from Helen

Dear Helga,

I please Amanda sexually whilst keeping her in chastity which seems to be a contradiction. You have to understand that we are talking about mental stimulation resulting in physical arousal and that Amanda enjoys arousal as an end in its self. I have mentioned before how knowledge is a powerful weapon in the superior's armory, knowledge that can be used against the subject is power.

I gained my knowledge, firstly, through intimate conversations with Amanda when she was under orders to be totally open and honest in her answers and, secondly, by written answers to questions. I will give you three examples of such pleasure giving in the order of Amanda own arousal rating not date order. It goes without saying that they were all rewards given when she had pleased me with her progress towards womanhood.

1) Amanda had listed me as one of the women whose clothes she had worn without permission so as a treat I made her beg to dress in my clothes again. I made her pick the suspender belt, stockings, bra and slip from the washing basket and, having made her strip, she was allowed to put them on in front of me. You will have noticed that the knickers were missing until that is I slipped mine off and handed them to her, she actually moaned with pleasure as I did so and was trembling as she pulled them up her legs. The poor dear was aroused for the rest of the day.

2) Amanda had told me she had never seen a woman masturbate. One evening at bed time I stripped her, tied her hands behind her back and stood her by the bed, I lay on the bed in my underwear and began to caress my self starting with my breasts then moving my hand down onto then into my knickers. I cannot give you details of what happened after that as the sight of Amanda's clitoris bulging through the holes of the cb3000 and the fact I was being watched excited me so much that the rest is a blur. I can tell you Amanda saw me insert my favourite 10" vibrator and that I shouted out my pleasure as I came as Amanda told me so afterwards. She also told me that my orgasm was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen.

3) One of the things Amanda had told me about his divorce was that if Susan had let him wear dresses he would have accepted her having lovers i.e. he would have accepted cuckoldry if it had meant no divorce (unfortunately my silly daughter would never have gone down that path). I did not see any reason why Amanda should not know that Mummy had a sex life so one night she was again naked at side of my bed as my lover showed Amanda what, as he put it, a real man can do for a woman. Amanda saw the full repertoire of our love making that night (isn't Viagra marvellous especially when the man is well endowed and very willing) Believe me Amanda was so excited seeing us, I even thought she might bust out of her chastity at one stage

I hope you found the above examples interesting, Helga, I know Amanda enjoyed them. I found the fact that Amanda enjoys simply being aroused with no chance of orgasm fascinating and useful, as I believe that to make an unbreakable consensual bond there has to be pleasure for both parties or it becomes a chore and therefore unsustainable.


Thank you for your letter Helen. What a wonderful way to train your maid, allowing her sexual stimulation but only on your terms can be extremely satisfying, well, for the superior anyway. No surprise she was thrilled to wear your freshly worn panties, they hold a special fascination for them and that makes them a powerfult tool in your armory. Many of us enjoy having our sissy observe us in the throws of passion, either self or otherwise. Helga
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