"Right, now put those in the toilet and give yourself another wipe." She ordered firmly, and Brian once more wiped his bottom with the next pair of folder sheets. After three pairs Brian's bottom was now finally clean and after flushing the paper down the toilet Brian went and washed his hands. "Well you can't wear these again can you? Look at them!" she said in a loud irate voice, holding his underpants up for him to see the big thick brown streak in the seat of them, and Brian blushed shamefully at the sight of them. The lady then took hold of his arm again and marched him back out into the corridor to once more stand in front of the wardrobe. The lady stood Brian there in the corridor over to one side up against the wall behind her, and made him stand there meekly to attention with his hands submissively down by his side, and he stood there looking completely crushed and utterly subdued. "You've only been here one afternoon and you're already onto your spare pair of underpants. It's not what I expect from an older boy like you!" the lady said chastising him whilst she opened up the wardrobe.

         As the lady fussed about inside for his spare pair of underpants, the three girls that Brian had seen in the toilets earlier, suddenly came out one of the rooms. The girls of course almost immediately spotted Brian stood there to attention by the wall, naked from the waist down and with his little boys bits all completely exposed. The girls quickly gathered around near Brian as they once more burst into fits of hysterical laughter and giggling as they looked down at his exposed little boy's bits. Brian now remained there standing meekly to attention with his hands by his side, completely subdued and subservient before the teasing laughing girls. The lady paid the giggling teasing girls absolutely no attention whatsoever as she eventually turned around to face Brian holding his spare pair of underpants, which she then made him step into before pulling them up and tucking him in again, all in front of the three watching highly amused girls. "There, that's your spare pair of underpants used now." The lady declared to Brian. "I'll have to put these ones into the laundry, but that won't be until Friday, so they won't be dry and ready for you again until Monday. So young man, you had better not dirty any more pants before then, otherwise you'll have to go into nappies instead, do you understand?" the lady said giving Brian a firm warning, to which Brian silently nodded his head meekly.

         After being changed into his spare pair of colourful y-front underpants, Brian once more made his way back out to the garden. Now the girls had a new pair of underpants to look at and tease Brian about, especially as these ones had a rather childish pattern on them, and of course it didn't take long before the three senior girls from his school found their way back over to him.

         "In your spare pair of underpants already Brian? You better not dirty any more or it will be nappies for you!" the girls mocked him and giggled and laughed at the thought of him having to wear a nappy.

         "Aww! Look at his new pants, aren't they cute. They've got little cars and things on them." One of the girls teased, making fun of the childish pattern on his underpants of various little cartoon cars, trains and planes.

         "Aww diddum's! Well he is just a little boy now isn't he?" another girl teased him, as they all stood there giggling and tittering at him. Brian just stood there subdued with his head hung down in submission blushing furiously.

         Shortly afterwards they heard the ladies calling everyone's attention out in the garden and got all the children to gather round them. Apparently it was time for their daily group dance and movement session where the whole nursery got together. As the children in the garden gathered round the ladies outside, more children came out from inside the house, like the three junior girls that had teased Brian. A few more little girls and boys also came out, with some boys undressed to pants and vests and others in shorts and t-shirts, and of course all the girls fully clothed in shorts or dresses. All the children then formed a big circle holding hands and had to dance around and sing nursery rhymes as one of the ladies played along with a tambourine. The junior boy in his nappy waddled around looking quite miserable and dejected, as some of the girls giggled and smirked at him, making teasing comments about his nappy. Then a smaller circle of children was formed inside the main one and the children once more danced around but this time the two circles went in opposite directions. After those children had returned back to the main circle, the ladies asked the older children including Brian to go into the middle to perform some more expressive and creative dances for the little ones.

         The ladies got them to pretend to be trees and exploding fireworks among other things, all of which made Brian feel quite childish and humiliated as he had to perform all these expressive dances in his underpants in front of all the watching little children. Once the group dancing was over, there was just less than an hour left before it was time to go home and Brian somehow ended up having to play with the little boys again who had now obviously made him their new friend. Towards the end of the day the little boys had clearly begun to run out of steam and as Brian lay down on one of the mats and leaned back on his elbows, a few of the little boys came over and began to cuddle up to him, with one in his lap between his legs whilst two more sat next to him and rested their heads against his chest for a brief snooze, all of which started to make Brian feel very tired himself. Brian eventually lay back on the mat with the little boys and started to nod off himself, as they all cuddled up into a sleepy heap of little boys in their underpants with Brian at the centre.

