from Kevin

Dear Auntie Helga,

My wife gave me your email address with orders to talk with you about she did to me yesterday. This is very awkward for me but I don't want to disappoint her again so here goes. I went for a shower in the morning like I always do and when I came back my wife was there waiting with a bed full of women's clothes. She went at me telling me I was a lazy slob and complaining of the way I do things and telling she me had enough. I was sorry to hear all those comments and tried to apologize. She told me I was going to be her sissymaid and take over all the cleaning of the house. I didn't know what she was talking about until I looked at the bed and she handed me panties to wear.

I wasn't going to wear panties for her or anyone else which is when she grabbed my penis and pulled me toward her. Before I knew it she was spanking my ass with something that hurt like hell and wouldn't stop until I agreed to wear panties. I held off as long as I could not wanting nothing to do with panties. I couldn't take it any longer with tears running down my face and an ass that was on fire. She told me there was more where that came from and if I wanted more to let her know she was ready. I tried talking but I got a slap on the face for opening my mouth so I put on the stupid panties.

My wife started dressing me in the stuff on the bed and each time I said something she spanked me with this wooden paddle. It took a few more slaps to my face and a few to my ass before she had me dressed in this pink dress thing wobbling in women's high heels. She told me I was either going to be her sissymaid or I was to get out of her house permanently. She laid down the law telling me not asking what I was to do every day from now on which was all the cleaning, cooking, laundry, ironing and anything else she demanded of me without any attitude or else. I never heard of woman or a wife doing this to her husband or man.

She took me to the closet where the cleaning supplies were and explained them all to me then took me to the bathroom to get started cleaning it from top to bottom with her watching paddle in hand. The rest of the day was long for me cleaning and washing clothes and making beds all trying to work in high heels. My wife hit me a few more times to do a better job of folding laundry which I never did before. It was around 9 o'clock when she sent me to have a bath and shave my myself smooth like her.

I didn't want to do it so again she hit me 5 times to show me she was serious. I ended up shaving like she demanded making a mess of the bathtub I had cleaned earlier so she made me clean it again. She gave me a pink nightie thing and I was so sick of pink by then but I put it on. This morning once again I had to wear the sissy dress and the rest of stuff and those high heels. My wife sat watching me get ready and watched me make her breakfast giving out instructions.

I spent the morning learning to use and iron on her clothes. She told me to go warm up the computer and write you an email to say how sorry I am for being lazy all these years. I am now paying for my crime while learning to be my wife's sissymaid and giving up all my manhood for her. My new favorite color is pink and my favorite material is nylon or satin.

I understand now how superior all women are to me and I am willing to bow before all of them when required. I will address my wife as Mistress from now on without fail and should I forget I am prepared to accept my punishment in any ways she feel is appropriate. As might know my Mistress is standing here watching me and telling me what to say. Auntie Helga I am very sorry for not taking my wife seriously before and am encourage by her leadership and your wonderful website to help guide us on our new journey. I love my Mistress very much for teaching me how to be her sissymaid and wished she had done so sooner in my life with her.

I know for many years I was a lazy husband and I have many years left in hopes of paying my Mistress back by working as hard as I can for her each and every day. Since I started writing this email I have received seven slaps to the face for attitude changes after my Mistress read my earlier comments. From now on you will see a more submissive sissymaid who celebrates the opportunity before me and less of a pig I got used to being in front of my Mistress. While I was trying my Mistress just put a chastity device on my little penis to celebrate I am now a real sissymaid and will only be able to use my little penis to go pee.

My days of having sexual intercourse with my Mistress are over and I am happy to wear my new device for her on my little penis. I will never talk about my little penis or expect my chastity device be removed as decisions of that nature are only made by my Mistress who owns my little penis. From now on I will be known as my Mistress's sissymaid and not the man I use to be. I look forward to wearing all the feminine clothing my Mistress buys for me especially anything pink. Once again I want to thank you for having a website where women can learn to be Mistresses and they can train their lazy husbands how to be submissive sissymaids like they were born to be. I look forward to your comments about my new life as my Mistress's sissymaid.

Best regards,

Thank you for your letter Kevin. So here you are and already following her orders, that bodes well for whats to come. Becoming her sissymaid is an honor and a splendid way to show your love. Though those aren't stupid panties, those are your panties and you should take care of them just like you will be taking care of hers.

I appreciate the words you're writing but I sense a bit of resentment and disingenuousness, you need some more time to come to the realization that your life has changed for the better, from one of lazy self obsession to one of giving and sacrifice.

Auntie Helga

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