Elizabeth's Report On Her Punishment Regime - Part Two

Dear readers, as members of our popular forum already know, Elizabeth is a young woman undergoing long term punishment for her rebellious behaviour. Below is her confession and list of the sanctions imposed as a result of this behaviour.

I leave it to the reader to decide for themselves if the sanctions imposed are appropriate. I will say that so far as I know, this is a true account. Readers are welcome to email her guardian with suggestions for further sanctions.

Auntie Helga

The report continues...

I arrived at the hospital in plenty of time and went and stood outside my Matron's office with my hands by my sides. Following my failure to dress correctly at work I must now report to the senior nurse, frequently Matron, before my shift. My Aunt is a personal friend of the Matron and she was therefore more than happy to oversee my pre shift inspections as well as inspections during my shift as an addition to my long list of ongoing sanctions. As Matron has other senior nurses carry out this when she is away my predicament is known to many of the staff at the hospital which furthers my humiliation. As I am standing to attention in the corridor with my hands by my side I am subject to knowing smiles and even laughter as people walk by.

Eventually the door opened and I was summonsed in by the Matron. I took the position I know is required standing in front of her desk with my hands firmly clasped behind my back so that she is able to immediately see if my top cardigan is correctly buttoned and my dress straight. "You look like you have been crying Elizabeth?" She asked to drive home my childish position. I know there is no point hiding my shameful punishment. "Yes Matron I have been spanked by my Aunt before setting off this morning", I replied. "Good that should mean you are attentive as necessary. Right unbutton your cardigan", she ordered. I undid the buttons of my first cardigan and let the sides drop apart and reveal my second cardigan. She stood up from her desk and walked around to closely inspect that it was correctly buttoned. "Good I think as we have time you can strip your cardigans off and remove your dress so that we can inspect you fully. I know you find this humiliating but given your masturbation whilst you were supposed to be working here it is a deserved consequence I am sure you will agree", she continued.

"Yes Matron", I replied and proceeded to undress as she had directed folding my two cardigans neatly before unzipping and stepping out of my dress leaving me wearing only my degrading woollen underwear and shoes. It is so humiliating to be stripped in this way in front of someone who is not even a member of my family. However I did pleasure myself in the staff toilets on several occasions so I am fortunate that I did not find myself in a disciplinary process and these inspections are the deserved consequence I must continue to pay. "Good seams are straight. Lower your knickers so I can check your chastity belt", she finished completing my humiliation whilst smiling at me. I remained stood at attention as she walked round me and checked my belt was firmly in place. "Inspection complete redress", she ordered and returned to behind her desk as I rushed to redress myself. Back in my dress and cardigans I stood at attention hands firmly behind my back and waited. At this moment the Matron's phone rang and I was left standing as I remembered having to do at school when I had misbehaved. Eventually she finished her call. "Right Elizabeth get to the ward and make sure you keep your uniform correct", she directed me. "Yes Matron I will do as you have told me", I responded before going to the ward.

Being at work doing my job is the best time I have at the moment as I have the independence to fulfill my role without being constantly directed and supervised. However I can never forget I am being punished due to the woollen underwear and degrading charity shop wool cardigans I am confined to. It is very warm in the hospital so I am always sweating encased in my woollens which only adds to the discomfort of my itchy underwear. My colleagues are all aware of my misbehaviour and the punishments I am serving at work which has had the effect of making me be treated as the most junior nurse despite my experience. This means I spend a disproportionate amount of my time making beds, cleaning up urine and faeces and other undesirable work. Nevertheless I find my work really enjoyable.

About noon Matron stopped me on the ward and inspected my uniform compliance. She had me stand with my hands behind my back before ordering me to undo each of my cardigans in turn. Whilst this was done my colleagues walked past as well as patients with no attempt made to hide how I was being directed like a child as well as drawing attention to my frumpy attire and my short haircut. It is quite humiliating undergoing this simple inspection whilst my fellow nurses dressed in their scrubs (trousers and tops) with their hair neatly styled walk by. Fortunately this was as far as this inspection proceeded and I was allowed to return to my tasks.

At 4 o'clock I was told to go to Matron's office. She told me to stand in front of her desk and for the third time on my shift I was told to remove one by one my horrid cardigans under her supervision. I was then ordered to remove my dress to enable an inspection of my underwear. She had just told me to stand with my feet apart and with my hands on my head when her phone rang and I was left standing stripped to my woollen underwear like a prisoner. Eventually this call finished, she made another short call and then stood to complete her inspection of my dress. This included the degrading process of her feeling my wool knickers between my legs to verify that I had not somehow managed to soak them.

