With my fiancee Gloria, we walked together that late autumn night, through the woods, which had a tarmac path and which were illuminated, by a lamp on staggered posts. I suggested, if I could make sufficient money, to keep us happy, then she would not have to work, give her job up, to stay at home, to do the housework and cooking. I must have hit a nerve here, as she soon snapped back, asking, why she should have to give up work, when she were at present earning more than me? Well to be the housewife, I told her. Oh I hate housework and I really can't cook, her imparting to me.

Well I have done housework and still do, at home, to help my mum, and my mum has taught me not only to do housework, but cook, sew and several other crafts, which are considered woman's work. Mm, came a sound from her, as we walked. Now Gloria, must be thinking as she came out with a suggestion, that she go out to work and I stay at home, to do the housework and cooking. Oh, you would like that, I telling her, you wearing the trousers. Yes, and you would look good in a pinafore, her chuckling and ran on ahead of me, feeling quite pleased, with herself.

I called after her, I suppose you would have me wearing knickers as well. Mm, as she now stood still, like a statue, looking up at the trees, coming out with, mm, that's a thought. Seriously Gloria, you would not, have me wearing a woman's pinafore over my trousers and a knickers under it? What makes you think, you shall be wearing trousers, her now stood on a grass mound, looking down at me. Well I suppose I can do without a trousers in summer, just in pinafore and knickers, but winter, my legs be cold. Well, you can wear tights / pantyhose. Oh my gosh, I be not only wearing a pinafore, knickers, but now tights. Yes, and either a skirt or dress.

No, please Gloria, you can't expect me to dress like a housewife. Why not, her now in full control? After all, you shall be doing woman's work, so why not dress, like a woman. Yes, but what if your mum or sisters should pay me a visit, how am I going to explain it all? Just make a pot of tea, offer some snack, then my little housewife, tell them, we agreed for a role-reversal. What about night time, when we go to bed, I now were talking myself into more feminine attire? May I wear my pajamas? No, it shall be a nightdress, with a matching negligee for you, and occasionally a ladies housecoat, that usually be worn in her boudoir.

Where are all these clothes going to come from, asking her? Well my sweet fianceé and not fiance, we shall both go shopping, or maybe mum, my sisters and both of us with them, to have a girly day out. So they shall choose and pay for it all? No sweetie, you shall choose your clothes, but if we find it not appropriate, we may choose for you. So who stands at the checkout, to pay the lady clerk, with all of this? Well you my dear, after all, the items be all yours. I shall stand by you, to make sure, you enlighten the lady clerk, that all are for you, as you are the housewife. It be so embarrassing, for me. Nonsense, there are many a man, who prefers to stay at home, and leave the woman, go out to work. You are just one of them.

Jane, you shall become. My housewife. Oh, by the way, after our wedding, you shall be dressed in my bridal gown, to take vows, with my sisters and mum as witnesses. We shall do it, at my mum's house, with several of the senior church ladies present. Photos, also shall be taken, with you, in your wedding dress, my dearest Jane.

The End

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