I was dating Sandy for about two months, things were gong well we spent a lot of time either on the beach or going out to bars. One of the things we both loved was playing Monopoly. I won a lot of the games and liked to tease her when i won. I was very different when I lost. One night we got out the game and she said why don't we bet tonight on who wins the most out of three games. I said what will be the bet. She said that if I lost I had to do everything she told me to do for a week. I said okay but if I win you have do as I say for a week. I knew I would win so I tossed in one more thing. I said if you win I will give you one hundred dollars to spend on anything you want. She readily agreed.

The game was on, I won the first game and she the second. Deep down I was shaking and hoping to win. The game was going in my favor when she suddenly made a move that caused her to move way ahead. She was teasing me and making me mad. I almost tossed the board over but held myself back. Yes I lost she won all of my properties and I was really mad. She said don't pout or you will regret it. I said F*** you. She said I guess you are not going to do what you agreed to. I said I am not a cheater so you won I will do as you say.

Sandy went to her closet and came back with a bunch of stuff. She told me to undress and go shave every hair off of my entire body. I started to say no but I did as she said. I came back after about two hours, blushing like a little girl getting he first kiss. Sandy told me to lay on the bed I started to the bed and saw a big pink diaper laying in the middle of the bed. Now I began begging her to not do this. I went to the bed and I was almost crying. She made fun of me by saying is Auntie Sandy's little girl crying.

When I heard the words little girl, I remembered back years before my sister Carol who was five years older than me made me wear a diaper several times as punishment for not doing some house chores. I lay on the diaper and as she pinned it she looked up and I was sobbing. She held me in her arms and she said my poor little baby girl. She gave me some water she had next to the bed, I drank a little and Sandy said drink it all baby. I did as she told me. She then put a gown on me it was pink and had ruffles on the arms and the bottom. She put bows in my hair and then I saw a big pacifier with a ribbon on it she put it around my neck and she told me to open wide as she put it in my mouth.

I don't remember what happened then but I woke up it was daylight out. I saw a camera on a tri-pod it was pointed at me. I tried to get up but it was like I could not move. Sandy walked in and smiled at me and she said how is Auntie's baby girl? I said or at least try to but it came out like mumbling. Just then I looked and saw my sister standing behind the camera. I also felt I had to go to the toilet I tried to get up again but could not. I wanted Sandy to help me up I pointed down at myself and she said go ahead babies don't use the potty you might get to in about a year or so.

They both laughed. I suddenly let it go. Just then my brother-in-law walked in dressed like a teenage girl. Carol said to him Betty now be a good baby sitter and change the baby. I tried to get up but again I could not. My sister was a nurse and must have gave me some kind of medications that made my muscles not work. Betty cleaned me and put powder on my butt and privates. Carol said now rub it in better then that Betty. She/he rubbed my privates for a long while. Carol said now that is better sweety.

Sandy said that she had called my boss and told her I had an accident and would not be able to return to work. She told her I was reduced to a baby because of the accident and that I could not get out of bed. I heard her say oh yes he is messing his diaper and crying a lot. Then she said , yes you can come visit anytime you wish. She then said I know he was such a a** and was very nasty to you at times.

That night I heard the door bell ring and sure enough it was Tara my boss. She walked in the room and said hi to me and I looked at her with tears in my eyes. She said does the baby not talk like you did at work can't you cuss and rave like that big bad man you were a few days ago. I began to cry only to hear them laughing. Sandy said that I will be like this for a while and then he will be wearing panties and some little girl outfits. Tara said she had to go but I am sure some of the women from the office will be wanting to come see her she then tried to correct herself and Sandy said no you can call him her because that is what she will be since she does not have the capabilities to get it hard again. Then Sandy said I guess I should not have said that but it is true she is a real girl now. I put my hand in my diaper and felt it was shrinking.

I will write more soon I am now in my teens according to Auntie Sandy and Auntie Carol. I am now dating Betty.

Tammy Baby

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