Although my chastity belt does not permit me to experience any form of sexual pleasure the Matron still insists on subjecting me to this humiliating close inspection. In the weeks immediately after confinement to my chastity belt I tried via physical means as well as thinking to bring myself to orgasm but to no avail. The frustration was intense and of course exactly what I deserved following my endless episodes of self-pleasuring when I was being punished and no longer in a position to keep private male company. After these many months I no longer am so frustrated as my desire has declined due to my enforced chastity. However occasionally I am still desperate with my unfulfilled need for physical release and this reminds me that as a naughty girl I am rightly under the control of others at all times so that I do not use my body for carnal means.

Whilst I was still stood stripped to my underwear, legs apart and hands-on-my head there was a knock at the office door and the Matron said, "Come in; and you keep your eyes to the front Elizabeth". Not for the first time a senior nurse, Charlotte, entered to see me in this semi-clothed state. "Charlotte, I am just giving Elizabeth a thorough uniform inspection as requested by her Aunt and I will be going off shift shortly", Matron said. "I am happy to say she is dressed correctly and there are no signs of her having been fiddling with herself as we know she was prone to. Please could you ensure she gets at least one further inspection before her shift ends at 7 pm", she continued. "Of course. Should it be down to her undergarments or only her cardigans and dress?" Charlotte asked. "You can decide as you see fit and time allows", Matron replied. During this discussion they both looked at me as I remained standing in my humiliating position. "Elizabeth you may put your dress and cardigans back on and ensure they are correct and buttoned", Matron directed. "Yes Maam, I will Maam", I replied. I dressed as quickly as possible under the eyes of Charlotte and the Matron making sure that I removed creases from my dress and buttoned up my cardigans completely before standing to attention again with my hands behind my back. "You are dismissed Elizabeth and may get back to your work", the Matron directed.

The remainder of my shift was one of the best parts of my week as I was able to focus on the patients and use my skills to help them. At about 3 o'clock Charlotte subjected me to a check on my cardigans and dress in front of my colleagues in the tea room. No matter how many times I have endured this it remains both embarrassing and humiliating and I regret my actions which mean this is necessary. We were very busy for the rest of the shift so thankfully I was not subject to any further inspections.

At the end of the shift I was faced with the sight of a couple of the other girls getting ready to go out for the Saturday night. My best friend, Carys, looked fantastic in a fitted short navy sparkling dress with her lovely shoulder length blond hair and a leather jacket and Mari, another nurse, looked equally stylish and modern. The contrast with myself stood in my dress, sloppy second hand cardigans and even more permanently my short hair which my Aunt describes as a "Catholic schoolgirl cut". I used to have lovely long red hair which I have had cut and maintained now by my Aunt cut above my ears and with the fringe on my forehead shaved back. It is a permanent source of shame to myself and makes so obvious my immature status. I knew of course that my work dress and cardigans were at least passable compared to the humiliation of the clothing I was to spend the rest of my weekend wearing. Whilst my friends went into the pub before going on to the nightclub I walked quickly home because if I am not back at my Aunt's house by 7:30 pm when my shift finishes at 7 pm then I am punished.

On arriving home I was met by my Aunt who checked I was dressed correctly in my work uniform. She told me to go and get washed, no change of underwear and quickly into my nightclothes and report to the lounge as it was already passed my bedtime. At weekends I have to be in bed by 7 pm latest unless I am at work. The imposition of early bedtimes is another daily reminder to me that as I have behaved like a naughty child I am treated as one. I went swiftly upstairs and stripped off my cardigans folding them neatly for another day and putting my dress in the wash basket before going to the toilet, washing my hands and face and cleaning my teeth.

I would be wearing the woollen underwear I had spent all day sweating in to bed as a further deserved reminder of my status. I pulled my grey wool knitted nightgown over my head and let it fall down to my ankles before buttoning the three buttons on the neck which ensured the ribbed collar was close around my neck. The time I had spent knitting this gown had been a punishment in itself before finding myself wearing it for night after night. I understand that the knitting of these nightgowns was suggested to my mother as an appropriate punishment and I have certainly suffered the discomfort and humiliating consequences. I put my wool bonnet on my head it's scratchy wool immediately setting to work on the sides of my head where my hair has been cut short before ensuring the two wool straps were tight under my chin and buttoned to the opposite sides so there was no chance of the bonnet slipping. Finally I pulled the grey thumbless woollen mittens on leaving the wrist ties undone.

