from Marissa

Dear Auntie Helga,

Hi, Mom wanted me to share my story, said it'd be good for me, so I will. My name is Marissa, and I am a 16-year old girl, even though I was born a boy. I didn't mean for my story to be so long... Sorry, I got a little carried away. I guess I'll divide it into three main events that lead me to become who I am today.

The Beginning

Since I was like 7 years old, I wanted to be a girl, even for one day, to see what it felt like. I grew up with and only mother (my dad died when I was 2). My grandpa only had daughters, so I grew up with aunts, and I only had three cousins, all girls. The only male influences in my life were my grandfather, who was a very detached man, and my dad's brother, who I never liked.

When I was 8, I had to sleepover at my cousins' house, the three of them girls, 13, 14, and 16 years old. My parents and their parents were at a birthday party and were out of town. They wouldn't be back for about a week so I stayed with them for the night. They got bored, and we started talking, and I confided in them. They started giggling, and I started blushing and almost started crying. Then they promised they would never tell anybody. Then they started whispering and giggling, and then they asked me if I wanted to be a girl for the next week. I said yes as fast as I could, and they started grinning.

While one of them started looking in the attic for some of her old clothes, the two older cousins went to their rooms and came back with makeup and a bunch of other stuff. My mom loved guys with long hair, so she kept my hair almost shoulder-length. My oldest cousin, Sarah started brushing my hair, and by the time she was done, my hair was a little longer than shoulder-length.

Then the cousin who went to find the clothes, Sophia came back with a medium to large sized box filled with skirts, shorts, jeans and panties. Then she went up for a few minutes, and came back with another box with her old dresses, socks, and some shoes. They told me to undress, which I quickly did. Then they handed me one of Sophia's old panties. It was a very light shade of pink, and I eagerly put it on. My... private area was pretty small, so I had no problem hiding it. Then they gave me a long light pink skirt decorated with flowers. Then one of them handed me a small white blouse, with a cute little bunny on the bottom. Then Sarah handed me a short little pink sweater that started a few inches above my waist. Then Sophia gave me really soft high socks, that took me a while to put on. Then she helped me put on a very cute pair of Mary Janes.

That's when my third cousin, Laura started her work on me. She had some old clip-on earrings that she had kept for a while and clipped on a small little pearl on each ear, Then, Sarah and Laura continued to brush my brown hair. Then, they got a pink hairband and gave me a ponytail. Then Sophia took me to her room, where she put a tiny bit of blush (I was really pale) and some lip gloss. She opened her closet door, which had a mirror inside.

When I saw how cute I looked, I almost started crying. I ran to my cousins and started hugging and kissing them on each cheek. They asked me if I wanted to get some ice cream, and I immediately said yes. So they touched up their makeup, and got ready to leave. When we were leaving their neighborhood, I started having some doubts about how I looked. What if someone knew I was really a boy, and started making fun of me. I think I looked like I was about to cry, because then one of my cousins stopped walking, and knelt down in front of me. She asked me if I was okay. I started telling her that I was scared, and I felt a few tears run along my cheeks. She wiped them off, hugged me and told me I was the prettiest little girl she had ever seen. Then the other ones started hugging me too, and I started to smile. I grabbed the hand of Sarah, and started to walk again, this time with a big grin in my face.

When we got to the ice cream store, I ran to the counter and asked the man if I could please have a vanilla cone. He looked at my cousins and asked them if I was their little sister.

They started grinning, and one of them said no. "What a shame, she's very pretty" said the man at the counter I started smiling at him and when he gave me back my ice cream I thanked him and smiled at my sisters. They each bought a cone, and one of them, I think Laura, paid for the ice cream.

We sat down, and Sophia whispered to me how to sit properly. I did so, and I quietly ate my cone while they started talking about school and boys. After I was finished with my ice cream, I almost wiped my mouth with my sleeve, but I caught myself. I asked if I could please have a napkin and after using it, I threw it into the trash. Then we started walking home, and my cousins tried to keep up as I skipped along the sidewalk. I was yawning by the time I got home, but I didn't want to let my cousins know. "Time to go to sleep, sweetie" Laura said to me. I told her I wasn't sleepy. She looked at me, and then smiled as she got an idea. She went upstairs and got the bath running. She told me to come upstairs.

I went into the bathroom and she told me to go inside. She poured some bath bubbles solution in the warm water while she told me to take my clothes off. She was done by the time I finally got all my new clothes off.

I stepped into the water and relaxed, as I started playing a little with the bubbles. Then Laura took my clothes and took them to the guest room, where she hung them on the closet. After 15 minutes, I think, Sophia knocked on the door "It's getting late. Come on, let's get you ready for bed" Then she gave me a white towel, and as I dried she started emptying the bath.

Then Sarah gave me pink pajamas with small white stars on them. Then she told me that if I wanted, I could sleep in her room for the night. I happily agreed, and after she tucked me in to bed, she kissed me on the forehead, and then Laura and Sophia came in and did the same thing. They said goodnight, and left the room. I was so happy, I could hardly go to sleep. The next thing I knew, I heard Laura "Wake up Princess, you can't sleep all day"

At first I was a little confused, then I remembered what had happened the day before, I jumped out of bed, and said good morning to my other cousins, who were already up and were starting to cook breakfast. Laura gave me some white panties, white socks again, but shorter this time, and a pink blouse with little blue and white flowers on it.

She started up the bath, and told me to be ready in 10 minutes. I probably took 20 minutes to get out of the bath and 10 minutes to get dressed. I came down and Sophia hugged me and told me that my hair was a mess. She went back up with me and brushed my hair, and let my hair just hang.

As I came into the dining room, Laura looked at me and told me I looked very pretty. I happily sat down and I ate breakfast. Then Sarah looked at me and told me "We were thinking about hanging out with some friends at the mall today, would you like to stay with Mrs.Moreno's today? She has a daughter about your age."

I said that it sounded like fun, but inside I was wondering why they didn't want to spend time with me. But I said nothing, and went upstairs to brush my teeth. Then Sophia helped me to put on a different pair of Mary Janes; these ones had small black ribbons with white polka-dots.

I went to Mrs.Moreno's house and played with her daughter all day. She was called Ashley, and I couldn't believe how many dolls she had. I spent the whole week playing with Ashley, and going to several places with my cousins.

I was almost in tears the last day, when I had to dress in my old boy clothes. I kissed Laura, Sophia, and Sarah and thanked them for making me so happy. I made them promise again that they wouldn't tell anybody, and then I went home.


Thank you for your letter Marissa. What a wonderful memory, not many boys are so fortunate to be able to explore being a girl with such charming and agreeable young ladies, you owe them a real debt of gratitude. I hope readers will see that understanding and feminizing influences can have a profound impact on young boys, all to the good of course.

Auntie Helga

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