from Sally

Dear Auntie Helga,

I made a very bad mistake by cheating on my wife 6 months ago which I am deeply sorry for doing. It happened once when I was away on business with a woman who went after me. I thought my secret was safe until my wife was doing my taxes looking over all the receipts. Stupid me kept all the receipts from the hotel bar showing the drinks instead of just the credit card slip. My wife picked up on several drinks she knew I didn't like. I didn't know at the time how Darlene knew I was with someone until after I admitted the truth. Needless to say Darlene was pissed and wouldn't talk to me for a few days.

One day after work when I came home Darlene was ready to talk and she put a chastity device on my penis. She told me I wasn't going to use my penis ever again with her or anyone else. I had been wearing the chastity device for 3 months and tried several times to take it off with no success. Darlene started milking me once a week while I was on all fours in the nude. I have been on my best behavior ever since but Darlene made it clear she wasn't finished punishing me for cheating on her. Darlene bought me pink panties to wear getting rid of all my boxers daring me to try to cheat on her again. I didn't say anything knowing Darlene wasn't finished with me.

She bought me a couple of bras with huge silicone breasts as she found out the woman I cheated on her with was big breasted. Every night after work Darlene waited for me to come home then as she watched I put on a bra with the huge silicone breasts. Darlene forced me to shave my entire body as another way for me to never cheat on her again. She would hit me with a stick every time I took too long to do something or challenged her in any way. One night after work Darlene showed me a new sissy dress she bought for me to wear as she announced I was to be her sissymaid from then on. The more I pleaded to her the more she ignored me showing me just how badly I hurt her by cheating.

One night Darlene bent me over the bed lifting my sissy dress, pulling down my panties and began fucking me with a strapon. As Darlene fucked me I cried as it hurt. When I cried no she laughed letting me know too bad and kept at it. Today I am off work so Darlene gave me a list of chores to do while she is out shopping. My life has changed with Darlene as my Mistress and no longer my wife. She doesn't want anything to do with us as a couple any longer. I was given a choice, be her sissymaid or get out leaving everything behind. Darlene bought me female hormones that she gives me every morning which will eventually cause my penis to shrink and my boobs to grow. Darlene told me if I ever told anyone she would have my penis and balls removed in my sleep. I've lost my friends with Darlene telling anyone calling for me I'm being punished for cheating on her.

When her girlfriends come here they all treat me like a sissymaid where they used to be my friends too. One night away from home with a strange woman caused me to lose my life as it was with Darlene. Now the highlights of my life are cleaning, laundry and cooking for Darlene. I had no idea Darlene had such a mean streak in her or would become a Mistress and I her sissymaid. No matter how many times I have said sorry for cheating none of it mattered to Darlene. I am her sissymaid and will stay that way until I die. One mistake in my life caused all of this and I have no one to blame but myself. Darlene told me she will see to it I get all the fucking I ever wanted only with her strapon and not my penis.

For the number of letters you must get Auntie Helga where women are happy and sissymaids too here is one where I was forced to be my wife' sissymaid not for fun but for revenge against me. As a woman I don't expect you to disagree with Darlene in any way. As a sissymaid I understand why Darlene has taken this approach even though I don't like it. I don't want to lose my penis or grow breasts but that choice isn't up to me. I used to have freedom but because of my cheating Darlene has taken my freedom and has control of my destiny. She wants to show me what a mistake I made by stripping me of my manhood. So far she is doing a good job and I know she will succeed.

I look at my penis everyday wishing it wasn't locked in a cage. My nipples grow tender from the hormones letting me know breasts will begin to grow showing Darlene her plan is working as she gains more strength over me. Once a day when I look in the mirror at myself all dressed in pink satin with my legs all smooth under stockings a tear comes to my eye as I tell myself what a foolish thing I did to Darlene. Minutes later Darlene calls me to get busy and stop wasting time.

My name is sissymaid Sally and this is my story.

Thank you for your letter Sissymaid Sally. That was a terrible thing to do to her and it seems only right that your beautiful wife is taking it seriously. This is an opportunity for you to show her how much you really love her and are willing to sacrifice to prove it. Let's hope your letter helps some other young woman that might be taken advantage of by her wayward husband, you do appreciate that, right?

Auntie Helga

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