from Louise

Dear Helga,

I have been reading your excellent magazine for a few months now and felt I should write to tell you of my situation. I am 50 years old and met and married my second husband 8 years ago, following a ten year marriage to a pig of a man who treated me like a doormat until I was fed up enough to divorce him.

When I met Steve, my current "husband" I was struck by the difference in his ways from my appalling first husband and I was blissfully happy when we married. However after a couple of years Steve started to become quieter and somewhat withdrawn, I expressed my concern several times but he always said he was okay. Then one day I returned home unexpectedly from work to find him dressed as a slut watching porn and playing with himself! I was furious and he was devastated however we sat and discussed things and he confessed that he had been a tv for many years and it had ended his first marriage.

I decided to look into cross dressing and came across some very interesting websites including yours and as you can imagine however it was the female led relationship ones I found most intriguing and so I informed Steve that if he wished to dress then I would agree as long as he acquiesced to my authority at all times and he foolishly agreed! I set about turning my occasional cross dressing husband into a full time sissy slave, my first step was to get dozens of pictures and videos of him dressed and saying how he loved being a sissy and wanted to serve me. These were all filed away for use as and when he started to realise my intentions for him.

Firstly I replaced all his male underwear with female (including stockings worn at all times) and also locked his cock up in a chastity, next unbeknown to him I started giving him female hormones. After a year I decided that "Stephanie" as I now increasingly called her, give up her job as my salary is comfortably enough to live on and he could take early retirement, this was the first time I had to threaten her with showing off the photos and videos to all and it had the desired effect Around this time I began spanking and caning Stephanie for any misdeeds however I decided that if she was a "good girl" it was because of the caning hence she needed more this was a great introduction and I now spank Stephanie every day and cane her most weekends.

Over the next few years I repeatedly took over more control of Stephanie and the hormones began to kick in to a large extent so that she now has a nice pair of 44c breasts and curvy hips and I no loner need to keep her in chastity as the hormones have made her totally impotent! This year on our 8th wedding anniversary I announced to Stephanie that I was going to divorce her and she had the choice of leaving or remaining as my sissy slave, it was no great surprise she agreed to stay as I threatened to expose her to those people who did not know about her new status. I am also planning a "coming out" party for Stephanie where she will be exposed to all those friends and family who are unaware of her situation and I will have her tell them it was all her idea!

I trust you approve of how I have feminised my sissy?


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Thank you for your letter Louise. You did the right thing after finding him abusing himself while pretending to be one of us, changing him into your sissy slave was the best choice. Of course I fully approve of the training of your sissy husband.


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