I am only doing this because my wife told me that if I did not she would tell on me. Here it goes. I was home alone one day when my wife had to work and I had a day off. I was watching television when I saw a movie on and a guy was dressed like a woman and he had to care for some kids and do all of the house work. I thought what a big ass sissy he has to be. It seemed like something pulled me to the bedroom before long. I was in the bedroom and decided to take a shower when I noticed my wives razor and her girly stuff to shave her legs and I wanted to see how that felt so I shaved my legs and went on to my private parts. Suddenly I thought what would my wife say. I don't know why I did not think of that before I did it.

When I got out of the shower I went to put on some clean clothes since I had showered. I noticed that all of my underwear was in the laundry. I went back in the bathroom to get the ones I had on and noticed I had left the shower curtain out of the tub and my shorts were wet. I went to the laundry room hoping to find some clean ones there, only to see they were in the washer and also wet. I went back to the bedroom and found that my wife had gotten home early. She saw my naked body. Her eyes got big when she saw what I had shaved. I told her about the movie and how I had just went to shower and saw her stuff and what else happened.

My wife said she was pissed and that she did not want to be with a wimp that would do such a thing just because I thought the guy was a sissy for wearing women's clothes. She ask if I was a sissy I said no way she ask if I was sure. I said no way am I a sissy. She said lets find out. She walked to her dresser and took out a pair of purple satin panties. She twirled them on her finger and said are you a sissy I said no but my penis said something else. She pointed at my penis and said are you sure sissy. I for some reason started to feel tears running down my cheeks. She came to me and hugged me and said is my sissy crying. I then started to really cry and she rubbed the panties on my butt as she hugged me. I almost exploded when she said here baby girl put them on for mommy.

You have to understand I am a fireman and I am well built from working out in the gym at the fire house. Here I am crying and sliding purple panties on myself while she smiles at me. She then ask what else do sissies wear. I said bras, don't even ask me why I said that but I did. She got out a matching purple bra. She helped me put it on. Then she got out one of her nighties that was satin and it was pink. She helped me into it.

She took me to the laundry room and took out all of my shorts and said here as she handed me a pair of scissors she said cut them up for mommy. I said but I can't I have to wear them for work, she agreed because I could lose my job and said okay but if you do not do as I say you will have to cut them up. I said okay and she said Okay who? I said okay mommy. She said what do you think the other firemen would say if I told them about today. I said they would humiliate me to death. Mandy then said you can help mommy do the house work now can't you baby girl. I said yes mommy. I was soon doing the house work every night that I was home.

Mandy would call me at work and say things like how is mommies girl today. I would say Okay and she would say okay who? I would say Okay mommy. When I saw her name on the phone I knew it was time to walk away and talk to her. She would give me instructions as to what she wanted me to do for her. One day she called me about noon and said did you eat lunch yet. I said no thinking she might be in the area and wanted to catch lunch as she often did. She said I would not open my lunch box in front of the guys if I were you. When she hung up I took my lunch box aside and opened it to find a note and some pink satin panties. The note said to change at the fire house and put these on and meet me at my mother house.

We seldom went to her mother's so I wondered what was up. When I got there Mandy said her mother knew about me and my sissy life. My face went red she had said it right in front of her mother who did not like me at all. I swallowed hard as her mother said let me see your pretty panties sissy fireman. I looked at Mandy and she said Connie take down your pants and show mother your pretty panties. I took them down slow hoping she would rescind but she did not. When my pants hit the floor she said I always knew there was something about you. I said can I put them up now? She said you forgot to call me mommy so the answer is no. I said please mommy. She said tell mother you want her to see your pretty panties. I said Mother I want you to see my pretty panties. Mother said well then take off the pants completely so I can see them. then she made me turn around and around for her to see me in my sissy panties.

Before to many days I was going to mother's to do house work for her also. My life has been hell since then. Mommies sister Sara found out and I was doing things for her to. They like to make me dress in little girl outfits and maids outfits and even smutty thing and dance on a pole that mother had me install in her basement. It has become a big thing for several of Mandy's and mother and others to make me dance for them like a girl in a nudie bar.

Since mother is very wealthy I have had to quit my job and be a full time sissy for them. I am no longer allowed to wear men's underwear even to the doctor because the doctor is a female and she knows about me being their sissy. She often checks my prostrate in front of mommy and mother and Auntie Sara. Mother said I would make a wonderful baby if I don't walk the line. They have several movies of me in my sissy outfits and they promise to share them if I don't mind my manners.

Sissy Connie X fireman

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