from Eva

Dear Helga,

The last year of reading the information on your website has helped me achieve a long time goal of transforming my husband into my house maid. When we first got married 6 years ago I began training my husband right away to share in the housework before any lazy habits were developed. It was a constant struggle with me pushing him to do his share of the work. I admit reading material on your website helped me try news ideas with Jake. He pushed back constantly but I never gave in without trying another approach.

Some ideas that I read were using sex to help train Jake to see my way which I began to do more and more. The results surprised me and before long Jake was wearing panties. The more I read about other women's success the more I wanted the same for Jake. A month after he started to wear panties a bra was introduced followed by a proper maid uniform. Jake complained every day while I stood there waiting for him to change into his pretty little uniform. The more he complained the more I bought for him to wear and before long he looked more like a real maid than my husband right down to the shoes on his feet.

Jake still complains even though he has become a fairly good maid just as planned. My mother worked her tail off for my father while he never lifted a hand which was something I wasn't going to do just because of a ring on my finger.

Helga the progress with Jake has gone well however I would like to increase my dominance over him much like other Mistresses have done. Up until now Jake has just been my maid so now I would like to see him become my sissymaid. I have never used a strapon, punishment or used chastity on Jake but I think the time has come. He also calls me by my name instead of Mistress which must change as well. Helga at this stage would you suggest I talk to Jake about becoming my sissymaid or just start introducing the changes?


Thank you for your letter Eva. Of course I would be thrilled to help you turn him into your sissymaid. If you mean talk to him about this in terms of a conversation with give and take, then no, if on the other hand you mean tell him that this is going to happen because its what you want, then that seems better.

You could also just introduce more sissy clothing, chastity and the rest, I suppose it depends on your relationship and if he follows your orders now or are you equals and he does this out of devotion.


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