Letter 4
From Marion

Dear Susan,

It is my belief that all men should be subject to control. Any woman that thinks a man can be trusted is sadly deluding herself. I do not necessarily mean that he will 'play the field', although most will if given the chance. It can be more rudimentary than that. How many of us have seen the DIY job unfinished, or the car maintenance left until 'next week'? How many of us have sent him shopping and been short changed on his return to find that he 'does not know where the money went', or 'I must have lost it' - he will not admit to buying himself a treat. How often has he come home from the pub worse for wear? With a properly controlled male there is none of this, as obedience is unquestioned, jobs will be finished, and errands will be properly carried out.

A man should be kept on a figurative leash permanently, but the length of the leash can be variable. To let him off his leash invites trouble. My David knew that a condition of marriage was that I would be boss. Now one would think that having willingly entered upon this path then he would show obedience at all times, but even he has tested the limits at times, although not in recent years.

Since he became my full time housemaid my authority is absolute, and my word strictly obeyed. When training your man, little children should be kept in mind, as the training is very similar. I mentioned that I had been a school teacher and observation of the young male is very instructive. Small boys are so often sneaky, loud, aggressive, and manipulative, and when the opportunity arises are bullies. The point of mentioning this is the fact that, in the transition from small boy to big boy, none of these traits disappear, they are merely modified.

One of the less endearing traits of small boys is to try to look up the dresses of girls either in class or in the playground. A booming, authoritative, 'What are you doing boy?' will reduce the surrounding area to silence instantly. The boy is then on the spot, embarrassed and humiliated. He will mumble and shuffle his feet. A demand again to know what he is doing will bring a weak reply that he saw something on the ground, or has dropped something. His credibility with his mates is damaged and he becomes an object of ridicule for the girls - a good start for later years, I think. Catching one's husband doing something illicit and demanding, 'What on earth are you doing?' will bring an identical response to the small boy. Study your husband or partner, and there will be many small boy traits hidden away, and each one will make him vulnerable if exploited correctly.

I further believe that your man should have privileges. These must be understood as privileges and not rights, this then gives you the authority of withdrawal of privilege as a disciplinary measure. David likes a malt whisky so I let him have a twice-weekly ration. He also likes pretty nighties, and I let him wear a special one on Saturday night. Both of these privileges have been withdrawn at one time or another and the effect is dramatic. I do not approve of corporal punishment, and I feel that the use of privilege and disapproval works. There are also other non-violent punishments that can be utilised. I refer, in David's case, to penis restraint. This has at times been put upon him and left on him, with a small padlock while I have been at work, when the punishment is deemed appropriate. I inspect his undies and bedding at irregular intervals and any sign of stains requires the restraint. I also use cod liver oil on a spoon, as opposed to the capsules that he takes every day, as a childish punishment, and have used soap on the tongue, all good childhood methods.

A point was made in your last issue lamenting the ability of a male to choose his own nightie. I must say, without wishing to offend Judy, that I agree. What David wears is dictated by me - whether nightwear, daywear or underwear. On the first of October the winter wardrobe comes out. This means wincyette nighties, vests, and thicker fleecy cotton knickers. I always check that he has his vest tucked into his knickers, as I do not want him to get a back chill. As it gets colder there will be tights under his outside male clothes. In summer I put him in lighter knickers and light cotton nighties, and dispense with the vest. I make it a rule that he only wears white knickers, as stains show up on white.

Already discussed, as a point of discipline is the early bedtime. David has at least one per week. The one constant day for early beddy-byes is Sunday. Although David showers every day, on Sunday he must have the weekly bath. As many will remember from childhood the Sunday night bath was a ritual, and unavoidable. Bath time is 5.30 pm, I run the bath for him and summon him. He must undress before me and get into the bath. He will be out at 6, whereupon I will dry him off in front of the gas fire, which is turned on for effect although we have central heating. It brings back the atmosphere of childhood. A vigorous toweling will see the appearance of little Mister Naughty raising his head, which is the excuse I need to lock him into his tiny corset.

He is then dressed in a nightie and knickers by me. Having had his cocoa, he will kiss my cheek and go up to bed. I will follow after a few minutes to tuck him in with a teddy bear, and turn out the light. The whole episode is handled as if he were a child and it does indeed remind him of childhood Sunday nights. Any other early nights are for disciplinary reasons and are randomly chosen to keep him guessing. A similarity that I have with Judy is that I will sometimes send him to bed if I have a friend or two around for coffee in the evening. David would not dare comment but I know that he would much rather be with the company. I have him apologise to them for being rude, but say that he is tired and really must go to bed.

The afore mentioned penis corset is, I think, an item of equipment that all women should keep in the home. A man must be broken of his dependence of, and demand for, sexual favour. No woman can be in complete control of her man if she gives in to him sexually. A restraint is a perfect training device; they are well worth the outlay. Sexual activity, if allowed at all, must be at our discretion, and under our control.

No man must think that he has a right to sexual gratification, much less subject his wife to it if she is not interested. I personally do not favour more than mild public humiliation but do not condemn others who do; each case must be taken on its merits. While David was still at work I would not make him wear humiliating clothes or anything like that to work, but he always wore knickers. Mild humiliation, though, can be entertaining. I used to delight in calling him 'Bunnykins' out in public and occasionally still do, but the shock value has gone and it has now taken on the role of term of endearment. I have also on occasion insisted that he call me 'Ma'am' in public, as this is a useful tool for displaying authority. He can, of course, refuse to comply but then is it worth the retribution on returning home.

More women should take control. It has given me freedom from housework. David does all the cleaning, washing, heavy gardening and most of the cooking. He clearly enjoys being a housewife and maid, and I enjoy the leisure time and the control. On that point it is now 12.30pm on Sunday, and David is busy in the kitchen preparing Sunday lunch while I am in front of this computer with a pre-lunch glass of wine. Today, because he was a little slack at breakfast, I have stripped him of his outer clothes and left him in vest and knickers with a small pinny neatly tied in a pretty bow, and wearing pink furry slippers. He will be like that now until his Sunday bath and bedtime.
Keep up the good work with your lovely publication.


I get plenty of letters from women regarding their success at imposing petticoat government and training their men to be ideal husbands, but I have rarely received one which demonstrates such perfect achievement as this one. As Marion realises, all men are just big babies at heart, and the best way to make your life easier, and to keep your man happy and contented, is to understand that, and use it to your mutual advantage.

Marion also has some excellent advice concerning how to keep hubbie in a state of enduring ardour, and unselfish and attentive with his love-making. Marion and David's must be a blissful household indeed, and I am sure that many of my male readers would like to be in David's pink furry slippers.

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