         When Brian came round and woke up again, it was finally time to go home and the lady came along waking up all the little boys snoozing by Brian. Brian then had to go and wait by the wardrobe once more for the lady to come along and finally give him his uniform back for him to change back into. Brian could only stand there once more meekly to attention in his underpants and polo shirt, as lots of little girls paraded past him to the front entrance as their parents arrived to pick them up. Next to Brian a few other little boys now also lined up in their underpants, also waiting to get their clothes back, even the junior boy in his nappy arrived eventually to line up to take his turn and Brian wondered how he would be dealt with. After what seemed like an age after most of the girls had filed past, the lady arrived to give each boy their clothes back in turn. She started with the youngest preschool boys first, helping them to get dressed before moving onto the older infant boys, leaving Brian and the junior boy in his nappy till last. When the junior boy's turn came, the lady pulled out his grey school shirt which she quickly buttoned him into and then tucked the tails into the waistband of his milky white plastic pants. Then she pulled out his grey school trousers and told the boy to his distraught looking face that she wouldn't be able to put them on over his nappy, and so she would put them in his bag with his tie and other things. Then she pulled his grey knee socks on and slipped on his buckle on sandals before fastening them, leaving the utterly mortified looking boy stood there in his socks and sandals and grey school shirt, which was all neatly tucked into his milky white plastic pants. The lady then led the horrified looking boy out to the front entrance, and he waddled along noisily behind her in his thick bulky rustling nappy and plastic pants. Brian could only imagine how utterly mortifying it must be for that boy to be presented back to his mother half-dressed back into his school uniform and in that big nappy. Finally at long last the lady came back and made Brian stand there as she dressed him back into his uniform, making sure he was all neatly tucked in and well presented. It was then with some relief that Brian was taken out to meet his mother who had come to collect him and taken him back home.

         Later that evening Brian of course argued and pleaded with his mother that he didn't want to go back to that nursery. He was far too old to be sent there, it was all for little babies and infants. Why couldn't he hang out with his mates or stay at home and do things for older boys? His arguing and moaning however, fell on deaf ears. He was going to be going there after school for the rest of the school term and then be spending his days there for most of the holidays and that was that. Realising that his mother wasn't going to be backing down on this, Brian then asked if he could have a pair of shorts to take with him the next day. No he couldn't, as the nursery had specifically asked that she only provided the minimum amount of items required by him to wear, as laid out in their rules. Besides, he was the one that had chosen to take the jeans instead of the shorts, and so he was just going to have to live with his decision. That as far as his mother was concerned, was the final reply on the matter, which caused Brian to go into a sullen sulk for the rest of the evening.

         The next day at school didn't fare any better for him. During the morning break, out in the playground, the three first year girls that had gone with him to the nursery the previous day, cornered him with a few of their friends whilst Brian was momentarily apart from his friends. The group of about six little first year girls all crowded round Brian and began to tease him relentlessly.

         "You've not gone down to the infant's school today to play in your pants with the boys there then Brian?"

         "Did mummy dress you in your little boys pants this morning Brian?"

         "Are you going to play in your pants now Brian?"

         "Yeah, go on Brian, I'm sure the first year boys will let you play with them."

         "Don't forget to wipe your bottom properly today Brian or you'll end up in nappies like a big baby."

         "Aww! Coochy Coo!" The group of girls teased and made fun of Brian, who could only stand there blushing furiously with shame and humiliation. Later on during lunch break Brian managed to studiously avoid them by staying in his classroom or hanging out in the boys changing rooms. At the end of school however and once more waiting outside the school gates for the minibus, the three girls were once more able to tease him whilst they waited and the three seemed especially eager and excited to get back to the nursery again.

         Back at the nursery, once again Brian had to strip off by the wardrobe whilst the three first year girls went upstairs to change. It was of course another hot day, perhaps even more so than the day before, so this time the lady just left him wearing nothing but his underpants.

         "We'll get some sun tan lotion on you, don't worry, and if it looks like you're catching the sun we'll get a t-shirt on you." The lady said to him as she left him standing there wearing nothing but his y-front underpants. The crushing feeling of shame and submission soon reasserted itself and Brian was once more stood by the side of the corridor meekly to attention whilst he waited for the lady to finish sorting out his clothes in the wardrobe. The three girls soon came along the corridor having finished changing upstairs, and whilst they left their clothes with the lady, they stopped to have a good look and giggle at Brian as he stood there in his underpants. They had a good look at this new pair of y-fronts he was wearing and as they chatted between themselves about his pants, they made teasing comments about them, quite unconcerned that he was stood right in front of them. After she had finished sorting things out, the lady took him outside once more and then gave him a good rub all over with sun tan lotion as he stood there in his pants. The little junior girls all had a good titter and giggle when they saw Brian again, which still made him blush profusely. On spotting their new big friend again, the little boys soon rushed over excitedly to greet him, and after that Brian once more found himself playing games with the little infant and preschool boys.

