from Tom

Dear Auntie Helga,

My sister always liked doing things where I would get a spanking by my mom. She enjoyed when my mom pulled my pants down over her knee and she took get pleasure in pulling them off of me and laughed as my mom turned my cheeks pink from her hairbrush pounding me. One time I passed out on the couch and she slipped a pair of her pink pot a dot panties in my back pocket. My mom came home and woke me up. My sister told my mom I was stealing her clothes.

My sister had put her clothes in my dresser draws and showed my mom. I was marched to the room to explain about why are my sister's clothes in my draws. I could not answer by saying she is lying. Then she told my mom I stole her pink panties and they were in my back pocket. Mom turned me around and ripped my pocket off my pants to find the panties. My mom was mad and began to rip my clothes off to see if I were hiding any other of her clothes.

I was crying as she began spanking me hard. My mom told my sister to pull my underwear off and put the pink panties on me. When I stood up, mom started dressing me as my sister passed my mom a pair of white pantyhose, ruffle pink slip, bra and a dress. Then got marched into the bathroom with a large mirror so they could put my makeup on. My sister took pictures as I was crying and my makeup began to run. I had to dress as a girl for one month. I protested about going to school in girls clothes. So my mom removed the dress and bra and put my pants on over the pantyhose and panties. I got to put socks on to hide the hose.

That worked for about 3 days until my sister and a few of her friends pushed me down and they grabbed the seams of my pants and pulled so hard that they ripped my pants and tee shirt off leaving me in my pink panties and ripped white pantyhose in front of everybody. I ran home as all laughed at me. My mom said I should not of stolen her clothes. None of this would of happen. I did not wear her clothes to school any more, but as soon as I got home, right to being dressed as a girl until that month was over.

After that, if I did one thing wrong, my mom took me to my sister's room and I was dressed as a girl fast. My sister showed all here pictures to everyone. She was mean to me all the time. She and her girl friends loved when my mom worked the 2nd shift. Then they wanted me to get in catfights with them and I always lost to them with them ripping off my clothes. Four girls to fight, I lost every time. If I ripped their clothes, they went wild.


How nice to hear from you and with such an interesting account of being petticoated by your mom at your sister's instigation. She certainly was a mischievous girl and I admire her imagination, the use of her clothes to manipulate the situation that resulted in your delightful mother using that ruse to petticoat you. Obviously the girls were just having a bit of fun, and meant no real harm and the fact that you found my site to tell the story says quite a lot about the resulting effect.

Auntie Helga

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