from Jerry

Dear Auntie Helga,

When my wife first talked to me about letting her have some fun dressing me like a woman I thought it was a passing fancy. Yes I went along with her like a good hubby. She shaved me, painted me and plucked me so I did start to look feminine. It wasn't long before I spent more time wearing my women's clothes than my men's clothes with my wife loving what she had done to me. There was several times I tried to stop it with little or no success. Somehow my wife knew everything to do and say to keep me looking female. I was feeling she was in control and I was losing control more and more.

Darlene convinced me to wear a chastity device she bought made out of stainless steel. We still made love but it was on her schedule and not mine. I thought it was all about Darlene having fun until I realized she was working on a plan she read online about sissymaids. I had no idea what a sissymaid was only having heard the term recently. Before I knew it Darlene had purchased a pink sissy dress for me and I was wearing it for her. She bought me high heels and high ones at that which I now have to wear daily.

Over just a few months my wife had take me from husband to sissymaid and she wasn't finished. Last week she sat me down to show me several feminized sissymaids. As we looked at the pictures I noticed some had breasts, some had no balls and some had neither balls or a penis. It scared the hell out of me that I married the woman I loved and she wanted to make me into one of those sissymaids. I was already her sissymaid but with my male parts and without female parts.

The next day I started to read online to find out what to do when I found your website. As I read your website I never found any sissymaids without balls or a penis or not any with breasts. When I shared my findings with Darlene it didn't make any difference with her what was on your website or any other website I found. She told me straight out I was going to be feminized by losing my penis and balls first then I was going to have breasts added. When I started to cry my wife held me only to let me know it was going to be just fine as many husbands have already been corrected and soon it will be my turn too.

Auntie Helga I know you support this lifestyle and I'm not trying to convince you about me as my wife's sissymaid. She talked me into it and played her cards just right. I just don't want to have stuff cut off and stuff added. Is there anything I can do? Do other women now a day's also correct their husbands? Are there any dangers? I'm talking like it's going to happen but sure hope you can tell me a way to get out of it.


Thank you for your letter Jerry. Even though you may not have seen references to this type of corrective surgery in the current letters, we have published others in the past that did. It is far more common than people realize and many wives are so much happier after helping their husbands to become their feminized sissymaid. That said, we do not offer medical opinions about this rather radical procedure, we suggest caution and professional advice.

Auntie Helga

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