         Brian noticed the junior boy was there again and noted that he was once more in a nappy again, and had obviously just been put in it when he arrived, and Brian wondered how long it would be before he was allowed back into his underpants again. Would any of the boy's even get to wear their trousers again if this hot weather kept up all summer? Brian wondered to himself. As the afternoon went on Brian had pretty much resigned himself to his situation, and as he became more accustomed to the little boys games and began to integrate himself into them, he began to succumb to the feelings of being like a little innocent and naïve infant boy again. By the time the afternoon was nearly over, Brian was rushing around with the boys and almost whole heartedly joining in with their childish little adventures, climbing over the climbing frame or having a playful rough and tumble down on the play mats. The girls of course found Brian's transformation into a little boy most amusing, as he now played about in front of them in his underpants almost quite unselfconsciously. The girls would then have a little tease of him about his childish regression, momentarily snapping Brian out of his little world, causing him to cringe with shame and embarrassment and go bright red in the face.

         The next day at school, the girls and their little coterie of friends once more tracked Brian down in the playground and surrounded him in a quiet corner of the playground. There was now about eight girls in their group and Brian was now a lot more meek and submissive as the girls teased and mocked him, laughing and giggling raucously amongst themselves as they did so, and Brian stood there feeling like a little infant boy as these "big" first year girls stood around teasing and making fun of him.

         "Aww, look! Here he is, "little" Brian."

         "Aww, aren't your little friends here to play with you?"

         "Are you sure you're not too hot wearing all those clothes? Do you need help getting undressed?" the girls teased him.

         "Yeah! Let's help him get undressed!" one of the three girl's friends said in a loud excited voice, and with that there was a sudden flurry of activity around Brian. One girl rushed behind him and grabbed hold of his hair tightly in her fist, jerking his head back painfully. A couple more girls suddenly grabbed Brian from behind pulling his blazer back along his arms pinning his arms back behind him. At the same time a few other girls rush in from the front to take down his trousers. One girl quickly began to unhook and unzip his trousers while two others stood either side of him and began to pull them down. Brian stood there feeling helpless with his head still painfully yanked back and struggled as these girls quickly took his trousers down to his ankles, giggling and laughing as they did so. As his shirt was all neatly tucked into his underpants, it immediately left them on full display, and as soon as his trousers came down, all the girls burst into fits of laughter as they saw his exposed underpants. Brian could do nothing as the two girls behind him continued to hold him back with his arms still tangled up in his jackets sleeves, and he stood there stumbling about with his trousers down around his ankles. The girls laughed hysterically and derisively at his underpants, which were yet another pair of childish y-fronts, with a pattern of sailing boats and anchors on them and little cartoon fish. As Brian stood there stumbling about, the girls ridiculed his underpants and pointed out the little lumps of his boys bits to each other, making amusing little comments about them. Brian was eventually saved by the bell signalling the end of break time, and the girls left him there to pull himself back together as they quickly hurried off.

         Brian was now most subdued in front of the girls after school as the minibus came again to pick them up to take them to the nursery. Even though it was only his third day at the nursery, Brian now knew the routine well enough, and obediently stood by the wardrobe and striped down to his underpants, handing his uniform over to the lady as he did so. It was still hot and sunny, and according to the forecasts it would be for most of the summer, so Brian once more found himself out in the garden in just his underpants. After his run in with the three girls and their friends during the break time earlier that day at school, the three girls and indeed even the junior girls there at the nursery, now all somehow felt bigger and more senior to him and Brian now started to feel a bit intimidated by these once "little" girls. As Brian once more played with the little infant and preschool boys, he began to feel more and more junior and subordinate to all the little girls, even though in some cases he was nearly twice their age. Throughout the afternoon, because of the hot weather, the ladies made sure all the children were getting plenty to drink, and Brian must have guzzled down a good half dozen large plastic beakers of orange squash as he played with the boys. After he'd been playing for a while, Brian suddenly realised during a quiet moment, that he really rather needed to go for a pee. As Brian started to leave the boys and head for the toilet, the ladies suddenly started to call all the children together for the afternoon group dance and movement session.

         "Not that way Brian. Over here please!" one of the ladies called out to him as he was heading towards the house just as all the children inside it began to come out.

         "I... err... urm..." Brian stammered meekly.

         "No ifs or buts! Come along and stand over there and join the circle please!" the lady firmly ordered, and Brian submissively obeyed.

