from Monica

Dear Helga,

I have been looking into sissy training for some time now and finally found your great website that does an excellent job of letting women know all of the advantages, thank you. My husband and I have been married now for 4 years with me taking on the more dominant role. It was about two years ago when I started corset training him with very good results.

Last fall I picked up a used Brava breast enhancement system that works by Larry wearing plastic domes. They are held in place by a vacuum pump that monitors the suction while maintaining the preset level. He wears a sports bra over the domes to keep everything in place. I make Larry wear women's slacks that fit him quite well since his waist size has dropped. His breasts are there but not where I would like to see them. From what I read the Brava system will keep working except slower since he is a man.

I enjoy feminizing Larry so much that when I found your website it made sense to me that he might make a good sissymaid. Helga does it take a particular type of man to become a sissymaid? Larry knows I am the boss which is why he wears a corset and Brava domes. I make him wear a bra when we go out for dinner no matter where we go. To help him understand I am the boss at home I often take him with my strap-on while he is forced to jerk off. So Helga what do you think about making Larry my sissymaid or should I just continue to feminize him?

Thanks a bunch,

Thank you for your letter Monica. A corset is a great training tool. The breast system sounds interesting, thank you for that information. Perhaps at some point implants might be in order.

Any man can be trained to be a sissymaid, but certainly those that are already submissive or have a propensity for crossdressing are easier. He accepts your authority already so if you wish to proceed with sissymaid training I see no problems. Love an update at some point.


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