I am standing in the corner with my skirt pinned up to my collar and my pink Rumba panties exposed for all to see. My sister went out side and I know she is bringing back her friends to see me like a sissy dressed in Gingham little girl dress.

It all started when my sister stole my game from me and hid it in her room. I slipped into her room to find it and the minute my mommy, (I have to call my mother mommy like a little girl or be spanked) she saw me looking through my sister underwear drawer. She yelled at me for playing with my sister's unmentionables. I tried to tell her why I was looking in that drawer, I knew my sister hid things in that drawer because I hated touching those things. Mommy soon had me in them for the first time in my life. Since then every time Ann gets mad at me she finds a way to get me back in petticoats.

Once mommy was told I had played with my "thing" and mommy came for me at the play ground where I was playing baseball with my friends. I saw her coming with a switch in her hand and I knew Ann had done something to get me in trouble. Mommy came to home plate as I was up to bat. She grabbed my arm and with a swift move she pulled down my pants and began to switch me. I was so humiliated yelling NO MOMMY over and over as everyone laughed and she pulled me down the street with me begging. When we got home she made me lay on the floor and she went in her room and returned with a big pink cloth. I saw two giant pins and she striped me naked and put the diaper on me and then she put a pink shirt over my head and when it was on I saw it said sissy baby on it. She put a big pacifier in my mouth and sat me out on the front porch. All the guys came by with my sister leading them to see her big baby sister. I could not help it I was crying like a baby and mommy told me to suck on the pacifier and not to stop.

One of the girls came up and as mommy if she could burp me and mommy said that would be a good thing. I was told to lay over the girls lap and she began patting me on my back and singing Hush Little Baby out loud. Everyone laughed harder than ever. Mommy ask the girl (Sandy) if she would baby sit me for a while. She said oh yes I will be a good baby sitter. It was not long that I realized mommy had put something on the pacifier that made me have to go poo poo as she put it. I tried hard not to let it go but soon I was humiliated by the smell and the laughter of the other kids.

Soon a few mothers gathered around and one looked at her son and said now I know how to get you to clean your room and help with chores. The other mother chimed in and the boys were dashing off.

Baby Sissy

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