PDQ Plastic Panties Review
from Helga

My dear readers, occasionally I come across a product that is so beautiful and made to such a high standard that I simply must share it with you. That is the case with these outstanding plastic panties made by our good friends at Satique Lingerie. Made to order with either a satin or nylon panty with a sewn in plastic panty made of luxurious Euroflex®.

pp.rev.0320 Made to fit your body comfortably with either a nappy or without. As you can see from the photo, the construction is very high quality, the fabric has that special silky feeling while the plastic offers protection and is so soft to the touch. I know so many of you enjoy wearing nappies and plastic panties, a pair of these would make your collection complete.

Very reasonably priced with many colors to choose from and I also understand they ship worldwide. I am pleased to include a link to their page I hope you will visit soon.

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