from Craig

Dear Auntie Helga,

I am a 49 yr old male, well educated, successful, competitive in business, but I think I may want a female led relationship. For the last few years I was focused on work and disconnected from my wife physically and emotionally. I was masturbating a lot. I bought a chastity device mainly to stop myself from masturbating so I could focus more on work, but I found myself becoming more focused on my wife, family, and home.

I started doing the dishes, which is something I used to argue with my wife about when she would tell me to clean the dishes... every night. I started giving her foot massages which she always wanted me to do for her. Everything we argued about I started doing and I actually enjoyed doing it and started doing it without her asking me. We started having sex for the first time in years, literally.

One night during intense passion during sex I told her I want to worship her like a goddess and serve and obey her. I was shocked. I have had latent submissive tendencies when I was younger but nothing like this. I started reading more on chastity and found a lot of discussion on female led relationships and how happy both parties are when the woman rules. As I read more I found your site and I am writing to you because you seem real and not fantasy focused.

Although I am scared even writing to you, I do value your thoughts. I honestly don't know if I want a FLR and the thought of feminization scares me but I really like the person I have become, and I don't want to lose that. Giving up control will be hard for me. At first my wife hated the idea of chastity and felt I should see a therapist because I should act like this always without the need of a device. She has come around and now understands why I need it and how much better I am. She said she isn't my keeper and I'm a grown man who should be able to manage my own chastity although she is becoming more forceful in telling me to wear it.

I think I need to go slow even though I think giving up total control immediately is the best for me without the ability to look back or change my mind. Do you offer training that my wife could take over when you felt it was time? I don't know if any of this makes sense. I am deeply confused and conflicted.

Thank you, Craig

Thank you for your letter Craig. No I don't offer training, I leave that to your wife, though I will say that FLR relationships do not always include petticoating, you noted that aspect frightens you, but if it's to take that route, its up to her. For now just keeping doing what you have been, do the laundry as well.

You could also show your willingness to obey and show her the respect she deserves. For instance, when doing her foot massage you could tell her how much you love her, thank her for allowing you to express your devotion, how much you love when she orders you to do things. At some point in the foot massage routine, perhaps start kissing your way up her legs, if she allows it, go all the way and provide her oral

Auntie Helga

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