The Rubberist's Diary

'Alone with Polly and Nanny Ema' Part One

'1961 had arrived, and I was nine years old. I was still under the strict care of my German Nanny Ema, but was soon to be sent off to boy's boarding school. An event I was, rather mistakenly, looking forward to. Anything to get away from Nanny and my sister Polly, and the regime they insisted I endured whenever my parents were absent for many months.

I was growing up in a well to do female dominated household having three older and bullying sisters, being the only boy. The girls would have preferred to have had a younger sister, and I was subjected to rigorous petticoat discipline whenever my parents were away on yet another concert tour. This with my German Nanny's full encouragement. The girls just loved to be overseen by a properly and formally uniformed Nanny, complete with long red rubber apron, as they set about me in the Nursery room. I would be completely transformed into a sissy baby girl, daring to not show the very slightest sullenness for fear of my sister's using the heavy wooden hairbrush followed by Nanny's whippy school cane across my bared bottom. Two of my sisters would be sometimes be motherly and rather caring for me thus transformed. But my middle sister Polly had very different ideas, and Nanny nurtured her sadistic streak with great enthusiasm.

And so it was 1961, and I now considered myself a 'grown up' boy. Soon to be sent off to boy's boarding school. I had escaped my sissy treatment for many months, my parents being home. However, they soon announced another long absence. Two of my sisters were now away from home, leaving me with just Nanny and Polly to take charge of me as soon as my parents had departed. No sooner had my parents left, I was grabbed and dragged protesting up to the Nursery....."Up to the nursery with you, my lad." Nanny chortled as Polly got me painfully by my right ear, twisting it hard. We were soon upstairs to the top of the large old house and on the top landing. As Nanny flung open the door, I could already smell 'that' aroma. I felt a strong sensation at my crotch as I was marched in.

The Nursery had a unique aroma of hospital rubber and the gas from the gas lights and gas fire. In an old part of our large Georgian house and still illuminated by gas mantles. There was an old fashioned iron hospital bedstead fully fitted with heavy and glossy red rubber hospital bedding, no cotton sheets here. Also now fitted with heavy leather restraints. Just this rubber aroma filled me with dread, but also a confused excitement at what was to follow. Nanny and Polly had been very busy preparing the Nursery in advance for a my very special session without my noticing. There were now several large wardrobes filled with the most elaborate baby clothes of frilly and lace trimmed pink satin. Another containing Red rubber aprons and Nanny uniforms. There were drawers full of rubber baby pants, rubber romper suits and frilly rubber baby's bibs and bonnets. Also rubber pacifiers with securing straps, feeding bottles with rubber teats and several leather baby harnesses with reins. In one corner was a proper old fashioned wooden high chair with securing straps for wrists and ankles. In the opposite corner, an old fashioned toilet chair also with securing straps. Many straps, paddles and canes hung from convenient hooks on the wall. Polly and Nanny had been very busy preparing the Nursery especially for a most intense session for me. An event they would ensure I would certainly never ever forget.

I was soon stripped quite naked with much smacking, tickling and pinching. I was left standing with my hands on my head and shivering all over. I watched as Nanny opened one of the wardrobes and quickly strapped on a gleaming red rubber bibbed apron that reached to her ankles over her severe old fashioned uniform. I watched as she ordered Polly to now dress in readiness. Nanny stood watching with delight as Polly stripped off down to a tightly laced black rubber corset and taut gleaming black seamed stockings. She then donned a similar uniform and rubber apron to that of Nanny. Both women snapped on elbow length heavy black rubber gloves. Nanny and Polly stood before me, gazing with amusement at my now obvious state of humiliated excitement. Nanny grinned cruelly as she reached into her pocket and produced the dreaded tight rubber 'Blakey rings', surely the most effective form of discipline for any boy. Two thick connected rubber rings that imprisoned the testicles and penis, causing intense arousal and bouts of similar urinary incontinence. All the more effective on my recently circumcised penis with the application of the usual hated, burning pepper cream.

Nanny was now holding one of her very whippy crook handled school canes. "So my boy, you think you are all grown up do you? Eh boy? Well, we are going to really enjoy teaching you that you are certainly very mistaken!" Nanny chuckled as she whipped the cane hard across her rubber clad leg. "You just keep those hands on your head, boy! Polly, get the boy ringed and well creamed in readiness!" ordered Nanny with increasing excitement. "Yes Nanny! Oh yes Nanny! Right my boy, we'll soon change your boyish ways, you just wait." Polly chuckled loudly. I knew better than to protest as the girl set about me. I moaned as the rubber rings imprisoned me. My genitals were soon forced vigorously forwards, and my penis into the most intense erection imaginable. Polly then grasped me in her rubber gloved hands so firmly that the tears ran down my cheeks. She became increasingly excited as she applied copious amounts of the pepper cream, finishing with my now very sensitive penis head. Some urine suddenly spurted uncontrollably over her rubber gloved hands and rubber apron. "You filthy little brat. Right Polly, let's really make our boy our rubber sissy baby!" Nanny snapped. "But first let's strap him naked and face down onto the rubber bed for a really good thrashing." I was soon being strapped, so very tightly, face down on the rubber hospital bed, lying over several rubber covered pillows to keep my buttocks thrust well up for punishment. My genitals were now thrust very firmly against the cool and shiny red rubber. This hard rubber contact was, at first, dry and harsh in the extreme. The increasing discomfort between my legs becoming of such intensity that the caning from Nanny was a mere diversion. A painful passage of some urine onto the rubber providing just a little relief. The whippy cane soon had me wriggling and gasping. I lost count after some two dozen strokes, my urine was now painfully passed onto the glossy rubber teasing my genitals relentlessly. The very first sensations of rubber induced orgasm were repeatedly experienced. My body language quickly read by Nanny, a mature rubberist woman with many years of experience with her boys. "That's my boy, that's my boy...." Whispered repeatedly under increasingly breathless excitement.'

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