         Brian was now stood in the circle holding hands with two little girls of about five or six years old that were stood either side of him, as once more the afternoon dance and movement session began to start. The session began as it always did, with them dancing around in a circle singing nursery rhymes, and then after a short while a smaller circle being formed in the centre to dance in opposite directions. Whilst they danced around Brian began to feeling increasingly desperate for a pee, and as they moved and danced Brian was able to jiggle his legs about enough to hold off the desperate urges, but every time they stopped for a few moments the feelings of desperation in his bladder came back even stronger than before. Whilst he was still holding the hands of the two little girls next to him, Brian could do nothing but fidget about and rub his thighs together desperately. After the inner circle of children had re-joined the main circle again, Brian's urge to pee had now become quite intense and he had started to become quite worried and panicky as he struggled to hold it back. To Brian's dismay they then once more carried on all going around in a big circle singing more simple songs. They had just got through a few verses of Ten Green Bottles, when a sudden intense urge sent a desperate spasm of panic through him, and to his utter horror, Brian suddenly felt a warm glow rapidly spreading in the crotch of his underpants. A thick trickle of pee then began to flow from the crotch of his pants down between his legs, shortly followed by a shower of droplets that burst out from his now soaking wet crotch, which soon coalesced into other little streams of pee, jetting out and leaking from his underpants. The shower of pee sprayed out all in front of him splashing on his legs as he continued to be carried on round in the dance.

         "LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!" One of the junior girls shouted loudly in a gleeful voice, breaking her link in the circle to point at the sudden shower of pee emanating from the crotch of Brian's underpants. Loud giggles and squeals of laughter rapidly broke out among the circle of children who were all by now looking at Brian as he wet his pants in front of them, and soon the air was filled with an almost deafening sound of hysterical children squealing with laughter. Their dancing circle soon ground to a halt as the children stopped to laugh and gawp gleefully at Brian as he continued wetting his pants, with little streams of pee still trickling down his legs and showers of droplets still raining down from his crotch. Little girls stood there pointing at his pants as they laughed and giggled uncontrollably, whilst the little boys who Brian had been playing with these past few days, also joined in too and were stood there laughing and giggling at him. Even the junior boy who was still being kept in a nappy was now stood there giggling with a look of amusement on his face and something approaching a look of relief, as now he wasn't the only one, and this time it was an even bigger boy than him who was wetting his pants. The three first year girls from his school were of course absolutely beside themselves with laughter, as they watched Brian wet his pants with ecstatic triumphant gleeful expressions. Panic and horror surged through Brian as he stood there wetting himself, making his pounding heart skip and flutter, and his faced flushed so hotly he thought he might faint. The sound of all the children laughing and giggling at him sounded like an impossibly loud jumbled roar in his ears as he looked around at all the grinning giggling jeering faces of the little girls and boys who were all looking right back at him and watching him wet himself. As the loud cacophony of squeal and giggles continued unabated, one of the ladies soon made their way around to where Brian was stood rooted to the spot as he helplessly wet his pants.

         "Really Brian! Wetting your pants like a little baby! This is not what we expect from older boys like you!" the lady snapped at him sharply in a loud angry voice, as she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out of the circle of children and began to lead him away back to the house. The loud shrieks and screams of laughter still continued even as Brian was being led away, who now waddled slightly in his wet dripping underpants as he stumbled along after the lady who was roughly pulling him along behind her. Brian was quickly taken into one of the rooms that was used primarily for the pre-schoolers and stood over to one side of the room by a large changing mat that was surrounded by a variety of nappies and creams and lotions and packets of wet wipes. Brian was barely stood there for a second or two before he suddenly found his underpants being taken down and away from under his feet, leaving him stood there completely naked. After the removal of his underpants, the lady grabbed him firmly by the arm and began to scold and chastise him angrily about his wetting accident, before suddenly beginning to rapidly smack his bare bottom. The first few smacks caught Brian by complete surprise, sending stinging blows across his bare bottom before he even knew what was happening. After that, as each successive series of smacks rained down across his bottom, Brian danced about in pain, as the stinging blows bit deep into his bottom, spreading a hot fiery pain through his bare cheeks. The humiliation of his pants wetting and the pain of his spanking coalesced into one traumatic emotion and Brian soon burst into tears, and he danced about yelping and sobbing as his bottom futilely tried to avoid the blows whilst the lady held tightly onto him, making his little boys bits bounce about quite animatedly. His rapidly reddening bottom writhed and squirmed as the blows continued to land, but the lady had a firm grip of him around his arm and he was unable to get away from her relentless expertly aimed smacks. After what seemed like an age, but was really no more than about a dozen strokes across each cheek, the lady stopped and stood Brian still before her. As Brian stood there sobbing and whimpering, the lady now spoke to him in a more softly kinder voice and began to softly stroke his hot red bottom.

