from Sabine

Dear Helga,

I want to thank you a lot for your email. It was a great pleasure reading it and I am very happy now that you have told me that my ideas and plans for Melanie are good and the right ones. I have never dreamed of making my son a sissymaid and now that I have got Melanie I do not want to change anything.

At the moment Melanie is standing next to the door while I am writing to you. She is waiting for my orders and I love to see her at her place. She is wearing one of her black satin maid's dresses, her feet are close together and her hands are folded in front of her small apron. Even though she is only a maid, her posture is graceful because of her 4 inch high heels.

You are totally right when you say that we dress for many different tasks. I run my own business and have a lot of customer contact. So I usually wear business outfits. When I came home I used to dress in tracksuit pants and t- shirts-even in times when Melanie already was my maid. When I realized how Melanie reacted when I dressed up for my boy friend and after I realized how I acted differently to her when I was dressed in satin bow blouses and pencil skirts and so on, it was clear to me that I would wear these clothes at any time I am the Mistress. So today I come home - wearing a good looking business costume - and change into my satin blouses, matching skirt and high heels (such an outfit would look too overdressed at work). Then I refresh my make up and lipstick and I am the Mistress Melanie needs to perform well. I have learned quickly that wearing a strict but also a little sexy outfit is important to be a maid's Mistress. And not to forget I have a maid that does my laundry. So I can change my clothes as often as I want to.

I really like the idea of wearing a nurse's uniform when I am milking Melanie. It is a special task and needs special clothes. I have already looked up some websites on the internet and came to the conclusion that I will wear an old fashioned uniform with a big apron and of course with gloves. The uniforms is made of rubber. I know that is not a regular uniform but when I saw it I remembered the time before Melanie was born. My husband (who passed away when Melanie was three years old) and I used to have some rubber clothes and I liked the feeling of it. So perhaps I will get that uniform. I think that the dress would make the milking even more clinical.

I don't think that Melanie should be naked when I am milking her. In my eyes she should wear her uniform as always so during the whole process of milking she will be aware that she is my maid/ my property (I love the idea of seeing her as my property!) and has to go through whatever I do to her no matter what. Do you think an enema before the milking should be applied on her?

You are interested in Melanie's new room, aren't you? Well, the idea is very simple. I have a small room in the basement. It is big enough for a single bed, a wardrobe big enough for her dresses and uniforms and a table with a chair. Best of it it has its own bathroom. So Melanie could live in it without using my rooms. At the moment I am looking up different websites to get some old furniture for this room. I want to buy old furniture from the 1960s or 70s that was used in hotels. It is not that I cannot afford new furniture but I think that this old one would fit perfectly Melanie's new life as a maid. And the furniture would fit perfect to the old bathroom next to Melanie's new room. Depending on how she works and how happy I am with her service I would give her a TV or some books for her free time. Otherwise she will have to do some old fashioned free time activities like embroidery or knitting. Perhaps I will give her a laptop for an hour a day so she will not be too depressed when sitting in her new room. Her room will also get an electrical bell so I can ring for her service whenever I need it.

As you can see I am planning a lot and hopefully I get the furniture within the next weeks.

A few days before she will move into the basement she will pack all her clothes into boxes and I will take most of them to charity organizations so they could give it to people who really need help. I will only keep some male clothes for emergency reasons like visits at the doctor's or the family.

I am not quite sure how to make Melanie more submissive and obedient. I think letting her move into the basement and giving away all of her male clothes is a big step into the right direction. What do you think? Do you have some more ideas? I think that humiliation might be important to. I sometimes really enjoy knowing that her feet must hurt a lot after one day of hard work and anyway I let her stand next to the door so she has to wait for my orders. I am also thinking of letting her drink her own juices after milking. She should feel that she is my property without any or only a few rights. What else could I do to make her more submissive? I would appreciate some ideas.

Well, again I have written a lot, more than I wanted today but I have got the impression that I could learn a lot of you and that you are really interested in Melanie's new life. I am really looking forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day!

Best regards

Thank you for your letter Sabine. How delightful to hear from you, of course I am familiar with your sweet sissy son Melanie, you have done a superb job raising and training her. I can appreciate also the beauty of language and sometimes using help to communicate so please pass along my appreciation to your friend for translating our conversations.

It has been my pleasure talking with Melanie and trying to help her understand this is an opportunity not a problem. She obviously has been fascinated and influenced by you and your beautiful wardrobe, mentioning this to me in her earlier correspondence. I agree with your concept to remove her male clothing, she really has no need and these days, more and more sissymaids are venturing outside to do their Mistress's bidding. A few trial runs might help you decide to allow this type of excursion. Of course some day a dominant wife for her would be ideal, but right now, she is yours to enjoy.

Sounds like she will have the perfect maid's room, love to know more. Of course maintaining the health and well being of your sissymaid is very important, sort of like maintaining your property, every so often you have to clean it out. I understand your dilemma and the fact that she is your son, this new situation however is one of Mistress/sissymaid and perhaps that calls for a different way of thinking.

The milking could be done in a totally clinical way with you, and I do feel it best if it is you, do this while dressed in an appropriate costume, perhaps nurse's uniform or at the least, an apron and gloves. We often dress for various tasks. Seeing you wear the same outfit each time could fill her with dread and humiliation knowing what's going to happen, a certain submissive mindset made manifest. You would have to get past your own mindset to actually do this of course, but as a mother, you have had to deal with all sorts of her bodily functions with for years.

Love to talk more soon,

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