I went to sleep last night but forgot to do something important. You see I sometimes would steal my aunt's panties and when I went to bed I would put them on and masturbate with them on, then get up and put them back in the hamper. Since I had moved into my aunt's house since I lost my job and could not find one before losing my apartment. So I had to beg her to let me use her spare room for a few weeks, that was two months ago. I was not making a strong effort to find a job since my aunt was a softy and she would not kick out her favorite nephew LOL.

Well here I was laying there with her pale blue panties on and them with my cum in them also. Suddenly I felt the covers being pulled off of me. Before I knew it I was laying there in such an embarrassing way. My aunt looked at me and began to yell at me. What are you doing with my panties on you naughty little boy? She was fuming I tried to find an excuse but nothing came out of my mouth except Oh my God. She told me to get up and get up now. I jumped out of bed and stood there in front of her she told me to go shower and wash out her panties and hang them on the shower rack.

I ran without thinking of getting other clothes to wear. when I finished my shower. I stepped out of the shower. I started down the hall with a towel around my lower part. I heard her voice behind me saying no you don't young Lady get your ass back here. My mind picked up on her word Lady. I started to correct her but only went to her. I started to tell her how sorry I was and it would not happen again when she put her finger over my lips. She said since you enjoy my panties so much and you can't find work you can earn your rent here. I said sure Auntie Jane I will be glad to do anything that you want me to do. She said fine, go to your room I have laid out your clothes for today and be quick or you will find your clothes on the porch in an hour.

I went fast to my room and closed the door and leaned against it blowing out my breath and thinking how embarrassing that morning had been then I opened my eyes to see on my bed was some female clothes. I looked at them and thought what she had in mind for me. I walked around in the room for a few seconds and thought how to get out of this and remembered that I had looked for a place to live for two weeks before asking her to let me stay here for a couple of weeks. I knew I had no choice if I did not want to live at the local homeless Shelter.

I heard a knock at the door and her saying come on GIRL we don't have all day. I reached for the pink satin panties and swallowed as I pulled them up and then worked for minutes to find out how to hook a matching bra. I put on the silk slip and the skirt and blouse. I saw some make up on the bed and did my best to put it on right. There was a pink hair ribbon which I had a time tying it on my long blond hair. As I started to leave the room I past a long mirror and saw a pretty girl looking back at me and almost wet myself, knowing it was me. I never noticed how much like a girl I looked before. I slowly walked out the door and she was waiting for me at the end of the hall. My Auntie Jane smiled and said I always knew you would make a pretty girl. She took me and pulled me to her and we both hugged for a minute.

Auntie Jane asked me how I felt I and I said truthfully I felt I should have been born a girl by the way I looked. Auntie said if you want you can be my niece for a while. I thought yes I can and then I told her yes I will be your niece. She asked me what my name would be in case someone asks. Without thinking I said Susan, she smiled and said Hi Susan. I hugged her again. We spent the day doing household chores and when the doorbell rang I did not think anything about opening the door only to see my mother standing there.

I did not know but Auntie had called her and filled her in on my new life. My mother stood there for a minute and then hugged me and said not that I did not love you as a son but you are a beautiful daughter. I could not speak for a few seconds but then said Hi mommy. We both cried for a while but got over that part. Auntie suggested we go shopping for some new clothes for me. Since I was not good at make up they took me to my Auntie's room and fixed me up so that I did not know myself.

We went to the local mall and shopped on my mother's credit card and bought several pairs of pretty panties and bras and dresses and slips and a couple of full slips called crinolines. We bought shoes and stockings. We ate at the court yard and a couple of guys I knew walked by and one of them said to the other that the gal in the pink skirt looked really hot. I blushed and mom and auntie laughed.

I spent the whole day with my mother and aunt as a girl. On the way home Mother said that she knew a lady that was looking for a sales girl in a book store. I loved books and had read many. So we stopped by and mother introduced me as her daughter Susan and I filled out the application and the lady hired me on the spot. Mother took her off to the side for a minute and they came back and mother told me she had told Goldie all about me. Again I blushed and wanted to run but knew by the look on her face Goldie was okay with my new life.

I am still working for Goldie and dating a boy who does not know about me yet but he is a guy with a very open mind I am going to tell him soon.


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