from Donna

Dear Helga,

I heard you were expecting an email from me from my new sissymaid, Sandy. From what I heard she gave you some history along with the current situation. In a nutshell I have been following the monthly letters on your website for over a year with amazement. The lengths that women went to transform their sons and husbands was very inspiring to me, Rather than hide the idea from Sandy I talked about it with fairly negative comments from her until maybe the 2nd month. By that time I was looking at pictures and dresses with the feeling I could make that happen with Sandy. Over time we did get close to having her agree to move forward which was when I began purchasing Sandy's new wardrobe.

It was a week after Sandy's dresses arrived that she backed out of what I thought was close to happening. It upset me to no end without me talking to her for days on end or wanting her close to me at night. She got the message loud and clear however she wouldn't budge for me. To Sandy's credit her job was taking up most of her free time with no changing anytime soon. When her job slowed down I began to hint once again not wanting to ever give up or waste the money spent on her waiting wardrobe. Then all of a sudden she must have started to talk with you and whatever you said gave her the push to present herself to me wearing my panties on her freshly shaved body. Helga I screamed with delight looking up thanking god for guiding Sandy. It wasn't until later that he admitted to speaking with you. By then she was in chastity, dressed and ready to go.

There you have it Helga and I thank you more than you can imagine. It was such a huge weight off my shoulders to see Sandy wearing one of her sissy dresses. I had to pinch myself a few times to see if it was real or a dream. Next week I arranged a friend of mine who trains maids in the hotel and private sector to train Sandy. She was terrified to hear a stranger was coming to the house with her having to wear her sissy apparel.

After waiting 6 months I could care less what Sandy is worried about, she owes me large. Helga once again thank you so much for everything you do and everything you did to make this happen.


Thank you for your letter Donna. You are very welcome, I was pleased to help, she did respond to my advice/coercion as I'd hoped. She also told me about the training from your friend, great idea and of course she is scared, but she'll relax soon enough, a white glove inspection from time to time might be in order just to keep her on her toes, any failures should be dealt with harshly I feel.


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