Letter 4
From Irene S.
Dear Susan,

I have just found your site. I thought I was the only person doing this. My husband is typing this letter under my instructions. We have been married for 28 years and he has been petticoated for 30 years. My husband is not a transvestite and would gladly not wear female clothing. I want to tell you about now, but will write again if you wish to know how it started.

My husband is a big six foot man, but has always been under my control. I found that when not petticoated he returns to being the rude selfish male. Using petticoating and good old fashion spanking, he becomes loving and obedient. Things changed when the children came along, but he still did all the housework, and had to wear knickers under his clothes all the time, and was still spanked when the children were not around.

I promised him that when the children left things would change. That was a year ago and change they did. This is how his life is now. He is not allowed to wear trousers in the house except when visitors call. His knickers are all big and frilly, most are bloomer style made in silk or nylon in pinks and other girlish colours. He has to tuck his male clothes into his knickers. After 30 years I still can't stop laughing when I see him and he still goes bright red and can't look at me. Picture him standing there in his shirt tucked into frilly pink bloomers, and with socks and shoes.

I have a housework routine pinned up in the kitchen detailing what work is done everyday. When doing the housework he has to dress in a French maids' uniform and behave as a servant (curtsy when ever he sees me or I give him instruction, and he is not allowed to speak without permission). At 6pm every night he must be washed and in his nightwear. This can be his pink pyjamas, short pink nightdress or a baby doll set. It is at this time I will punish him.

Punishments are straight forward: I will spank him 3 to 4 times a week even if he has been good. I spank him as if he was a child. Knickers down, and over my knee and with a strap or hairbrush on his bottom and tights. I use the strap more, this is because it hurts, makes his bottom a lovely red colour, and does not cause too much damage so he can be spanked often. After a spanking he will then sent to the corner for 15 minutes with his knickers down.

I hope this letter was not too long. If you would like I will write again on how this all started. Other than a couple of mistakes none of our friends know what my husband goes through, but think I am a lucky girl to have such a loving house husband, but he knows that if he ever tried to changed my way of life his secret would be out.

Thank you Irene; you are obviously doing a very good job, as is hubby! I would not spank him too hard, as I think that petticoating is a much more effective discipline, but standing in the corner with his knickers down is an excellent idea. Making him wear a long flouncy nightdress to bed ensures that you have full control there as well.

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