I returned to the lounge dressed in my woollen nightwear where my Aunt and my cousins, Gaenor, Nesta and Gwendolin were watching TV. My Aunt told me to put my hands on my head before lifting my nightgown to check my underwear was correct and ensure my chastity belt was firmly in place. She checked I had buttoned my bonnet correctly before telling me to lower my hands so she could firmly knot the woollen ties which ensure I cannot remove my woollen mittens during the night. They are another suggestion made to my mother and Aunt by someone else. It is so humiliating to wear thumbless mittens like a baby but given my disgraceful use of my fingers to masturbate it is of course very appropriate that I have this possibility denied by this very effective and childish solution.

"Right Elizabeth what else do we need to do before you are sent to bed?" My Aunt asked. "You should soap my mouth Maam", I replied as it is a daily punishment for me to remind me of the consequences of lying and trying to avoid the punishments I richly deserved. "That's right, naughty little girls who tell lies need to have their mouths washed regularly", she smiled as she picked up a bar of already lathered soap from the table. "Put your hands back on your head and open your mouth wide", she ordered. I did as I was told and she inserted the soap into my mouth and worked it thoroughly back and forwards and side to side so that no part of my mouth was spared. She stopped twice to re-lather the soap with my cousins enjoying every moment of my punishment as my eyes watered and the horrendous taste of the soap engulfed my mouth and nose. "Good that's done", she said as she wiped the soapy drool which was on my chin with a cloth. "Mouth soaped, nightgown, bonnet and mittens on so time for bed.

It's 7:45 pm so quite late for a naughty girl on a Saturday night so we will have to get you to bed earlier tomorrow won't we?" My aunt asked. "Yes Maam", I replied trying not to swallow the soapy saliva in my mouth and accepting that I would be going to bed even earlier tomorrow night. "Gaenor please can you take Elizabeth to the punishment room, supervise her prayers, make sure she is tucked in and the light is off", my Aunt continued. My cousin Gaenor, who is 2 or 3 years younger than me, got up from the sofa and told me to go upstairs following closely behind me. We went to the punishment room which is where I have been sleeping for many months as I have misbehaved and am being punished. My cousins are also sent to sleep and stay in this room if their behaviour merits it. The room is painted, has no carpet, only one small window, two low beds, two desks each with a stool positioned facing the wall, an open clothing rack and shelf (on which currently my work clothes, wool nightwear and school uniform are hanging or stacked) and a long mirror on one wall. My cousin switched on the light using the switch on the wall outside the room and told me to say my prayers.

I got on my knees, adjusting my nightgown so that my bare knees were on the hard wooden floor, and brought my hands together before me. My cousin stood over as I prayed aloud for five minutes or so. I finished with, "Lord our God, in our sin we have avoided your call. Our love for you is like a morning cloud, like the dew that goes away early. Have mercy on us; deliver us from judgment; bind up our wounds and revive us; in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

"Right stand up Elizabeth and into bed," Gaenor pointed pulling back the top two grey blankets on my bed. I laid down on my back with my arms vertical and she pulled the blankets back over me and tucked them in tightly. I laid my arms down by my sides on top of the blankets - this is a further reminder of me to keep my hands away from the temptation of my private parts. "There we are naughty Elizabeth in her woolly nightwear tucked in her bed and lights going off at 8 pm on Saturday night. I am not sure which of us is supervising you tomorrow as you're off but I'm sure you can look forward to another day of penitence. No getting out of bed", Gaenor stated to remind me that tomorrow would be another humiliating and uncomfortable day. With this she closed the room door, I heard the key being turned to lock it and finally the light was switched off leaving me lying to consider another day of punishment and what awaited me on Sunday.

Sent to bed on Saturday night knowing I am off work on Sunday and will be facing a day dressed in school uniform, my weekly caning, probably another spanking, parading in public at Chapel and being treated like a schoolgirl by one of my younger cousins ordering me to complete written punishments and serve corner time is one of the lowest moments of my continuing punishment. It reminds me that I have no control over my own time, what I wear or what I do and that my stupidity means I, other than by complying completely with my many sanctions, have no control one when this may end.