         "There, there, hush, hush. I know that was painful, but it was for your own good Brian. You have to be punished and taught a lesson; otherwise you'll be liable to do that again won't you? Now, that bottom of yours will stay nice and rosy and warm for quite a while, but it will stop stinging eventually I assure you dear." She said soothingly to Brian. "Now lay down here on the floor for me please, and I'll start to get you cleaned up." She then said motioning for Brian to lie down on the changing mat. Brian did as he was told and laid down on the mat and put his hands up behind his head out of the way when asked to do so. Then the lady began wiping him down with a wet wipe all around his shamefully underdeveloped hairless little boys bits. It felt so odd and yet strangely exciting to have this lady's hands intimately wipe all around his little private bits. Even his own mother hadn't seen him properly naked since he was about eleven, and now here he was lying there with his legs spread apart all exposed before this lady, who was touching and rubbing him all around his most intimate parts. He even had to lift up his legs, to rather humiliatingly exposing his little bottom hole to her, so that she could clean all around his bottom too. After the wipe down, she then squirted a large dollop of baby lotion on to her hand and began to rub it in all around his private parts, first making him turn over onto his tummy so that she could rub the lotion into his still hot sore glowing red bottom. The lotion sent a feeling of warmth spreading through his bottom as she rubbed it in, making it once more feel all stingingly hot and uncomfortable as the lotion soaked in. Then he was flipped back onto his back again, and the lady applied another large dollop all around his little private bits and between his raised legs again around his bottom hole. As the slick lotion was rubbed in all around his little cock and balls, his cock began to excitedly stir and stiffen, and after only a few more moments his cock was stiffly erect under her hand, as she stroked it back and forth, gliding the palm of her hand slickly over its now stiff shaft. Then she grabbed his now fully erect stiff cock in her hand and pumped it up and down a few times along the length of the shaft and over its soft plump head, until some of the lotion creamed up around the top of his cock forming a little creamy ring, which with her other hand whilst still gripping his shaft, she then rubbed in all over the plump sensitive head of his cock. As she did so, his cock strained and pulsed in her grip, as orgasmic spasms were sent down through it, making Brian writhe and wriggle his hips while whimpering softly. Then she let go of it, leaving Brian's cock to twitch up and down frustratedly. Brian, who was now completely numb with shock with all that had happened to him out in the garden wetting his pants and then his spanking, now just lay there completely subdued as the lady then slipped a big thick disposable nappy underneath him and began to bring up the front and sides and firmly fasten him into it. The plain white thick plastic backed nappy crinkled and rustled noisily as she brought the bulky thickly padded front up between his legs and over his still stiff twitching cock, as she then fastened the sides up nice and firm. Not having worn a nappy since he was a baby, the sensation of having a big thick wodge of nappy between his legs felt very strange and awkward, and yet the thick fluffy padded filling felt lovely and soft and comforting as his little private bits nestled into it. Then on came a pair of milky white plastic pants, which she pulled up his legs, making him lift up his now thickly padded bottom so that she could pull them up over his nappy.

         With that Brian was done, and at first he just lay there getting used to the strange sensation of being in a nappy. Then the lady made him sit up, and the nappy felt thick and bulky between his legs and over his bottom, and when she got him to finally stand up, Brian felt as if he would have trouble walking properly, as the thick wodge between his legs made it so that he couldn't close them together properly, and as she took him by the hand and started to lead him back out to the garden, he had to affect a sort of waddle to keep up with her. Every little movement and step he took made the nappy rustle noisily, and his now big thick padded bottom bounced from side to side as he waddled along. Now back up on his feet and dressed in the nappy, Brian was once more starting to come to his senses again, and a feeling of utter horror and dismay began to rapidly take hold of him as he realised that any moment now, he was going to be brought back out to face all those little children, only now dressed in a big thick nappy like a big baby teen boy. As Brian was led back out into the garden he was practically trembling with nerves and just as he was being led out of the doorway, he could see that the dancing had now finished and that some of the children were making their way back over to the house to head back indoors again. It only took a few seconds for Brian to be spotted by the three junior girls who had teased him in the toilets on his first day, and soon after that more squeals of jeering laughter and giggles erupted again. Children from all over the garden quickly came over to see what the fuss was about and then join in with the teasing and laughing at Brian. It didn't take long for all the children to crowd around the back door way of the house where Brian stood, still held in hand by the lady. There were lots of delighted squeals of laughter and giggles and lots of teasing comments being made about his nappy, and before long a little mocking chant soon broke out among the children.

         "BAY-BEE! BAY-BEE! BAY-BEE!" Came the chant from the whole crowd of children as they all crowded round and cornered Brian by the doorway. Brian could only hang his head down low in shame, his face blushing hotly, trying not to meet the gaze of any of the grinning jeering little faces.

