I had a friend of mine who needed a carpenter to rehab the master bathroom of their really big bathroom. There was a section that was between the bedroom and bathroom. the section was where there was a closet plus some drawers one on the man's side and the other side was the woman's drawer section. I opened the woman's side to see the depth of the drawers. To my surprise, I had opened the underwear drawer. I know I must have blushed and turned red as a beet. I hurried to close it before she might come in, too late. I told her I had been checking how deep the drawers were in the room. She smiled as I looked down to see I had a pair of her panties, I know my eyes got as big as they could be. Naturally, I tried to explain, but how could I did not even know I had picked them up. She said that playing with a ladies panties was not very nice, I don't know why and I mean I did not know why I had picked them up and did not put them down.

I knew her name was Shirley, she kept on talking about why I had them in my hand. Shirley went on to tease me about a grown-up man playing with a girl's undergarments. Then she said maybe you wanted to wear them so I won't tell anyone. My brain went nuts with the thought of wearing her panties. She said you do want to wear them don't you sissy. I tried to say no I did not want to wear them but all that came out was I am so sorry along with a stutter. She said you do want to don't you little sissy. My face was hot and I know red.

I still had the panties in my hand, she reached for them and I handed them to her. She then took my hand. Believe me, I did not want to wear them, she said now you be a big girl and take off your clothes and dress like you wanted to know. I don't remember taking off my clothes and putting on the red satin panties. I had a wave of humiliation go over me and then a sound of a whimper and then her saying now that is a good girl don't you think sissy. She went to the closet and a red bra and a corset that had some things hanging down just a few inches that I found out helped to hold up a woman's stockings which went into the red heels. It went on and my mind was shattered and I was under her spell, at that time I would do anything she wanted without resistance.

Shirley told me to get on my knees and she leaned back on the writer's desk her knees spread slowly apart until I could see the stride of her pink panties she pulled my face to her wet spot. I knew what to do I began to lick and kiss that wet spot. No, I lapped it up like a french Poodle licking up milk. Not long, she pushed my head away, she removed her panties and turned around leaning over and my head rushed to her waiting ass. My tongue licking her firm ass. She began to play with herself and I pushed even deeper. I would do anything she would ask I was so hot I gulped wanting to please her. Not long we both slide to the carpet pulling her clothes I went to her pointed breast sucking on the taut nipples. It was a long time before she moved around lowering herself to my lips licking at the per-cum and I was laboring to pull her clit to my waiting mouth her body shuttered as she came shooting her juices into my mouth.

We both lay there exhausted mentally wanting to return to the action again.

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