At least it was not too warm in the punishment room so that I was not sweating in my layers of woollen under garments, nightgown and accoutrements. However sleeping was difficult as despite having been dressed like this for bed for several months this had not conditioned me to the cold steel of my chastity belt or the endless irritation from the wool rubbing against my skin. My nipples are tortured by the itchy fibres of my wool vest held tightly to them by the weight of my wool nightgown and the more recent addition, following my last misbehaviour, of the bonnet rubbing against my head and the scalloped crocheted edge flopping against my face no matter which way I turn. The mattress is very thin and uncomfortable and I am not allowed a pillow since that is an unnecessary privilege for a misbehaved child. As I struggled to sleep I wondered what school uniform I would be confined to in the morning.

My Aunt woke me at 7 am on Sunday morning and told me to get up and stand with my mittened hands on my head. She checked my bonnet straps were buttoned, mittens still tied at my wrists before lifting my night gown to check my knickers and vest were in place before beginning the first of many humiliations I would deservedly suffer during the day by feeling firmly between my legs to check there were no deposits on my knickers. "I hope you slept well child as you will be busy today", she said. "Yes Maam I slept reasonably well. Thank-you Maam", I replied. "Hands down girl so I can undo your thumbless mittens", my Aunt ordered.

I complied immediately pleased to at least have that childish discomfort removed. "You may go downstairs in your nightgown and bonnet and make breakfast for everyone. Gwendolin is going to supervise you today so once you have washed up she will give you the schoolgirl uniform you will be wearing today and then decide how you should be occupied before we go to Chapel. You will obey her without question, complete the tasks you are set and wear your school uniform correctly. I have told her that any failings no matter how minor she is to tell Gaenor or myself immediately and you will be physically chastised immediately as a minimum. Is that clear?" she finished. "Yes Maam", I replied biting my lip at the thought of spending the day under the control and whim of my 15 year old cousin who is 10 years younger than me. I have no doubt my Aunt was completely aware of my humiliation from this simple decision.

I went to the toilet and then followed her downstairs and set to work making toast, preparing tea and serving cereals to my Aunt and cousins before sitting down myself to eat my bowl of cereal. I tidied up and washed the dishes and cleaned the table under the supervision of Gwendolin. Once complete she ordered me back upstairs and stood overseeing me as I took off my nightgown and bonnet before making my bed and folding my items of nightwear neatly before standing to attention in front of her stripped to my woollen knickers and vest and with my hands clasped neatly behind my back. "You may go to the toilet, get washed and brush your teeth without delay and then come back here without delay - off you go", she dismissed me. I know not to delay if I don't want to feel at least a hand across my behind and legs so quickly went to the toilet, washed my hands and face, thoroughly brushed my teeth to remove as much of the lingering soapy taste from my previous evenings mouth soaping' and quickly brushed what remains of my hair. As I did it I wondered what school uniform I would be wearing not only at home but to go to Chapel.

I returned to the punishment room where Gwendolin was waiting for me. "Right Elizabeth let's start with these green knee socks, make sure the ribbing is straight and they are neatly folded over at the top", she said holding the socks out for me to take and put on. This task completed she ordered me to put on my brown laced school shoes with rubber soles. "White school shirt today - put it on and button it up", Gwendolin continued. I took the shirt and carefully put it on and buttoned it up including the very tight top button and ensured the cuffs were buttoned as well. "School tie - make sure it is properly tied", she continued. I took the tie, which had alternating green and yellow diagonal stripes, and carefully tied it and ensured the knot was sat tight against my shirt collar uncomfortable though this was. "Very smart grey old styled secondary school pinafore dress for you today. Put it on and ensure the buttons at the shoulders are done and the skirt is straight", she said passing the garment to me. I held it at the shoulders and let it fall out and checked that the two buttons at each shoulder were done. I had worn the gymslip before and knew it was an old design from one of the local secondary schools and saw the school badge embroidered on the middle of the bib. I slipped the dress over my head and let it fall onto my shoulders before straightening it and adjusting it at the waist so that the pleated skirt fell loose with the hem of the skirt falling just below my knees.