         "Alright, alright! Calm yourselves down; otherwise you'll be wetting your pants in a minute." The lady called out to the crowd of noisy cheeky jeering children in a rather playful tone as she began to lead Brian through them, making the children have a good laugh and giggle at the mention of more pants wetting. The little crowd parted slightly as she led Brian through, and they all had a good giggle and tease and got a good close-up view of him as he waddled passed them in his thick bulky noisy rustling nappy. Brian was then placed down on the floor next to where a group of little preschool children had been playing and were once more settling down. As Brian was settled down, the crowd of children soon dissipated back to what they were doing previously now that they'd had their little bit of fun teasing the big boy in his nappy. As well as Brian, the nine year old junior boy also came and settled back down with the little toddlers, and the two boys sat there in their nappies with the little preschool children. Brian now found himself sat on the floor in front of an array of little baby and preschool toys, with little toddlers on either side of him playing with them. After a short while one of the little children picked up a toy and came over and proffered it to Brian, standing there in front of him until he took it. Brian then felt duty bound to start playing with it and soon after found himself playing with all the little baby toys down on the floor like one of the little toddlers. The little group of boys that had previously been playing with Brian now left him alone there with the little pre-schoolers. He was a baby now, and no longer part of their bigger boys games. Inevitably some of the girls passed by where he was sat to look down upon him and have a little gloat and tease. Some of the junior girls came by to have a laugh and giggle at him and of course so too did the three first year girls from his school.

         "Aww! Look at the cute little baby!" they cooed down at him mockingly.

         "Look at him all dressed in his nappy because he wet his big boy pants like a baby."

         "Have you wet your nappy yet Brian?"

         "Have you done your poo poos yet?" the girls mocked and teased as they laughed at him.

         All Brian could do is sit there quietly, blushing furiously with humiliation as the girls teased him. After a while of sitting there playing along with the little toddlers, it was with some relief for Brian that the day thankfully soon came to an end. However he now worried about what would happen with him before he went home. A short while later Brian once more found himself stood to attention in the corridor in a line with a few of the other boys as they waited to get their clothes back. Brian and the nine year old junior boy were once more the last in line, and once again the junior boy was half dressed in his school uniform and then sent out to his waiting mother in his nappy. Now it was Brian's turn, he stood there brimming with nerves and trepidation. Surely the lady wasn't going to send him out to his mother still dressed in his nappy too, he thought worriedly to himself. Sure enough, to Brian's dismay the lady dressed him back into his uniform, but like with the junior boy, told him that she couldn't possibly fit his trousers back on over his big thick nappy. So when the lady was finished with him, Brian was left stood there almost completely dressed back into his uniform apart from his tie and his trousers. She'd tucked his school shirt into the plastic pants and even made him put his school blazer back on. The hems of it came down to partly cover the top part of his nappy, but still left the big padded bulk of his bottom quite visible from the back, and where his jacket was left open, the nappy was entirely visible from the front. Brian was utterly mortified when she finally took him by the hand and led him out to meet his waiting mother. As Brian was led out to meet her, waddling along in the thick bulky noisy nappy, his mother looked at him with shock and surprise. The lady soon explained what had happened about Brian wetting his pants, and having already used his spare pair up; he had necessitated being put into nappies for the remainder of the day.

         "Oh really Brian!" his mother exclaimed loudly in an irritated voice. "Honestly! Wetting your pants like some baby!" she carried on indignantly. "Used up your spare pair already?" she gasped in surprise as the lady carried on explaining what Brian had been up to the last couple of days. "You didn't wet those too did you?" she questioned Brian irately. "Oh! Didn't wipe your bottom properly!" she exclaimed loudly with displeasure, as she stood there tutting exasperatedly in an increasingly irate mood as the lady explained things to her. Brian stood there feeling utterly ashamed and thoroughly embarrassed as the lady explained things to his mother, and he hung his head low in shame staring at the floor, with his cheeks and ears burning hotly. Apparently Brian would be sent back home in the nappy and his mother would have to return the plastic pants with him after being washed at her earliest convenience. After things had been explained, his mother then took him by the hand and quite forcefully pulled him along back to their car in a moody silence, whilst Brian's noisy nappy rustled humiliatingly as he stumbled and waddled along behind her.

         Fortunately Brian's father was away for a few months overseas due to his work, so when they got home, Brian was spared the humiliation of being seen in his nappy by him. He would be coming back for their two week holiday at a camping site in France though, and Brian was desperately hoping his mother wouldn't tell him anything about this. Once home, Brian's mother did not change him out of his nappy, and in fact she told him quite firmly that he would be spending the rest of the night in them. After Brian had got changed out of his school uniform, he was only allowed to put on a vest, which his mother made sure was tucked into his nappy. She then laid out a thick fluffy blanket on the floor which she folded into a large square, and Brian was made to sit down on that for the rest of the evening after their dinner. After her initial snappy irate temper had begun to dissipate, his mother started to rather enjoy having Brian there beneath her on the floor in his nappy. Her usually stroppy and stubborn teenage son, was now sat there quiet as a mouse, looking most subdued and ashamed. Later that evening as they were sat there watching TV, his mother noticed his face suddenly flush bright red and seconds later heard a little trickling noise coming from his nappy. She sat there on the sofa quietly watching Brian with some amusement, as a rather distraught and dismayed expression crossed his face while he wet his nappy down on the floor before her. Tonight he would have to sleep in his wet nappy, she thought, but tomorrow morning she would have a bit of fun bringing him down a peg or two when she changed him. Earlier that afternoon when she had picked Brian up, the lady at the nursery had explained that Brian would be kept in nappies for the rest of the week now, whilst they evaluated whether he was ready to go back into his underpants. She thought to herself how nice it was going to be to once more have a nice quiet subdued and submissive little boy again. Not that he was a bad boy now that he was in his teens, but like most teenage boys, he could be quite sullen and argumentative at times, and would mope about the house being awkward and difficult. This evening though, he looked so sweet and cute sat there in his nappy, and she looked forward to the next few evenings with her little baby boy again.

