from Debra

Dear Helga,

The weekend isn't over with quite yet and I hoped you might have some ideas for me to spring on Bobbi. Yes, she has a cute little french maid's costume that we purchased at a local lingerie shop. Shopping for this was a bit embarrassing for her, as I'm sure that everyone within earshot knew that the costume was being purchased for my husband NOT for myself. I reminded my maid that this whole idea was not mine, and that if she wanted to act as our maid she would have to pay the consequences.

As I have mentioned to you earlier, my home has never been so clean. Bobbi doesn't complain one bit if she is told to do the dishes (I hate this job), to dust, to vacuum, to scour the bathroom, or even to prepare a meal or two. She is not yet very talented in this department. The maid's uniform is black satin with a pretty ruffled white petticoat attached. It is extremely short and her pantied bottom seems to always be on display. This costume includes thigh top black nylons and black high heels. It is really funny to see her stumbling around on heels. LOL Underneath my maid wears a dainty white lace bra (stuffed of course), and the panties are white nylon string bikinis with adorable lace edging. What a hoot!

What really seems to get Bobbi excited is the very threat of a well administered spanking. I think, however that Bobbi is quickly discovering that she prefers the threat of a good hard spanking to actually getting one. Too bad for her. She is the one who suggested all this. Whenever I feel it appropriate I take Bobbi over my knee for a very brisk hand spanking. I can usually get her crying like this, but if she is a bit stubborn I have her go fetch the paddle. I now have a rather handy wooden paddle that gets her attention in a hurry. It resembles a Jokari paddle, but is just a bit smaller and lighter. The handle fits my hand perfectly and the other end fits Bobbi's bare buttocks quite well. The only problem with the paddle is that it bruises quite rapidly, cutting the fun a bit short. Should I purchase another implement or two, or simply spank with my hand for now?

I have taken Bobbi out shopping at the local thrift stores for the one other costume she owns. She just begged for the standard schoolgirl uniform, and has finally gotten her wish. She wasn't happy though when I held up pretty plaid skirts and jumpers up in front of her. If I had been totally heartless I could have made Bobbi try on these things right in the store. Perhaps another time. Once the uniform was purchased we went to a local department store to buy the appropriate undies. Her school undies are of course the more conservative brief style and are made of nylon. Bobbi would wear those panties day and night if I allowed it.

As we both work fulltime we pretty much leave the discipline for the weekends. Bobbi will don her maid's uniform during the week to do chores, but I save the spanking and paddling for when she has time to heal. Well, Helga, thank you again for all your help. I will really be looking forward to your reply. I hope you can tutor me properly online to enjoy our new "hobby". Talk to you again soon.


Jokari paddle
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Thank you for your letter Debra. Her uniform sounds nice and serviceable, at least for now, but I feel for it really to become permanent in her mind a real one should be acquired, one that has a lock at the back of the collar and in Pink satin for day and when it can be afforded another Black as she has now. This is likely to continue for years if not the rest of your lives so let her pay for it. You will also likely want her to present a professional appearance when you show her off to friends or relatives.

As for the paddle, you could try a padded leather one and be sure you are hitting flat. Your gloved hand would suffice as well. I usually saved punishment for one night a week but of course serious infractions or refusal to obey resulted in instant punishment.


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