I returned to attention in front of my younger cousin and awaited her completion of my dress humiliation. "Finally your school cardigans of which you must wear three because of your additional misbehaviour", she said smiling at me. "Here is the first - nice V-neck with a school badge - just what every naughty school girl needs to wear at a weekend", she was enjoying my discomfort as she passed me the cardigan and I pulled it on. The confinement to schoolgirl uniform of any sort is a horrible humiliation but the wearing of school cardigans is a degrading humiliation for me and confirms the childish status my behaviour has assigned me to. I buttoned the cardigan up and pulled it down at the bottom. It was bottle green with some yellow edging and carried a school badge on the breast matching the one which showed on my gymslip bib through the V-neck of my cardigan. The cardigan fitted me closely ensuring that my wool vest was pushed close to my bare skin. The addition of a further two carefully buttoned up V- neck cardigans - both of the exact same colour scheme, bottle green with yellow edging, completed my school uniform which I would be wearing throughout the day. "Excellent stand in front of the mirror so you can see what everyone else will see today when they look at you - a very smartly dressed school girl", Gwendoline directed me. No matter how many times I have had to do this over my past many months of wholly deserved punishment the effect does not diminish. I am not only humiliated at being dressed as a school girl but it reinforces in me what a stupid and childish girl I have been.

"Right I think you can write some lines so stand at your desk Elizabeth", I was ordered and compliantly moved to stand behind my stool and desk facing the blank bedroom wall. "Sit and copy down this line", Gwendolin spoke to me like a teacher speaking to a child rather than a girl speaking to her adult cousin but of course dressed as I was I dutifully sat down in my schoolgirl uniform and awaited her words. "I must wear my school uniform, write lines, serve corner time and be caned today because I am a naughty girl", Gwendoline spoke slowly so I could write the line down. "You will write this 160 times. Make sure you sit up straight, remain silent, write your name at the top of each sheet and put your hands on your head when you have finished", she instructed and finished with, "You may begin".

Writing lines is a laborious and humiliating activity and my Aunt's punishment room ensures that the full effect of being in detention is enforced. I sat on a hard flat wooden stool at a single flat wooden desk positioned against the wall so that I look directly at a blank wall so that I am not distracted from completing my punishment lines. Writing at four sides of A4 per hour requires no rest in writing so that after more than 30 minutes it becomes not only tedious but uncomfortable. My cousin stayed for about ten minutes standing behind me and checking my work after which she left the room. I knew that I must continue to write my lines if I was to complete on time and continued the repetitive activity ensuring that my handwriting was clear and legible.

After another 25 minutes or so Gwendolin returned. I stood to attention immediately with my hands by my sides and facing the wall as I must do. She picked up the side of A4 I was currently writing and briefly looked at it before telling me to sit down and continue. Again she stood behind me looking over my shoulder as I continued to write out my lines for five minutes. After a while I was left alone again to continue my punishment with my arm and hand becoming increasingly tired. However I have experienced having to write lines and essays, as I have writing this piece, for up to ten hours and have learned to accept this punishment. I completed my lines and quickly checked to ensure I had written my name and the date at the top of each of the five A4 sides and put my hands on my head. Sitting or standing with my hands on my head is without exception always a humiliation as it is so clearly a punishment for infants and as a 25 year old woman it is completely demeaning. I did not have to wait long before Gwendoline entered.

"Good I am glad you have completed your lines. Now stand up and keep your hands on your head", she directed ensuring my humiliation was continued. "Go and stand facing the wall whilst I check your work", she directed pointing to the adjacent wall, "And keep your feet together and your nose touching the wall if you don't want to find yourself with another spanking." Despite the humiliation I did as I was told without question standing nose pressed to the wall, feet together with the toes of my shoes against the skirting board and my fingers clasped together on top of my head and elbows pulled back so my arms were parallel to the wall. I stayed there whilst my cousin reviewed my lines. I know, from the painful consequences, that if there are more than even a couple of the most minor transgressions on a single sheet as a minimum I find myself over my Aunt's knee for a spanking. I heard her get up off the stool where she had been sitting and waited nervously for her conclusion. "Turn around, keep your hands on your head child", Gwendolin ordered. "Your work is adequate. I hope you find the line a reminder of why you will be facing the Sunday you are", she finished. "Yes Miss", I replied. She finished by ripping up into quarters the lines I had spent a very uncomfortable 75 minutes writing to show how little wasting my time mattered. "You may take your hands off your head, go down to the kitchen and report to your Aunt immediately", she directed me. I lowered my hands and folded them neatly one over the other and set-off resigned to the kitchen.

Yours faithfully,
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