from Mary

Dear Helga,

I have written to you in the past, where you gave me some good advice. Namely how to enforce discipline, and get rid of all male underwear, and take complete control of what was then our bank accounts, not anymore Helga. Now in my home only one name matters. Initially after my correspondence with you my husband refused to take part anymore even though he asked to be my sissy. Then he became seriously ill but thank god is better now. Eventually after I guess almost a year he asked could we try it again. As his life seems rather pointless no job, no interests and totally unmotivated, he felt this was something he could strive to be, give him purpose in life I guess.

After a day or two I sat down with him and told him if he was going to be my sissymaid, that from now on he would defer to me and all females who pass through our doors. Aunt Helga would be the third party in our relationship and all her advice would be taken by me and implemented to the fullest and then some.

I began Helga by getting all bank accounts in my name, then as you advised a few strokes of the cane for not curtsying properly and using a sentence without the word Mistress in it.

However Helga I need your advice again. I have a sissy who when he has to meet me or pick me up is always late,could you give me a punishment to fit the crime please.

Also should she be allowed to eat with me, if not how and where should she eat.

Lastly how should I milk her their is many different variations on the internet.


Thank you for your letter Mary. I remember you, how nice to hear from you again and with such great news. You must be pleased at your progress, I am, really well done. I too am relieved that he recovered from the illness. Well done in laying down the rules and thank you for allowing me to participate, I'm sure together we can provide the type of strict training she requires.

If she is late then she needs motivation to do it faster, if you were to make the time spent uncomfortable for her, say with a butt plug, or nettles inside her chastity device, something that only you could relieve, maybe that might help. Thoughts?

If she eats with you that says equal, you are not equals, she could eat after, sure it might be a little cold, but that's her lot in life now. her Mistress must come first in all things.

You had mentioned before that you felt distaste at the milking process, my feeling is that now you have established a new order, take control of her, strip her, put her on all fours and stick a tool up her butt and get the job done. Don't be squeamish about this, control of her body is yours, if need be, give her an enema first. These activities are part of the job and trust me, she will be far more uncomfortable about this than you, her shame and humiliation at being handled like a child will add greatly to your control and her submission.


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