from Robert

Dear Auntie Helga,

I came across your site after searching to see whether others are undergoing a similar experience to me.

Earlier this year my partner told me that she wanted me to learn what it was like to be objectified by the opposite sex. She said that men do this to women by buying them revealing underwear and that she wished to have sex with me whilst I was wearing a pair of knickers that I had bought her. She caressed me with them until I became aroused and then got me to put them on. She kept me that way all evening, not finishing till late into the night. Even then she insisted that I keep the knickers on till morning.

Since then she has made me wear women's underwear every time we have sex and has bought me a succession of outfits, which she gets on eBay and arranges to be sent to my work address so I have to bring them home. When I have declined to wear them she has become confrontational, which I cannot bear, and I always end up dressing as she wishes.

Last month she presented me with a "sissymaid" costume, which I flatly refused to put on. I walked out of the house, but had to come back eventually. I felt terrible that she was so upset and agreed to try on the outfit to clear the air. She took me to bed and showed me in no uncertain terms that she was in charge.

As of last week I no longer have any men's underwear in my wardrobe and whenever I come home the maid outfit is waiting for me on a hanger by the front door. My partner obviously derives great pleasure from our arrangement and I accept that I must be passive for our relationship to work. But should I resign myself to whatever she wants?

The day before yesterday I saw her browsing eBay for wedding dresses in size 16 - far too big for her. I don't know whether this is for a roleplay or if she has something else in mind. Should I ask her about it, or wait for her to tell me?

Yours sincerely,

Thank you for your letter Robert. I hope my site was helpful in answering some of your questions. You obviously love your partner very much and seem willing to explore these changes to your relationship, it s bit of harmless fun for her and so why not do as she wishes. From what you've told me so far I feel it would be best if you did not ask her about the wedding dress, just wait, if she wants to share something about it she will.

Auntie Helga

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