I owned a large manufacturing company and as you can imagine I had a lot of concerns about the economy and how I was going to keep things running and keeping all my employees on board. Just keeping up with the orders that needed filing was going to be tough as the cost of materials were soaring. I guess Sandy, my secretary, was seeing my stress level soaring also as I tried to keep things afloat.

One day just as the men were getting off for the day she walked in my office and said she needed to talk to me. I was shocked hoping she wasn't going to tell me she had a better job offer. I don't think I could run the company without her. Sandy began with Mr Jones you have been under a lot of stress of late what with your wife's passing only a year ago and you having all the problems you have with cash flow, I think you need something that will help you relax. Not knowing what she had in mind I said I sure could use any way to get this stress off of me. Sandy told me about a website I should take a peek at. It was Petticoat Discipline Quarterly I said that is silly why would that help me. She said try it and we can talk tomorrow. She left the office and off for home.

I opened the website and read several of the letters. I was soon feeling for the first time in a long while my manhood getting hard just reading about men who let women or needed women to be in control. The night was filled with thoughts of how this could come about. The next morning Sandy came into my office and said what did you think of the website. I said it was very good. But how can I get help with that. She reached into her pocket and took out a pair of pink lacy panties and said put these on and call me when you have them on, she said no one but she would ever have to know.

I sat at my desk for a long while before removing my pants and my own underwear and putting on the ones she handed me. No sooner had I got them on and I felt so relaxed, but nervous also. I waited for a few minutes before calling Sandy who by the way was two years older than I. She came in and said yes sir. I said I did it, she said did what sir. I said I put them on and she said then you should know that when we are alone you must call me Mistress or Ma'am. I said sorry this is all new to me, and I said I have the panties on Ma'am. She said good girl now let mistress see her sissy boys pretty panties. I felt my face turn red as I opened my pants and she said drop them sissy. I let my pants fall to the floor and she walked around me and said my you do look very pretty in the pink panties Sissy. I found myself saying thank you Ma'am. She said now we have work to do. She handed me a list of things that had to get done that day and a note that I was to read after I finished my work.

With all the calls made and other things done I opened the note. The note read "You will be at my house at seven, and you will be wearing the panties. By the way those are the ones I wore the day before so they have my smell on them and now you have the smell of me on you. You upon arrival at my house knock and then just come in and remove all of your clothes except of course your panties. Every minute that you are late you will receive one swat with my paddle on your sissy butt. Your Mistress".

As soon as the day was done I went to my house and showered and put the panties back on then put on my male clothes over them. I was five minutes late because of traffic and as I drove to her house I watched the time on my car's clock. I felt my penis getting harder with each passing minute as well as cussing the other drivers for delaying my arrival. When I knocked and walked in Sandy met me she was wearing all black, panties, stockings, tall high heeled boots, bra and what looked like a corset. She had a paddle in her hand and was looking very upset with my tardiness.

She said do not look at me, look at the floor you are my sissy slave and slaves do not look at their Mistress. I said yes Mistress. She told me to go to the chair in the middle of the room. I walked to it, and she came and sat in the chair. She told me to lay over her lap. I was like a little child knowing what was about to happen. She said you will count each swat and say thank you after each one. She rubbed the paddle over my panties and then suddenly it was in the air and then contacted with my ass. I yelled and said one thank you Mistress. This went on for five swats. I was truly crying like a baby. She pulled me unto her lap sitting hugging me and me hugging her and for the first time in years I was crying not only from the paddling but I had closed up my feelings for years. I could not stop and Mistress kept consoling me and patting my butt and then she said lets go she took my hand and we went to her bedroom. We lay on the bed and she continued to hold me. The next thing I knew it was morning and we were laying with my belly to her back. She awoke about the same time as me and it being Saturday she said just lay there and went and brought coffee for her and myself.

We had a long relationship before we got married and the business is going good. Do I still live as her sissy? Yes and she is a wonderful Mistress and still works for me during the day. I did find by her guidance my way back from a very depressing time and I thank PDQ for the letters and for showing men that we too need women, as well men need to find their female side. She still spanks me now and then when I start going off course and I wear panties everyday. In fact I don't own any men's underwear. By the way my sissy name is Christy.

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