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Dear Mistress Alison,

For the best part of a decade I have kept my husband under a strict regime of petticoat discipline and I am always looking for new ways to extend my authority over him and new ways to punish any failures on his part. While I never punish him simply for my own amusement I believe that all punishments should contain a strong element of humiliation and that my laughing at him is one of the most potent forms humiliation there is. He knows that I also believe that the correction he receives from me is doing him good and helping him to develop as a human being, and that if I detect anything in his attitude, demeanour, or behaviour that falls below the high standards I demand then punishment will inevitably follow, and it will be severe. I am doing this as much for his benefit as mine so he can not only serve me better but become a better person in the process.

At the beginning and for some considerable time thereafter he resented my attempts to improve him and tried to resist, but I made it absolutely clear he had no alternative, it was a case of accepting his situation or leaving. I believe that since he stopped trying to resist me or persuade me to change my mind he has actually become happier. He is now actively trying to please me rather than simply avoid punishment, though it is still a regular occurrence and I strongly suspect it always will be.

In a recent reply to a writer called Catherine you recommended mustard on the tongue as an appropriate punishment for insolence and wrote it may be safely applied to other sensitive areas of the body. Several times in the past I have tried smearing mustard on his genitals with apparently very little effect and over his bottom after canings with a similar disappointing lack of results. Could you tell me what if anything I'm doing wrong, or what else I might use to produce the desired effect. Please note my intention is to improve the punishment by prolonging his discomfort for as long as possible and not to cause damage.

Yours sincerely

Dear Verity

Thank you for your most interesting letter. It is gratifying to know that your philosophy of petticoating accords so closely with my own. I am sure that your husband is indeed happier now he has accepted the inevitable and as any residual negative male traits are gradually eliminated he will become happier still.

There could be several reasons why you have found the mustard to be ineffective; maybe he has an exceptionally high tolerance of the type of pain it produces, or something in his skin chemistry is neutralising the active chemical components of it. As I told Catherine, it is best to use English mustard mixed from mustard flour about twenty minutes beforehand for maximum effect. When applying it to the tongue remember that the underside is more sensitive than the upper surface and if that doesn't produce the desired effect then try using a long spoon (I use a Victorian marrow spoon) to put a small blob on his uvula; if that doesn't make his eyes water then nothing will. Rather than applying the mustard to the buttocks put a small amount directly on the anus which should make him wriggle.

Another alternative is simply to use something else. In the past I have used various embrocation products such as Deep Heat and Tiger Balm and even mixed my own; a 50/50 mix of wintergreen and camphorated oil works well if applied to the genitals, anus or introduced into the rectum, but it smells strongly, this may or may not be to your advantage depending on the circumstances. The warmest proprietary embrocation I've yet encountered is Linnex muscle rub, which is widely available and my sissymaid reports as being "incredibly hot," but I also have some special chilli balm containing a mixture of Capsicum frutescens, Glycine Soja, and Symphytum officinale, which produces a very strong burning sensation variously compared to "the fires of hell," a "volcano erupting up my rear," and "sitting on a blast furnace." A little goes a long way and it needs to be used with care and contact with the eyes, both yours and his, should be avoided.

Stinging nettles are a frequently overlooked resource. They were deliberately introduced into Britain by the Romans who regarded the nettle as an extremely useful plant rather than a weed, and Roman athletes used to rub themselves all over with nettles before competing. Today they can be employed in much more enjoyable and amusing (for you at least) ways, though in some people they can trigger an allergic reaction so try them out somewhere harmless first. A bunch brushed slowly up the inside of the thighs and then rubbed back and forth at the top before drawing them up the bottom and over the anus should produce a suitable reaction. Applying them to nipples previously sensitized with clamps is also very effective, as is brushing them over and around the head of the penis. The stems can be inserted into both the urethra and the rectum, but once again be aware they can cause allergic reactions. However, my favourite technique is to apply them after a caning, using surgical tape to stick three bunches of fresh nettles to the lower back, so they dangle one over each buttock and one directly over the bottom crease, and then applying the heavy paddle. The impact drives the fine hairs that carry the formic acid into the already sensitized skin thus enhancing the sting.

The use of peeled root ginger, known as figging, was very popular in Victorian times and was originally used to make tired horses carry their tails high and put a spring in their step. It is widely thought to be the origin of the phrase "ginger up." You can find detailed instructions on how to prepare and administer the ginger on the internet, but basically you peel a whole hand of root ginger and carve it into a plug then cut a groove just above the base, similar to the cannelure on a bullet, when you push it in the sphincter grips the groove and retains the plug. It will take a few minutes for the warmth to be felt and then it keeps building to a crescendo which lasts up to twenty minutes. Restraining the recipient is strongly advised. Caning or cropping while the ginger is in place presents the recipient with a dilemma as tensing the muscles in anticipation of a stroke increases the burning sensation. Again, some people may be allergic to ginger so test first.

You can prolong the discomfort even further by having him sit on a hard wooden stool or chair with his feet off the floor after chastisement, or on a rough doormat. Secure his hands behind his back and balance a large book on his head and place a plastic cup full of water on it. If the water spills the punishment he has just received is repeated, if water and book fall it is doubled. You will find this a very effective means of discouraging the common vice of post punishment fidgeting. If he possesses a bicycle then sending him on some errand that involves a long ride might also be an option.

A good investment would be a pair of punishment panties. These look like normal soft feminine garments on the outside but are lined with rough material such as hessian or even canvas. They can be worn before administering a punishment to sensitize the skin or afterwards or both. An effective punishment combination would be something like one hour in the panties before a good canning or cropping, then half an hour in them while sitting on a hard stool with both feet of the ground, or going on a cycle ride, and then another hour wearing them while going about his usual duties.

One of my favourite ways of incorporating physical discomfort and humiliation into one painful punishment is to combine a figging with the murgha stress position. Murgha is the Indian word for rooster and in this position the subject is required to squat down reach through their legs and grip their ear lobes; however, I have my own refinement. I put kitty into her high posture collar with D rings and a pair of wrist cuffs, then pull each arm through her legs and clip her wrist to the side of the collar. Then I insert the ginger and watch the results. I commend this technique to you as after just a few minutes even the most resilient petticoatee will be begging and pleading for release and will be learning a highly salutary lesson. When in this position the bottom juts out and is ideally positioned to receive additional cane strokes as required.

None of the things I have described will cause any lasting harm, though naturally the temporary discomfort will be considerable, and I hope you find them useful tools in ensuring your husband continues to make suitable progress.

I wish you both well for the future.

Yours sincerely
Mistress Alison

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