When I was fifteen I was sent to live with my Aunt Carol who had a large farm in Ohio. The reason I was sent there was because I could not get along with my brothers. They always pushed me around and made fun of me. For one thing I had a doll that was given to me when I was six and I liked to play with it and sleep with her in my bed. Her name was Tammy and I guess my talking about her as if she were real made them think I was a sissy. My oldest brother Rob was mad one day because I did not get my chores done for the day again so he threw my doll in the fireplace and I could not do anything to save her. So that night I tried to sneak in his room and had bad thoughts in mind for him but was stopped by my mother. The decision for me to go live with Auntie Carol was that she had the three daughters and my mom and dad thought it might be better for me.

When I arrived at her farm I was told that I would have chores to do and if I did not get them done I would be spanked or by other means punished. Things went well for a few days and then the honeymoon as they say was over. My cousin Sandy had not got her chores done and we all were called to the living room to see her punishment. Sandy was told to remove her clothes. When she was naked she was to lay over Auntie Carols lap and a paddle was used to spank her. She then was sent to stand facing the wall in a corner and her hands placed on her head for half an hour. I felt sorry for her but did enjoy seeing her naked behind and my thing got hard. Auntie noticed it through my jeans and asked why I had gotten hard I was so embarrassed I could not answer her. Auntie Carol told me that if she saw that again I would be paddled and stood in the corner.

I was from that day on constantly being late getting my chores done and many times over Aunties lap naked being paddled. She soon realized I was not cut out to be a farmer. One evening she said she was tried of punishing me and that from now on I would be the Maid and kitchen help. I was taken to my room only to find out that her day was spent remodeling my room into a girl's room with all my clothes tossed out and dresses and panties and slips and all kinds of girl's clothes and things including a bunch of dolls and stuffed animals were on shelves and on my new pink bed. Dana got fun in making me remove my clothes in front of them all and they were taken away to where I don't know. From that day on I was Christy Ann and dressed as a girl until I left for the Army.

My chores were to clean house do the wash and so many other things a maid would do. The girls had fun making me wash their panties out by hand and watching me hang them on the clothes line out back. Sandy always made me sniff hers to see if they were ripe enough as she said. I was taught to cook and clean house and be a good little sissy maid for them.

When I got out of the Army I moved away to Kentucky hoping to never see them again. I married my wife Cora and we had a good life. Cora always had questions about my past and I avoided the answers. One day when I got home I walked in and saw Sandy sitting on my couch. She had found me on my wife's Facebook. I said a pleasant hello and ask what she was doing there she told me that she had been chatting with Cora about the days on the farm and she had invited Sandy to drop by. Cora said that she had noticed that I was good at house work and now she new why. My heart dropped and she said I should not be ashamed of what had been done just because I was not man enough to do the field work.

I tried to make small talk and then Cora said why don't you start dinner so Sandy and I could catch up on old times. I went and prepared dinner and Sandy talked about what a great little cook I had become. When we were done I said something like it was nice seeing you but I bet you have to be getting home so you can get ready for work the next day. Cora said that she had invited Sandy to move in with us as she had not found a place to live yet. I knew this was not a good thing and said no she needs to find a motel or some where else to stay. Cora said why what ever do you mean she is your cousin we need to help her. Sandy said maybe "she" needs some old time discipline like the old days. I said that will not be happening. I guess I forgot how strong she was because before I knew it I was over her lap my pants down and my ass red as a beet. My wife was smiling when looked at her with shame on my face. Cora said you have been very bossy since we have been married maybe you need a little help being nice to me. That night I went to bed in a silk nighty and Sandy's dirty panties. Just before being sent to bed at eight that night Sandy said before you go to work make sure to wash them out by hand and hang them out to dry with this note. The note said "Jim's undies" on both sides of the paper.

When I got home I was told the new rules and that I would be sleeping in the new room. I saw the new room they had worked on all day. It was almost like the one on the farm. I am now the Maid and bread winner. I wear panties 24/7 and do all of the housework while they watch movies and go out on weekends to do what ever they want with my money.

Jenny Ann Panty Boy

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