from Rob

Dear Auntie Helga,

I didn't sleep well last night with thinking of what I had done letting my mother know of my secret. Part of me felt relieved to have finally shed the feelings carried most of my adult life. The other part of me was thinking how could I put my mother in this position and now I have to live with it. Then there is the part of serving her when she comes home with women's clothes for me to wear. By the time I got up today my mother had already left increasing the feelings of uncertainty once again.

I feel bad for bringing this into her life while perhaps I was only thinking of myself yet in another way I want to serve her. I tried to call her cell phone to maybe stop her from shopping for women's clothes for me but it went to voicemail each time. Auntie Helga are my thoughts confusing to you or have you seen other guys this confused before? I thought when my mother comes home of apologizing for it all and offering to take the clothes back. Then again if I do that she might be very angry that I dropped this on her and now I want to pretend it didn't happen. How will I know that if I wear the clothes she is buying me that she is happy to force me to wear them and serve her?

And then...

I was right it was my mother home from shopping as my heart started to raise again when she opened the door. She told me to take all the bags to my room while she went to the bathroom. A few minutes later she called me to come in to my room where she sat down on the bed with me catching her breath. I told her I was sorry for giving her so much to do. My mother looked at me letting me know she had fun and I would be the one that was sorry when I saw what she bought. My mother showed me that pictures she printed off from the website. She said that she did her best to buy everything so I could look like the pictures. Without thinking I gulped asking the question did you buy everything already. My mother looking at me with the of course answer.

She reached into a bag pulling out these lace covered panties telling me to strip down then put the panties on while she got a drink. Auntie Helga I was starting to feel a bit strange looking at panties on me bed. My mother knocked on my door asking if I was ready yet so I put the panties on then reluctantly replied okay. In walked my mother looking like nothing was wrong when inside I am about to hide under the bed. She began opening bags while telling me remember I asked for it. Mother held up a black bra moving my arms where they needed to go before hooking it to me. She put a couple pairs of socks in the bra for now while she thought of something else.

Then she sat me down pulling black stockings onto my legs then telling me to stand up. By this time I am beat red with embarrassment but my mother didn't care while she continued opening bags. Next she pulled out a black French Maid dress telling me to lift my arms up then she zipped up the back. She looked at me saying so far so good Rob in a mother kind of voice. My palms were sweating as I stood there in front of my mother while she talked to herself about what was next. Then she pulled out a long black wig fitting it on me commenting perfect as she went back to the bags. Mother told me to sit down on the bed showing me how to sit with a dress on which I had seen her so before.

She pulled out 2 pairs of high heels slipping each pair on my feet to see which ones fit best then told me to stand up. I couldn't stand up so she held my arm with a firm grip. She stood back looking me over while I blushed beat red then asking me what I thought. I said it was totally embarrassing for me to be standing there looking like this. My mother let me know it was my idea and now she is seeing me it was a good idea. I asked if she was going to be okay with it and she said it will take a little time however she will make it work for both of us as she looked at me.

Then my mother showed me more bras and panties with me asking why so many. She told me I wanted to be her housekeeper/maid so it will be a fulltime job Rob. Mother looked at me letting me know I was not to wear the same bra and panties every day so I needed to have a good supply. I asked what about us trying this out for a few days when she laughed letting me know it was going to be far more than a few days after her buying me all this as she pointed to me and the clothes on my bed. She said if we didn't like this after a couple of months then alright at least we tried it together.

Mother looked at me letting me know but for now I was going to dress like this every day all day was that clear Rob. I just replied I guess mother when she raised her voice asking what I meant by I guess. She looked at me with those mothering eyes letting me know I wanted to be forced to wear women's clothes while looking after the house right she asked. I then replied yes mother it is what I thought I wanted so she was quick to say consider yourself being forced now.

I gulped knowing my mother means business when she talks like that to me. She said for the first order of business I was to box up all my clothes leaving nothing in my drawers except what she bought today. Mother walked out of my room returning with a few moving boxes. I wobbled around stumbling with high heels on like I was drunk with mother checking on my progress every so often. A while later she walked in looking around to make sure I packed everything when she spotted my shoes in the closet. Looking at me she said those too Rob as you won't be needing those for a while. Auntie Helga when I had the thought of sharing my secret with my mother I had no idea she could be so firm right away. I mean I have seen her get mad over the years but this look on her face right now is something I haven't seen before.

Mother came back checking everything then putting the panties and bras in my drawers telling me to take the boxes to the storage room downstairs. When I came back upstairs mother was standing there with a pair of my pajamas in her hand saying she found them under my pillow. I asked what would I wear to bed when she laughed letting me know a nightgown, what else Rob. I asked really mother was that necessary when she replied of course it is. Mother led me to the closet where the cleaning supplies are kept showing me the vacuum, how it works, dusters and furniture polish. She then said she now that everything fit me properly other than one pair of shoes she was going to take them back, buy me another dress and a few nightgowns. In the meantime I was to get busy vacuuming, dusting and polishing the furniture. I said I wasn't sure how to do all that so she said figure it out then when she comes back she will look at how I did. Then she told me to keep everything on while she is away including my high heels.

With that she walked out leaving me to start. Auntie Helga I have no idea what I am doing with dusting so decided to take a break to rest my feet. I am feeling pretty humiliated right now especially after walking past a mirror. Twenty four hours ago I would be watching a movie right now but instead I look like a male maid in a dress. Now my mother is out shopping to help me be more feminine and looks like she is enjoying it already. I might have made the biggest mistake in my life Auntie Helga. The dusting won't get done by itself and I still have to polish the furniture before mother comes home again. I am not sure what she will say or do if I do a bad job or I am not finished but it won't be nice. If I can write later on I will Auntie Helga but for now I should put forth an effort so I don't make mother angry at me on day one.


Thank you for your letter Rob. It seems she has accepted this situation quite well, you have done a wonderful thing here, by offering to help make her life easier, oh you may have done so thinking it would be sexy fun or something or that maybe she wouldn't do it at all, things happen when we take chances and now you are dealing with the consequences, but doing very well I feel.

Auntie Helga

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