I met Carla on a cruise ship, we spent many hours playing at the gaming tables. When we got back into Miami I was hoping she would not just walk away. To my surprise, she invited me to come to her house that weekend she said we would have a great time just by ourselves. I did think of how tight the ship was and that there was not too much of a place to just talk.

I returned to my life as a Cabinet Maker, I was glad to get back to the smell of the raw wood and the feel of the grain. The week seemed to be longer than ever before. When Friday came to an end I could not wait to get home and shower and dress to go to Carla's house. I drove onto her street and saw the big houses and thought that I am out of her league. When I got to her house I drove to the garage that was big, just like the rest of the house.

Carla answered the door and we hugged and went to kiss her cheek but she pulled me to her lips we held that kiss for a long time and many followed that one. We went into the house and she had made some drinks for us. It was not long and we were off to the bedroom. I would have never thought she was as wild as she was. We both undressed quickly and jumped on the bed and sex was on. After a few minutes, I was licking at her all over and I went to her sweet spot and she was soon moaning and I was licking faster. She rolled over and lifted her backside and I started licking her ass and moved deep into her my mind was blown away as I moved up and pushed my way into her and this went on for a long time I pulled out and moved to her puss* she screamed with joy as she came and I right behind her. We both fell onto the bed, side by side and were breathing hard.

We spent many long days and nights making love. I noticed something was not right after a month or two. I asked her what was wrong and got the thing most women say "Nothing" . I probed a bit more and she said she would tell me that night when I got home. I closed out some books at work and drove to my house and showered and went to her place. She said that she had like our sex and I knew there was more. Carla went on to say that she had spent a large part of her life being a Mistress to a man she had lived with for years. She said that she wanted that life again. I knew what she meant and my mind was confused. I ask her if she wanted me to be her submissive, she waited a few minutes and said not if I will lose you. I ask her to let me think about it for a few days and she agreed.

I knew I did not want to lose her, also, I was going to have to become something I had never been and I knew I would have to make up my mind fast or she might break up with me. I went to her house on Friday and we talked for a while and I told her I would be her slave if that was what she wanted. Carla was smiling but then she stopped and said I want a sissy slave, not just a slave. I said if that is what you want but you will have to teach me to be a sissy slave. Carla took me by the hand and led me to her basement. There she had a lot of toys she had gathered over the years. I turned to her and knelt and said that I would be hers for whatever she wanted.

She told me to remove my clothes. I waited for her as I stood there naked before her. She had gone to a dresser and returned with some things in her hand I saw a pair of Rumba panties, She held them open at my feet, I stepped into them. I felt the softness of them as she pulled them over my butt and over my hard waiting cock. She said your new name will be Nancy and you will answer to that name any time I call you to come to me, I said OK and she slapped my face. I was stunned she hit me very hard and she said OK was not an answer you must say Yes Mistress Carla. I went through a lot of training over the next weeks but soon learned how to be a sissy slave.

I am now tied over a horse with ropes to hold me in place. I felt the Cat-o-nine tail strike my buttocks but did not yell she went on until I had been punished for not washing her panties properly. After she released me she said that she had another woman coming to help train you I started to reject but knew not to as my butt was still burning from the whipping.

Two days later I was told that Dana would be coming that evening and I was to make a good dinner and be dressed in your very short dress that you hate so much, you will be wearing the panties that have the sign on them that reads I am your sissy. You will wear four-inch heels and you must be on your very behavior. She told me that Dana was a man-hater so you won't want to fail me. When Dana came I saw what Mistress meant. She stood six foot five or more. When she saw me as I opened the door for her to come in she started to laugh and said what do we have here.

Mistress came in and kissed Dana on the lips and they both hugged. Mistress told her how she came about getting me (as if I were a dog or cat). Dana took me by surprise when she said that she would stay for a few months to help Mistress to train this piece of crap. Mistress agreed that would be fine by her and she turned and said don't you agree with that Nancy? What could I say, I said yes Mistress. Mistress told me that I was to call Dana "Auntie Dana" I curtsied and said yes Mistress. My life became more than I would have ever thought I would take but I loved Mistress and gave up my business and life to serve her.

I walked into the bedroom and saw that they had moved my clothes to the basement. Dana told me to follow her and Mistress. I went to the basement with them only to see that they had made a room about the size of a long closet. It had a bed and a light, the door was not on it. I asked if I would have a door and Dana said no! Mistress said we would not want you to play with yourself. If you get caught playing you will find out how it feels to get your testicles spanked. I swallowed hard. It seemed like I was often in trouble because I could not get some of the training right.

One night Dana and Mistress called me to come to their room. When I entered I saw Mistress with a strapon on her. She said it was time to take your virginity away. I knew I had not had that for years but then I knew what they meant. It was not long before Mistress was behind me and Dana on her back in front of me, you get the picture I am sure. I was told if I yelled I would be sorry. I wanted to scream but knew better. I could not sit for days after they had their fun. The next day they told me that we were going shopping. I was hoping that she was saying the two of them were going. I saw the outfit they had on the bed for me to wear and knew it was meant to be us. I was dressed like a teenage girl would be dressed. Bright pink panties and bra and a white dress with stockings and garters with heels. As my hair was long and it had a ponytail with a big pink ribbon.

The mall was filled with teenage kids and every one of them had a ball laughing at me. Even the adults had a ball. When I walked they could see my panties and it was not long before the security people came and ask Mistress to take me out of the mall. She said why don't you take him to jail and see what happens. I did not want to find out. They took me by the arm and took me out of the mall with a ton of people following. Mistress told the guards that she would sue them and they would be in court. They laughed and said I want to see that lady. We wound up in court and I was dressed the same as I was at the mall. Long story short the judge said that the mall could not do anything about how a person is dressed, but if the person is causing a riot then they are guilty and I would normally send you to jail but I will let you off this time. I was so glad I was not going to jail with a bunch of men and me in a girl's outfit.

Thank you,

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