By Lesley with Art by Castre
Penelope was on maid duty one afternoon, busily ironing in his pretty lilac "afternoon" maid costume as I watched TV, when I asked him if he had remembered to get some money for me on his way home as I was going out for the evening with some girlfriends. He shamefacedly admitted he had forgotten, and then had the nerve to suggest I "pop out to the bank myself"! I was very annoyed with him "no" I replied" I asked you to go and as you've been so cheeky you'll go now - dressed exactly as you are"! He looked horrified, "of course I'll go, but I can't go like this" he stammered looking down at his lovely maid costume with its mass of petticoats and full, frilly pinny.

I put on my sternest dominatrix expression, "You can - and you will" I snapped, "come on, off we go"! He started to protest but the idea, which had come to me out of the blue, suddenly was very appealing. I turned off the TV and ushered him into the hall. It seemed like he was almost in a trance "I can't, I really can't" he wailed.

This was a chance to really push the boundaries and I wasn't going to be denied. My uncompromising attitude soon overcame his reluctance and I told him to hurry up. "He looked at me appealingly "let me at least take my hat and pinny off" he beseeched. "Hat yes, but the pinny stays on" I said and led him out on to the drive and into the car before he could argue further.

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He quickly removed his lacy maid's hat as we made the short drive into the nearby town and pulled into the supermarket's underground car park where a young couple were using the ATM machine by the store entrance. I handed him my handbag with his bank card, "out you go then, don't hang about" "Oh please, can't we at least wait until they've finished" Time for a firm hand again, "Out, now, If you'd done what I asked you wouldn't be here now, this will remind you to be more thoughtful in the future" He still looked reluctant "if you don't go now I'm going to start blowing the horn and attracting a lot of attention, would you like that?" Realising I was serious he needed no further prompting and was soon mincing prettily across to the ATM, trying his best to look girly!

He was trying desperately to hide his pinny, but it was, of course, still very visible, as were his petticoats which he struggled to control as the stiff breeze caught them! He was, despite his best efforts, very obviously dressed as a very feminine Ladies Maid! Fortunately for him the couple finished their business and moved away without, apparently, noticing him. As he stood at the machine with his hands occupied on the keyboard another gust of wind blew his skirts and petticoats, giving a spectacular view of his stocking tops, just as a group of ladies, who looked as if they were definitely "ladies that lunch" rounded the corner by the machine. They stood surprised for a moment, then burst out laughing as they took in the scene. Looking curious they moved closer, at which point, I realised, it would have dawned on them that they were looking at a man dressed as a maid - brilliant.

I wound down the window to hear better what was going on. At the very moment they "made" him he got the money and started to hurry back to the car, accompanied by the sound of wolf whistles and comments like "your petticoats are showing" and "lovely pinny dear". Just as he neared the car one of the ladies called out "you've forgotten your receipt" holding the small piece of paper aloft. He looked at me appealingly, "I don't know, your memory's getting awful - go back and get it, and don't forget to thank the lady - properly" I said with a meaningful look. To my further amusement I noticed that one of the women had produced her mobile phone and was filming him! I watched in great amusement as he trotted back, horrified as he realised he was being caught on camera, and, to the hilarity of the ladies, curtsied prettily as he thanked them - I thought they would collapse laughing, they certainly had a story to tell their friends that night! By which time I, once again, was enjoying the attentions of a very aroused maid in our bedroom!

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