from Sharron

Dear Helga,

A lot has happened since I last wrote to you last June. My Daughter Michele moved out 8 months ago and is at university over 100 miles away now. My sister Michele and mother have completely turned my cross dressing son into the perfect daughter full time. Well that is what I used to believe. I now strongly believe they have helped him/her to discover who she/he actually is. She is now on hormone treatment and her breasts are growing and with all the deportment training she has received she is now a proper beautiful young madam. She has now ditched Jackson for good and only accepts she is Janet 24/7. Even if Michele and mum have changed her into this lovely lady from some boy who just wanted to be a closet CD I still would think its a wonderful thing. Janet is a proper feminine lady she only wears dresses or tops and skirts like me. She does own some women's jeans but she likes to show off her legs.

We have now forgotten that drawer knickers thief image. I just think of her now as my beautifully changed daughter. I suppose that's what she was always meant to be. I just have 2 wonderful daughters now who I am proud of.

As for my hubby Peter well after Michele moved out Mother and my sister have really took advantage on him. They started coming round a lot when I was out or at work. For the first few weeks they helped him do all the house chores and even cooked him meals.They apologized to him for that night when they took him by force as a woman in a prom dress to their party. He forgave them and said lets put it behind us.

Then I resized he was not accepting our new daughter for who she is. He passed an insulting remark to her when he did not realize i were there. The next day while he was driving us to the stores he made a sexist joke about women drivers. We were all not pleased.

When we arrived back home Peter fell asleep on the sofa. Sister very carefully took one of his socks off. I could tell by the look on both of their faces what was going to come. She painted his toe nails red. just as she was taking his second sock off he woke up. He did not notice what she had done and asked why we were smiling and laughing at him. Mum then pointed at his painted toe nails and asked him why has he done his nails red. He embarrassingly complained that he knew nothing about it. Mum then told him you don't have be like that. Implying we did not believe him. They both then taunted him for about 10 minutes. He asked for some nail varnish remover. I left the room for some. But they then became very assertive towards him. When I arrived back they had painted his other toe nails on his other foot. They had overpowered him mentally. Has much as he hated losing his pride and masculinity. He could do nothing to resist. One kept talking to him very nice as though he were a young girl. While the other was strict with him. The mental effect on him actually made him feel wrong if he disobeyed.

All his clothes were then removed by them. He stood there completely naked as they tormented him about his small manhood. They sneered that he might as well be a girl anyway with what he only had. He then looked at me with embarrassment and said are you going to allow them to do this? He then made a run for it. But the only escape he had was through the back door into the garden. I went onto the garden and shouted Peter and found him hiding behind our shed. I told him to stop being so stupid and that any neighbor might see him starkers. I grabbed his hand and told him to be a man and to stand up to them.

However as soon as we were back in doors he froze Michele sister laughed at him and sneered you haven't got anything for anyone to look at anyway! He than ashamedly then picked up a weapon and told them to leave. I then grabbed hold of him calmed him down and told him not to be so stupid. As soon as I made him apologize Mother said to him never mind darling we have seen you like this before and we will redress you back with a giggle. She then placed him in some pretty knickers. Followed by a heavy padded bra. I then went out and came back after 20 minutes. later when he was in the full female attire. Wearing one of sisters old dresses. Put a long haired wig on him and was in process of having his makeup done. When they had finished even I would have mistaken him for a woman if I didn't know what had happened. He looked at me very embarrassed. I Looked at him in a disapproving way and called him sissy.

This occurrence is now quite regular now. On average now twice a week.They strip him then turn him into a woman, mock him and give him a combination of mild to moderate humiliation, talk to him as though he is a young girl and talk to him in a baby voice telling him how pretty he is and being very patronizing. He seams powerless to stop them. He asked me to stop them If I wanted. I told him I will not and its up to him to do that.

I don't have an interest in any of this. I keep telling him that he is a wimp and a stupid sissy. But I also see some advantages as well. All this has made him somehow accept his Son's situation now as a young lady. I also believe that there must be a need or a purpose for this as it just keeps happening and he is failing to resist for some reason. It did bother me a little to start with that they don't even give him any privacy when they strip him naked. But I soon got over that. Sister Michele and Mum will be quite welcome to come and do what ever they want to him for as long as they want if he will not stand up to them.

Ten pairs of knickers his size and 2 nighties have been donated by Mother. She wants him to wear the knickers under his normal clothes during the day and a night dress to bed. I put them in his drawers but up to now he has declined to wear. When they are not present he just says he will not put anything like that on. However I now call him Petra or sissy all the time.


Thank you for your letter Sharron. How wonderful to have two daughters now, you are so right about helping her to discover her true self, taking the knickers was an outward sign of her innermost desires, when really she wanted to be one of us.

Peter on the hand seems to be receiving his just deserts and will be joining the sissy club soon, well deserved I feel with his callus behaviour. The advantages could be plentiful for you, not only a better person in respect to your delightful new daughter but a new found submissive attitude towards you, pretty hard to be all macho while wearing bra and knickers. What are your plans for him? Maid?


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