I had just put on a pair of my sister's panties when my mother called up to me that she needed some things from the store. I pulled on my jeans real fast and ran down to get the list she had for me. When I got to the store it was about to close and I moved quickly to get the things she wanted. One of the items was down low and I bent over to get it when I heard a whistle behind me. The women that was working to close the store had come up behind me. She said do you always wear pink panties, realized that my jeans had pulled down and that the panties were exposed. I got the things and went to the counter to see the same lady was checking out my stuff. I blushed so bad I felt my face burn red. She said don't cry. I said I won't and then she said taking one of the things and placing it behind her she said when you get home tell your mommy that you forgot this and come back I will be here waiting, but not before long. She held up her phone and I saw she had videoed what she had saw including me pulling up my jeans and my face being red. She said I will be sending this out in twenty minutes if you are not back and wearing the pink still.

I paid her and dashed for the house and when I got there I told mom I had forgot the one thing. She said she would get it the next day. I insisted only to hear mom say OK but don't be gone long. When I got back to the store the door was locked, the lady let me in. When I was in she lead me to the office. I tried to tell her a lie about why I was wearing the pink panties only the have her say the reason does not matter the fact is you have them on.

She then told me to drop my jeans. I was almost in tears as she said that because I was naughty and wearing my panties to the store I would get a spanking. I said they were not mine, she said well for stealing your sister's panties I would get ten more swats.

I was soon over her lap getting the spanking of my life. When she was done she told me to stand up. When I was standing she said I see you enjoyed that. I was so close to crying I just let go with the tears. She pulled me to her big breast and talked to me as if I were a child and said she would be a good Mistress for me. That was five years ago and I soon went to work at the store Mistress Marie and I live together not far from my parents house. Mom and Mistress Marie are very close friends. Soon after Mistress and I moved in together Mistress told mother about that night and mother told her she had suspected I had been doing that since when she did the laundry she found dry stuff and knew it was not Susan's doings.

Mother has come over to Mistress Marie's house and saw me dressed in my pink maid's outfit with the fishnet stockings and ruffles on my panties. Mother always makes fun of me and now has Susan and her husband Jack come over. I was shocked that Jack was also a sissy maid for Susan.

Cinderella or Cindy

Thank you for letting me tell you my story.

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