from Sissy Kelsey

Dear Auntie Helga,

My wife and I have followed your website for a while with an interest in Mistress and sissymaid role playing. We were both convinced most of what we read on the internet was just people's fantasies. With that in mind we finally decided to try it out a little at a time. My wife outfitted me with all the clothing and I shaved myself as clean as a babies bum. Penny dared me to have my ears pierced so she bought me earrings after my ears healed up. We played with the idea for a few days a week then increased it to more of a fulltime thing. Penny pushed me further to see just how real it could become after reading about couples who claimed to live it in a real way.

My hair grew long enough for Penny to cut and style it the way she thought a real sissymaid would wear it. She looked after my nails and even did my makeup every morning until I learned. Over a period of a few months Penny determined in order to make it even more real I was placed in chastity. It was a strange feeling the night she slipped a device over my penis. I stood there all dressed in my sissymaid clothes with my panties pulled down and my dress held out of the way. The device was cold and it took away any erection I thought of having when the lock clicked closed. Penny teased me about the reality of it so far and I had to agree with her it was sinking in more. In our minds or at least mine it was only a game to see how real we were willing to make it.

I spent my days looking after all the domestic tasks Penny used to do while Penny was at work. One Friday night Penny and I went over the steps taken compared to what we read on the internet. We both agreed it could be fantasy for some couples and there was a chance some could be real based on our own progress. Penny wanted to go further into it instead of stopping and never knowing my feelings of what could have been a real test. That night Penny introduced me to anal sex with a fair sized strapon she bought based on internet stories. It wasn't something I wanted to know about but Penny insisted our test had to include strapon training for her to feel the power of a Mistress and for me as a sissymaid. The first few times it hurt so bad but Penny was gentle until she thought I was ready for more.

I noticed Penny's tone changed when I was kept in chastity and she used her strapon on me. I found myself becoming more submissive to Penny and her responding to it more and more. We spent less time talking about fantasy and more time talking about reality. Penny was still interested in what we started but showed signs of wanting it to stay real. There were several topics we hadn't tried of talked about according to Penny, One of them was laser or wax hair removal done by most of the wives and or Mistresses we read about. The next thing I knew Penny had arranged both for me as part of the test. I wanted to know if we should consider stopping the game but Penny told me not yet otherwise she would never know the reality of having a real sissymaid husband.

In my mind I had passed in flying colors based on my duties and appearance. It took weeks to have all the hair burned off of me and waxed a few times in others. Penny was pleased with the results as she told me it was money well spent. She kept the pressure on in all areas to see if I would finally beg her to stop. Penny also got more aggressive when she used her strapon. She yelled things at me while fucking me hard like you love it don't you and you want to be my fulltime sissymaid don't you? We hadn't talked about fulltime at any point but it became clear to me the game changed from its beginnings. Penny was much stronger and I was more submissive which we both were aware of finally. I wanted to know how far Penny would push me as part of the test and she wanted confirmation she could do it.

We sat together one night after I had completed my tasks for the day to go over our findings. I was dressed in a pink sissy dress while Penny was dressed in black leather. It was the first time I felt the power shift and I mean I really felt it. We talked about the progress of the test and my progress as a sissymaid. Penny felt there were a few more things she wanted to try to determine just how real the lifestyle could be for us. In my mind it had become more real than I ever expected by my appearance alone. I looked feminine and dressed the part so how much real did it have to be. Penny had more to add that I remembered other Mistresses or wives do. I gave Penny my car keys, wallet and banking information to render me helpless without her. It scared me more than putting on panties but it had always been part of the test. Penny asked me about my feelings so I let her know it scared me to hand them over. She wrote that down and smiled to let me know that was on the real side and not the fantasy side then. I agreed it was a real feeling of helplessness.

As with each step Penny allowed a couple of weeks for it to sink in to my head then we talked about the results. We both agreed Penny was more of a Mistress than when we began and I was so submissive she saw fear in my eyes at times which proved more real than fantasy once again. We talked about the laser part and how I felt not having to shave ever again. Penny wanted to know how a permanent change affected me after the fact. She went on to ask me about my clothes from wearing a bra all the time to wearing heels all day. On a 1-10 scare I rated all of the items from clothing to makeup and even hair. Penny wanted me to explain to her the best and worst part of the test to date. She asked me if I had to live as her sissymaid could I do it like many others say they have done. My answer was yes I could if I had to since I had already been living as one. The next words out of Penny's mouth horrified me the most of all.

She softly said that was good to hear since she was going to keep me as her sissymaid from then on. I thought she was kidding and I questioned what about the test. Penny looked at me then whispered the test was successful and she agreed it was possible to be real and not just fantasy. I teared up with the feeling Penny wasn't kidding and I was going to be her fulltime sissymaid. I tried to convince her it was only a test and we agreed all along it was but Penny wanted it to be real weeks ago. Penny gave me examples of stories we read and how they affected her. The thought of being Penny's sissymaid ran through my head as she talked to me about how proud she was of my progress. I tried one more time to reason with Penny but it was no use and I knew it. Penny made it as real as she could and as such she determined the time had come to make it permanent. Penny explained to me it was an experiment that could have created permanent effects which we both agreed in the beginning. The test did make changes to Penny as she learned how to be dominant and for me I showed her a submissive behavior which was new to her.

We never planned anything permanent and even talked about it along the way to be sure. Then when Penny began using her strapon on me things changed in her mind and mine too. Penny explained to me the power shift that happened wasn't reversible as she always thought it would be. My submissive behavior attracted her more without me knowing so Penny gained strength mentally as I became more and more submissive. Penny noticed every time she ordered me to do something my head went down as I had a hard time of making direct eye contact. My behavior was made Penny stronger and it also excited her as a Mistress. Penny found my clothing, hair, makeup and sissymaid role affected me mentally without me knowing it but she noticed it every day. The test to see if women were able to actually emasculate and feminize a man to live as a real sissymaid showed her by her own doing it was very much possible. Penny told me she made me become a sissy and as such I was destined to stay as such.

Auntie Helga, I'm afraid my wife Penny has gone farther than the experiment was intended or the point of no return. I will be the first to admit the content on your website is real after we followed many of the procedures in the letters. We both knew the risks of testing the process in the beginning so I am not here to cry about what happened. I discovered the real power of my wife and other women. Penny booked me to have a Prince Albert penis piercing and a sissy tattoo above my penis just as many other Mistresses have done. Her intentions to fully feminize me are also on the list she keeps in her purse. Things Penny didn't want to do before have changed to do items for her. I believe Penny wants to go as far with me as possible and that scares me some.

So Auntie Helga for those who don't think Mistresses are real or sissymaids are real I would argue with them as I'm living proof it's all real.

I'm not sure if anyone else has tested the process or tested their wives or husbands. Maybe many have but I haven't read about any lately. We love your website and thank you for doing what you do.

Sissy Kelsey

Thank you for your letter Sissy Kelsey and for your kind words about the site. So the test was a great success and you passed with flying colors and I am so happy for the both of you. To those readers searching for validation, this letter, as are so many others, from real people either testing the waters or living this amazing lifestyle fulltime.

Auntie Helga

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