from Cheryl

Dear Helga,

I've decided to simplify, when she gets home, I will spank her, then put her in a nappy, plastic panties, pantyhose, a bra, and pink heels. Her heels will be tied to her ankles with a pink ribbon, a ribbon will be wrapped around her waist , and she will be tied at each wrist, a dummy will, of course be in her mouth at all times, except when I feed her her bottle. She will be with me at all times, I may drag her around the house by her ears, or just have her crawl behind me.She will be spoken to as though she were a young child, or at times like a baby girl.

She is such a baby while being spanked, I like to remove her dummy so we can have a little talk during her spanking. Tell me why am I spanking you?. What's your name little girl? Are you going to be a good baby for mommy? Should I tell my mother that you abused her panty drawer Hum? I have decided to tell my mother and sister the situation, I plan to pretend they don't know when I call them on the phone in front of Krissy Jane.

I want her to become totally dependent on me, fear me and most of all surrender totally and helplessly, she really has no choice. She will be allowed to ask for a new nappy at bedtime, I will not change her but I will enjoy putting a new one on her. Before my helpless little girl goes to bed she will be teased with my fingertips tormenting her. A pleading, pathetic helpless baby she is, who knows she may explode if I bring her too close. I want the power to control her orgasms or not permit them, I want her to know my power to give her magnificent pleasure, or embarrassing humiliation. Fear and desire!

As mentioned, I will be involving my sister and mother, can't wait to introduce them to Krissy Jane, definitely want her fully dressed when they arrive, might make Krissy confess and invite them over. Should I tell them first or shock them, if I do warn them, I shall not tell Krissy.

In the beginning I wanted a sissy maid, but I think it wise to baby her to the point of helpless surrender for an extended period, as my frilly sissy. What do you think?

Love To You,

Thank you for your letter Cheryl. Sounds like a delightful start, I notice no dress, well, babies can be messy and in just her underwear seems appropriate. I really approve of the way you talk to her while you spank her, its so important for baby to understand why she must suffer, otherwise how will they learn. The phone call is a great idea and in my opinion, they should be forewarned and not have her status be a surprise. For the baby, sure shock her, even answer the door.

I feel you are doing a wonderful job of training her, there is no one right way, there is what works for you and this is going perfectly.


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