Hi I am Christy, I used to be Robert. There is a story that my Mistress has told me to post on your site.

I was working for a plumbing company and had a service call to go to a house that had a stopped up line. I was working on it when my life went totally wrong. I did not know the lady of the house was a Mistress. I was working in her basement and saw a pink piece of material peeking out from her clothes hamper. I tried not to think about it but it was like a mind thing. I kept thinking about it and soon opened the hamper to see some pretty pink satin panties. I reached in and took them out and put them to my nose and sniffed her sweet fragrance. I was sucked into the feel and smell of them.

I put them in my tool kit and when I was done working the line all clear I went to her and told her I was done and handed her a invoice to sign. She said she had something she wanted me to see. We walked into other room where there was a large screen television. She pushed the remote and POP there on the screen was me with her panties to my nose and me kissing the stride of them. I was so taken back by this and started to tell her how sorry I was and she said that I should not cry. She said she would not tell anyone. I was relieved, but only for a moment. She said you will go into the office and tell your boss that you are quitting and that you had a new job. She took me to a room that had several French Maid's outfits hanging from racks. I at that time began to think my life is over. She assured me that if I did not do as I was told she would send a copy to my boss, and she would sue me and the company. I knew I had no choice but to do as she said.

I had to give a two weeks notice at work. Mistress Danielle said that was fine I would give up my apartment and at nights I would begin my training to work as a Maid for her and her clients. What I found out made me cry. I would spend the rest of my life as a Sissy Maid. I was going to work in the homes of women who liked to humiliate men who were their property as a sissy.

I was fitted with a CB 3000 devise and told that I would not be allowed to remove it accept if a client wanted me to do the naughty thing as she called masturbation.

My training was how to dress and how to be a polished sissy maid. I had to learn every aspect of being a sissy. Including how to talk, walk, and act like a sissy.

I was in training for three months and humiliated in so many ways as to get used to what ever the client wanted. I have been under her charge for four years now it has become a way of life all because I enjoyed sniffing panties. I will send more later as for now I have penetration training. To leave you with an ideal of what that is, there is a chair that has a Dildo on a peg in the middle of a chair, I will have to lower myself on to the Dildo until it is inside of me and then move up and down until the timer goes off. Later the Dildo will be larger until I am able to except a really large one.

My Mistress has become my best friend and I will do anything for her. Do I regret my new life? No I know it is what I always wanted to be and just did not know it.

Maid Christy

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