from Ali

Dear Auntie Helga,

I wondered if your readers might like to hear my story, and how petticoat discipline can have a happy ending. I was punished as a child by being put into girls' clothes, and even baby clothes.

It started one day when my mother decided I'd earned a spanking. It wasn't the first time by any means she'd spanked me, but this time she told me to go and ask my little sister to borrow a pair of her knickers. To me, a spanking wasn't about the pain, it was about the humiliation of having my trousers and underpants taken off, and being taken across my mother's lap with my bare bottom in the air. To have to wear a pair of my sister's knickers was even worse than being naked.

I meekly shuffled down the hallway to my sister's room and asked to borrow a pair of her knickers. I had to stand there while Lucy chose a pair for me, and then had to carry them back to my mother. She held them out for me to step into, and then administered my spanking. She made me stay in the knickers for the rest of the evening. From then on each time I earned a spanking it was in knickers. Soon I found myself not only in Lucy's knickers, but in other clothes of hers too - dresses, skirts, tights. The humiliation was intense, far worse than just a spanking.

Soon enough Lucy started to complain about me being put into her clothes, and my mother started to buy me girls' clothes of my own. Initially these were matching Lucy's clothes, so we were dressed the same. As her brother, two years older than her, this was terribly humiliating. But before long my mother started buying me clothes that were even younger in style than those Lucy wore. Instead of being her big brother, I found myself dressed as her little sister. I had to wear frilly panties of a style she'd grown out of ages ago, with a dress or skirt too short to properly cover them. Then my mother actually bought me nappies and plastic baby pants to wear under my dresses and skirts. The humiliation was unbearable.

As I went through puberty I regularly found myself in frilly knickers, childish tights and very short dresses or skirts. When I was put to bed early it would be in nappies and plastic pants, and a little nightie or girls' pyjamas. I was no different from other teenage boys in having wet dreams at night. The difference for me was that when I did I was wearing a nappy and girly nightwear. Inevitably that caused an association in my mind, and I came to associate humiliation with that pleasure.

By the time I was fourteen I actually started to enjoy wearing girls' clothes. As a 'reward' my mother allowed me to choose my own, so at least they were more appropriate for my age. Not really having any other role models I chose clothes like those my little sister wore - dressing like a twelve year old when I was fourteen was nowhere near as bad as when we were both younger. Lucy even let me go out dressed with her and her friends a few times.

I still got punished by being made to wear girls' clothes way too young for me, sometimes even baby clothes, but by then I was hooked. Now I wear women's clothes pretty much all the time (I have no male underwear), and very much enjoy dressing as a little girl or a baby when I'm on my own or with trusted friends.

Petticoat discipline certainly worked for me.


Thank you for your letter Ali and petticoating certainly did work for you and we are all delighted to have you be a member of the community. Petticoating is a tried and true method for raising obedient and polite little boys, boys that grow into respectful men that treat all women with reverence. Thank you again for this delightful example.

Auntie Helga

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