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Dear Rachel,

I hope you had a lovely evening with your latest lover. I trust that he left you satisfied and very worn out.

Well, tonight has been quite the evening for me. My goodness your little Freddy is such a terror. I have a feeling it could be because I am new to baby sitting him but I have a feeling when you see his bottom in the morning you will understand how testing he has been.

He was extremely wet when I first arrived. In fact when I checked him he was still tinkling in his pampers which suddenly sprung a leak and left a trickle down his inner thigh. I was furious he would be so disgusting so within the first 10 minutes of me arriving he was already over my knee for his first hairbrush spanking.

I did as instructed as fed him the pink bottle around 7pm and yes he could taste it. Quite the tantrum followed and was over my knee for another spanking. This time he felt the full force of my left hand. He was whimpering throughout his entire bottle feed, but he did drink it all in the end.

You were very right about how long it took to mess his pampers after his bottle feed. By 8.30pm he was grumbling he needed to use the toilet. He was told on several occasions he was wearing his toilet and to do as he was told. After around 15 minutes of doing a very impressive potty dance, he messed himself. My god I have never smelt a smell like it!

As punishment for his continuous whining about where his potty was. He was not granted a change. I simply added extra layers and sent him to bed to squish around in his mess for the rest of the evening. Hopefully that will make him realise that I am a forced not to be reckoned with.

Perhaps if your new lover decides to come back with you tomorrow morning you can show him your silly little pampers wearing baby squishing in his mess begging for his Mommy to change him?

By the way, I have noticed he gets ever so excited in his nappies if I use the word "Pampers". Have you noticed this? I had quite an amusing time rubbing his little chubby through his dirty padding asking him if his "Pampers were full".

I am sure you will need your rest when you return in the morning. No doubt he will be sleeping in, he tired himself out after his nearly 40 minute tantrum about bedtime in his messy nappies.

I look forward to looking after your big baby again soon.

Mummy Nera x

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