         The next morning Brian was suddenly awakened from his sleep by the sounds of his mother briskly marching into his bedroom and over to the window where she threw open the curtains to let the morning light come streaming in. "Wakey, wakey, rise and shine little man!" his mother called out cheerfully as she opened up the curtains and then came over next to his bed to stand beside him. Brian barely had time to stir from his slumber as she suddenly grabbed hold of the top of his duvet cover and quickly pulled it back right down to his feet. Brian's mother never usually came into his bedroom in the morning before he had changed, so this intrusion into his morning routine had taken him completely by surprise. Brian was now led there on his back almost spread eagled before her, wearing nothing but his nappy. Brian's cheeks flushed slightly as he started coming to his senses as he lay there all exposed to her in his nappy, especially as the previous night before he went to bed after brushing his teeth, he'd had to do another pee in his nappy and it was now rather soggy and full. Brian had rather liked the feeling of the thick squishy nappy as it had flooded with his warm pee, but now lying there with his mum looking down at him, he felt embarrassed and ashamed. To Brian's surprise his mother then reached down between his legs and grabbed a handful of the big heavy soggy crotch of his nappy and gave it a quick squeeze and shake. "My, my, that does feel wet!" she exclaimed, as she then further surprised him by sticking a few of her fingers right underneath the leg opening and into the crotch of his nappy, and Brian flinched as he felt her fingers probing and rummaging around brushing against his little private bits. "Oh yes! You have soaked that nappy haven't you?" she then added in a loud voice. "Right young man; put your hands up behind your head please." She now told Brian, as she plumped up one of his pillows behind his head. Brian did as he was told and stuck his hands up under his head beneath the pillow. "Now stay there like that and don't move whilst I go and get some things to clean you up with." She said and then quickly left his room.

         Brian lay there helplessly, his mind still in a state of surprise and confusion after his sudden rude awakening by his mother. Was she really going to come back in here and change me? Brian thought with alarm. He'd just assumed that when he got up this morning he'd go and take his nappy off in the bathroom before having a quick shower. But now it seemed that wouldn't be so, as his mother came back in with a pile of items balanced on top of her arms, which she then placed on the bed beside him and began to get him ready. There was a plastic washing bowl that she took off the top of the pile and put down on the floor, which Brian could hear sloshing about with water. Then she took a double bed sized thick fluffy winter blanket from the bottom of the pile that was folded into a thick square, and got Brian to raise his hips right up as she slid it underneath his bottom, leaving his back arched up and his thick soggy nappy all raised up before her. After she had done that, Brian felt utterly mortified as his mother then quite casually began to pull back the sticky tapes fastening his disposable nappy. The last time Brian remembered his mother seeing him naked must have been when he was about eleven years old. After that he'd become a lot more conscious of his privacy, and would wrap a towel around his waist when he went to the bathroom for showers, and made sure the bathroom door was locked and his bedroom door was closed when changing. These days even being seen in his underpants by his mother would make him feel a flush of embarrassment; probably because it made him feel rather childish and subordinate like a little boy again. Now he lay there before her on his bed, all helplessly exposed in a wet soggy nappy like a big baby, and about to have his little private bits all exposed to her, for her most intimate inspection whilst she cleaned around them. Brian lay there staring up at the ceiling hardly knowing where to look, as his mother peeled back the fastening tapes either side of his nappy. Finally his mother then gripped the front of the nappy between her fingers and pulled it back to lie open between his legs, exposing his little private bits.

         "Aww! Look who's still mummies little boy!" she exclaimed delightedly in a slightly teasing cooing voice as she sat beside Brian looking down at his exposed little privates, which made his face blush bright red. "Who's still got a cute little willy then?" she said teasingly as she reached down and grabbed the soft plump head of his little cock and gave it a little squeeze and a playful waggle, causing Brian to let out a shocked little yelp and jerk his hips suddenly in surprise. Then she picked up a wet flannel out of the bowl of soapy water and began to wipe down all around his waist and crotch, and of course all around his little privates. Brian lay there all tensed up, wincing and making the occasional quiet whimpering noise, as his mother gave him a good wipe all around and over his little bits. Then to Brian's further humiliation and embarrassment, his mother made him lift his legs up over his head so that she could have a good wipe down all around his little bottom hole. Brian felt thoroughly humiliated and subdued as he lay there in front of his mother, with his legs spread apart up over his head, with his crotch and bottom all wide open and fully exposed to her as she wiped him down.

