Letter 8
(From Nikki)

Dear Miss MacDonald,

I have just discovered your wonderful web site and want to thank you most sincerely for providing a place that offers support and encouragement to those who give and those who receive petticoat discipline.

My story is no different from those I have read these past few weeks at your site. Curiosity, at the age of ten, about how it would feel to wear my grandmama's luscious lace-drenched silk panties. Oh, they felt luscious too! Naturally, that led to my soiling them and being discovered as the culprit. Followed by me being led by the hands of Grandmama and Mommie to the local lingerie store to obtain my own lace trimmed panties which I was to wear every day, plus, two baby doll nighties to complete the discipline. Oh, the shame in front of those sales ladies! But, fear of the cane can overcome shame anytime.

The word of my new wardrobe was spread by my little sister, who loved being the messenger. The ridicule at school was merciless. But, to be hugged and comforted by those two women, and to be taught by them that it only matters what I thought of myself, not what others thought and said about me. So, did I like wearing panties or not? I had to admit that I truly did. They looked so neat on me and felt so deliciously soft, and, what was really exciting, I felt no shame at all putting them on each morning and knew that nothing anyone said could shame me. I was very proud to be allowed to wear them as a sign of my submission to those who were superior to me; and, if permitted, by them I would wear them forever. And, the more lace the better!

Little sister became my 'big sister' and helped me learn my proper girl sizes: from bras to tights, suspenders and stockings, to camisoles, half-slips, pantie styles, girdles, and nighties that I wore every day now with joy, happiness and contentment. I can't imagine dressing in anything else. She also helped me feel comfortable in lingerie stores by shopping with me and making suggestions as to what colour is right for me.

This proper training from an early age has taught me respect, appreciation and devoted service to all women. Through the gentle power and feminine wisdom of those three women, whom I adore and serve, I am a firm believer in female supremacy. When more men allow women to assume the power originally men's, and allow them to rule through this time tested method, the world will be, as it should be under matriarchy, a peaceful world without violence.

Again, Miss MacDonald, thank you for allowing us a place to express our true selves and to offer our praise for strong, demanding and wise women. With great admiration, and with best wishes to you, your staff and your readers for a very merry Christmas, I remain,
Respectfully yours,


The staff will be very happy to have your Christmas wishes Nikki. It has been a trying and difficult year, but the staff are all eager to get going on our third year of publication, because 'Petticoat Discipline Monthly' still has a lot of work to do, and the message still needs to reach a lot of people.

Even though you were terribly embarrassed by being petticoated in front of the smiling sales ladies (probably not realising that many naughty boys before you had been through the same mortifying experience), nevertheless you obviously loved the security and comforting softness of girls' undies, and adapted quickly to becoming the 'little sister' of the family, under the guidance of your sister, who sounds very sweet.

I certainly think that in a world in which the petticoat punishment of males was more prevalent, there would be a great deal less violence and domestic discord at the very least.

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Letter 8