Letter 4
(From Madame)
Contributed by Sue-Lyn

Dear Miss Candida,

Many months have passed since I last wrote to you about my petticoat discipline and control over my male maid. I have made one or two changes to our routine since I last wrote. Firstly I decided that the girl's name by which my maid was known was far too glamorous for a domestic, so much to his discomfort I advised him one morning that in future he would answer to 'Gladys', a far more suitable name than Suzanne, don't you think? At least for a male who is forced into petticoats and knickers to do housework. Of course he pleaded for me to please call him Suzanne, because he liked the name much better - what a laugh, really, a fully grown man pleading with me to call him Suzanne! However I insisted on Gladys, and Gladys he is.

At the same time I decided that with a name like Gladys, and being my household maidservant, I would have to do something about his underwear. In the past I have always made him wear similar undies to myself with just the addition of a tight panty girdle. Now however, I have forced him to first of all put on a pantie corselette, the crotch of which I have firmly stitched up, this is followed by fastening him up in a lace-up corset. I love to watch him struggle with his rear suspenders when hooking up the black stockings I make him wear. It makes me really laugh, watching him feel up his own knicker leg to pull down the suspenders to the awaiting stocking tops.

He still has to wear the black and white uniform of a maid, and I insist that he uses make-up to make himself as pretty a little girl as possible, then on with his wig and maid's cap with ribbons, and he is ready to start work, and believe me when I tell you that he really does know now that the old saying is true, a woman's work is never done. He starts at ten and works through until about three, when I tell him to go and put his pants back on. During these hours Gladys washes and hangs out clothes on the line, with the wind blowing up his pretty knickers and showing them to the neighbours.

I love to give orders to my frightened little girl, and to get her to curtsy to me when she serves my lunch, If she forgets to do this her punishment is strong, I force her to kneel at my feet while I lift up her skirt and spank her frilly bottom. If my domestic cries out too much, he is gagged with a pair of my lace panties.

I would be most grateful if some of your lady readers could give me some tips, especially a very humiliating punishment when he is a naughty girl. Please write with your ideas girls - I am prepared to try anything to humiliate and humble this submissive slave of mine.


This month's letters are otherwise all 'Petticoat Discipline Monthly' originals, but here is a short letter from 'Madame' - some of the very best letters are from old magazines, and we must not lose track of them. Gladys is a dreadful name, like a friend of Dame Edna Everage's, and personally I prefer Suzanne. Why shouldn't our deferential and obedient housemaid hubbies have sweet feminine names? No, I think that 'Gladys' was definitely a mistake.

(edit) From our November 2001 issue.

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