         After she had finished giving him a wipe down, and still making him keep his legs up over his head, his mother then produced a tub of Vaseline, scooped out a dollop with two of her fingers, and then began to wipe it all around his bottom area. Brian blushed with shame as he felt a strange but pleasant sensation, as his mother gently rubbed the Vaseline in around his bottom and traced a little circle with one of her fingers around his anus. Then for a brief few seconds she caught Brian by surprise as she suddenly slipped her finger into his anus and slid it back and forth into his bottom a few times before pulling it back out, which made Brian let out a surprised little whimper. Then he was allowed to put his legs back down, and his mother delved into the tub of Vaseline for another dollop, which she then began to start rubbing in all around his crotch. Now she rubbed the slick slippery Vaseline in all round his crotch and the insides of his thighs and of course all over his little private parts. She rubbed the Vaseline in over his tight little scrotum sack with the palm of her hand, making slow gentle little circular movements with it as she moved up towards Brian's cock. Then she reached Brian's cock and gave it a quick little rub with the palm of her hand before suddenly grasping it in her hand and slowly slid it up and down the length of his short flaccid little cock. It only took a few seconds for Brian's cock to start springing to attention and it rapidly stiffened in her grasp, as she slid her slick Vaseline covered hand up and down its short little shaft.

         "Oh look, somebody's little soldier is all stood to attention for mummy!" Brian's mother cooed at him in an amused patronising voice, as she momentarily let go of his cock and watched it twitch up and down stiffly before her, before once more carrying on stroking it and rubbing it in with Vaseline. Brian's face was now an intense picture of shame, confusion and embarrassment which blushed brightly as he stared up at the ceiling above him, desperately trying to take his mind somewhere else as his stiff little cock throbbed excitedly in his mother's grasp, as she pumped and stroked it. As his mother kept stroking her hand up and down his stiff cock, Brian began to let out desperate little whimpers and moans and his hips began to writhe and buck slightly, thrusting his stiff cock deep into her hand. His mother now only needed to hold her hand still around his cock, as Brian kept thrusting it back and forth in her grasp. The foreskin of his cock had now pulled back completely, exposing its pinkish purple head, which now popped up out of the top of her grasping hand with each of his little thrusting movements. After letting him carry on for a few more little thrusts, his mother decided that it was probably about time she should let his stiff thrusting cock go before it got over excited and spent its load. As his mother let go of his cock, Brian lay there for a moment before her, still desperately writhing and thrusting his hips up and down with his stiff little cock twitching up and down madly with excitement, desperately seeking out the slick slippery hole of his mother's grasping hand. After a brief moment, Brian suddenly seemed to regain his senses, and he stopped his writhing and thrusting and lay there looking utterly mortified as his stiff little cock continued to twitch and spasm. After his little clean and rub down, his mother stood him up off his bed and began to gather his change of clothes for school.

         "Right, let's get you all ready for school shall we?" his mother said cheerfully to Brian, once he was stood up before her. Brian stood there before her completely naked with his hands down by his side and his stiff little cock now hanging horizontally, still twitching occasionally as it began to wane. Brian just nodded silently and meekly as he stared down at the floor, not wanting to meet his mothers gaze, his face still glowing redly with a look of utter shame and dismay. Then she held out a pair of his bright colourful red paisley y-fronts for him to step into, which he did quietly and obediently. As she pulled his underpants up, she had to flick up his still stiff little cock with the waistband to pull them up over the top. Then when she had them on, she pulled them up all nice and snugly, running her fingers around the legs and smoothing out the material over his bottom, and rather cheekily she gave the front of his pants a quick smooth out too, rubbing her hand up over his stiff little cock, which made her grin with amusement as she felt it throb and pulse beneath his pants. Then she got him dressed in the rest of his school uniform, pulling on his socks and buttoning him into his shirt, making sure it was all neatly tucked into his underpants. Next on came his trousers and tie, followed by his shoes and lastly his school blazer. Then after a quick breakfast Brian was once more packed off to school and afterwards the nursery group.

         That day at school the girls once more tracked Brian down during the break times and teased him relentlessly. Now that the story of him wetting his pants and being put into a nappy like a big baby had been spread around the three girl's other friends, they mercilessly ridiculed and mocked him. During the lunch break the little crowd of girls once more cornered Brian into a quiet unobserved corner of the playground and once more ganged up on him.

To be continued next month.

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