearing a skirt, and you maybe chilled on the legs. Not at all, her now enlightening me, that she were wearing tights that be pantyhose, a full slip, with a skirt that be lined. Oh just thinking, as it were not trousers, I now attempting to justify my reason for asking. No, a skirt, can be as warm as trousers her stating, even warmer, as some skirts, unlike trousers are made for cold weather, just as skirts are made for summer. Oh well, I did not know that, shrugging my shoulders.

Well you should try it sometime, her now at the helm. Try what, me not realizing, what she were on about? Wearing a skirt, her answer. Now where could I have the opportunity to wear a skirt? Well at my home. Yes, I could do that, but it be not really a test, walking around your house, in a skirt, with the heating on. Well go into the back yard, and walk. Well I will look goofy, just in your skirt and all my other clothes on. That be not really a test, as you are dressed now. I tell you, now her seemingly, having an idea. All the clothes, that I am wearing now, you can put on, her looking right in my face. All of them, as I were shocked, on hearing that? YES, ALL. Well that means your knickers and bra, plus petticoat. Yes, everything. Oh no please Karen, I am afraid. Afraid? Afraid of what, her curious to know? Well once I am dressed in everything, what if I am seen by a neigbour. Well it be dark out there, but assuming a light came on, and a neighbour exits their door. I be a young man, wearing women's clothes. I shall remedy that for you, my sweet. How? I shall apply make-up and put a scarf on your head, although your hair is a length, to have it styled, in a Page Boy.

Oh my gosh, make-up, with my hair done in a feminine style, wearing all your clothes. Oh gosh, if I should like it, you know Karen. No, please tell me Wayne? What if I like wearing your clothes and looking girly? Well if you like it, you can do it all the time. You mean each time I visit you? Yes. That be so nice, but what about your mom and sisters? You shall have to impart to all, why I am dressed and made up, as a young woman. No, I shall not explain, but you shall my sweetie. You shall be alright, mom will understand and after all the teasing with my sisters calm down, they both, will love you, as one of the girls. Now we best get back, take a hot chocolate, as my mom and sisters, be wondering where we are.

Are you going to dress me tonight, I anxiously asked? Not tonight, as it's late, but I shall speak to you tomorrow, when you be at mom's. We walked backed, to her home, with me thinking, what it be like to be dressed, made up and looking feminine. Karen, seemed to perceive my thoughts, turned to me, before we entered her home, don't worry Wendy, it shall be fine. Wendy? Yes my darling, you shall be Wendy, when dressed up. Karen turned the key in the lock and we both stepped over the threshold, and could hear the chatter of women, emitting, from the lounge. As I closed the front door, thinking, it shall soon, be me there with them, in a petticoat.
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