The Rubberist's Diary

'Alone alone with Polly and Nanny Ema' Part Two

I was finally released and dragged to my feet by Polly. "Well you certainly took quite a lot!" Giggled Nanny. I flinched as Polly patted, smacked and pinched my naked and well striped cheeks several times. "Right, let's get you into a nice cold steel urine catheter and tight rubber penis sheath with long rubber urine tube and bottle, so that we can keep a very close eye and full control of your urination. Then securely nappied and into nice heavy and frilly rubber baby pants with the very tightest waist and leg elastic. I think you will feel properly 'rubbered' in these, you rubber sissy baby. You shall then be put into frilly rubber bibbed dungarees and the frilliest lace trimmed very short pink satin baby dress we can find. This worn over several nice heavy and stiff rustling petticoats. Again so very cruelly short that plenty of your frilly rubbers will show at all times. You shall have the urine bottle strapped to your right ankle so that we can see just how well you are wetting, once we have started dosing you with lots of diuretic and hormones from your rubber teat!" Nanny and Polly quickly set to work on me.

Pushed naked on my back onto the rubber sheeted bed, the two women set about me with much enthusiasm. They were greatly enjoying themselves forcing a rather arrogant boy into full regression. A huge rubber feeding dummy was forced into my mouth. It completely filled my mouth, being strapped securely in place. I was now unable to talk at all. Frequent dosing from the rubber teat of the large baby bottle had already now started in earnest. I choked and dribbled as I felt the effects of the diuretic and powerful hormones began to take me over.

My brief dream state was quickly over as the thick cold steel urine duct catheter was forced deeply into my erect penis by Nanny. I shuddered and shivered uncontrollably all over at this brutal intrusion. "You'll soon be used to the discipline of the catheter, sissy baby!" Nanny said as she cruelly applied more pepper cream from her rubber gloved hands, covering all of my genitals and finally ensuring that my penis was fully and so painfully erect, and already discharging some urine before Polly pulled a thin and very coarse nappy under me. This was very tightly pinned in place with the rubber urine tube passing beneath the upper right thigh. The small tap in the rubber tube now firmly turned off to prevent any urination.

And then, after even more dosing from the rubber teat, I felt the unique sensation of the cold and clammy red hospital frilly rubber baby pants being very firmly pulled up over my legs by Nanny's firm hands. With the rubber tube passing out again from the upper right thigh. The small tap remaining tightly closed now until Nanny and Polly allowed me closely controlled and limited passage of urine. A very effective form of discipline for a big sissy baby boy indeed. The rubber baby pants were jerked up so very high up my waist, the extreme tightness of the extra wide waist and leg elastic making me gasp and moan. "Nicely rubbered, eh sissy!" Nanny laughed. Nanny chuckled as she then thrust her rubber gloved hand inside the front of the rubbers and nappy, giving my tortured genitals a final tease before letting the waist elastic go with a loud smack against me.

I was then jerked into the heavy and similar red rubber bibbed dungarees. The rubber tube passing to my right ankle where it was attached to the glass urine bottle strapped tightly in place. I shivered as I felt the tube now pulled and adjusted tightly by Nanny, so that my penis was now pulled forward and hard against the inside of the nappy and rubbers. "Just you wait until we walk you sissy baby. We'll soon see just how you like trying to walk for us!" My urge to urinate was now becoming ever more intense, I shivered and shuddered all over. I was now jerked to my feet by Nanny. Polly pulled the rubber dungarees up high and buckled the wide rubber shoulder straps to the large rubber bib at the front. "Good and tight Polly!" Nanny ordered with a broad grin. Polly jerked the straps so tightly that I would have pleaded her to stop, was I not unable to speak due to the rubber filling my mouth. "Another good dose Polly dear!" Nanny ordered.

I was pushed again onto my back onto the rubber sheeted bed, Polly now sitting on me in order for an extra large dose from the baby's bottle. I was so very aware that my genitals were now plainly visible, thrust so very hard inside the nappy and rubbers. I was dosed over and over by Polly until I coughed and choked. "Well Polly, let's give our rubber sissy a taste of urine control discipline, eh my dear?" Said Nanny. I felt Nanny's fingers at the rubber urine tube tap, turning it to the open position. With my bladder so very full, my urine raced to the bottle. Nanny so cruelly pulled hard on the rubber tube causing me agony as my penis was pulled forwards. Polly joined in on with this punishment with much delight. With a heavy wooden paddle, she began to further chastise my genitals through the thin nappy and rubbers.'

'In a state of total submission I was again pulled to my feet and still filling the glass bottle with painful and sudden discharges of urine. Standing now upright, the tightness of the firmly strapped rubber dungarees was a further discipline. Another wardrobe was opened and I was soon being stepped into two very heavy and ridiculously short petticoats, and then a similar pink satin baby dress trimmed with layers of frills and lace. My hems were deliberately kept as short as possible so that plenty of my rubbers would show at all times. A huge matching pink satin baby bonnet trimmed with frills and lace was put upon my head, and tied in place with a large bow under my chin. Polly put bootees on my feet as Nanny strapped a heavy red rubber bib onto me. I was then strapped into a heavy leather baby harness with long reins. My wrists were strapped at my sides before a wide leather crotch strap was jerked between my legs.

This immediately became an intense ordeal. Nanny and Polly were delighted at the very sight of me, now completely sissified as their rubber baby. I stood shivering before them, in total submission and any boyish thoughts now long departed. "Our sissy rubber baby now needs to feel the full effect of his lovely rubbers!" Chuckled Nanny as she turned up the old gas fire fully. "Grasp the reins dear Polly and walk our sissy good and hard around the Nursery. Let's just see how long sissy will manage this!" Nanny chuckled. "Get walking, sissy rubber baby!" Polly ordered with a hard tug of the reins.

Every step I began to take caused agony. The increasing heat made my rubbers take full effect, the strong rubber smell filling the room. The glass urine bottle was now nearly full and heavy. It jerked my penis ever harder inside the nappy and rubbers, until I felt the very early rush of intense orgasm that completely took me over and over and over again. I fell to my knees in total submission, aware of Polly and Nanny standing over me with a great satisfaction. "Now then my dear Polly. I think it is certainly time for our big sissy rubber baby to have some high chair time!" Cackled Nanny with a loud smack of her rubber apron clad thighs.

They dragged me to my feet and soon had me strapped into the old fashioned high chair. My wrists, ankles and waist were so tightly secured that I could barely move. Nanny turned the urine tap off so that I would soon fill my bladder again and be fully under their control. Polly set about dosing me with frequent sessions with the large baby bottle. The effect of the diuretic had already taken me over, leaving me with a loss of urinary control. The hormones also were having full effect. My testicles felt sore and bloated as my penis strained ever harder. Spells of now denied urination now caused an intense and sudden sensations of early orgasm making me shiver uncontrollably all over. Polly and Nanny had me exactly where and as they wanted me.

I drifted off into a dream state, but was aware of being released from the high chair and being secured into a pushchair. A heavy rubber raincover was pulled over me, leaving me fully enclosed in rubber. The glass urine bottle was left in full view, however. A long walk in public was to follow. On our return home, various mature German lady friends of Nanny were to visit to inspect me. Her rubber mackintosh lady friends. My ordeal continued late into the night with us all ascending to the bathroom where I was stripped naked for a cold scrubbing, enema and hard paddling. Then finally to the Nursery for more rubber 'fun' with my female rubber clad disciplinarians.'

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