from Marie-Christine

Dear Auntie Helga,

I am a feminine crossdressing lady with a love for being a sissymaid from time to time. At one weekend I was able to fulfill a tiny part of that fantasy and was able to serve a nice lady and her husband in a maid's dress during breakfasts.

Well, I met a nice couple at a lgbt-ball in Dresden. We shared the weekend there and they invited me to visit them over a weekend at their home. I was really thrilled to come there because I could spend the whole weekend dressed as a lady. Before leaving my hometown I just visited a nail salon to have my nails professionally done with acrylic extensions and a nice french manicure with white tips. Then I went by car about 300km until I reached the couple's house.

They welcomed me and I got a spare room for myself to prepare for each days duties. Of course I slept in nice satin nightgowns and in the morning made my makeup and dressed myself in a nice black skirt and black satin blouse, a white starched linen apron and one of my black wigs. Then I went to the kitchen where I had to prepare the couple's breakfast. After serving the table with fine china, I served them coffee and tea and was on duty for both of them. I would have loved to do so much more for them as a slutty maid but that was all I did. After finishing the meal I was to clean the table and do the dishes in the kitchen. Afterwards I had to wipe dust and vacuum the carpet. I really loved that while dressed so nicely.

The next day was the same but this time I wore my longer wig. After my duties are over I spent some time with the couple and we made some nice trips to the city. During that I was dressed as a sophisticated lady and not in my maid uniform. It was a really remarkable weekend and I hope to experience such some more often in the future.

I hope you like my story and the pictures and would share it with your beloved readers.

Best wishes and a sweet curtsy,
your maid Marie-Christine

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Thank you for your letter Marie-Christine. It appears that you really enjoyed yourself, you make a very pretty maid and I'm sure the couple appreciated your dedicated service.

Auntie Helga

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